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Teaching is one of the most respectable professions in existence. There are few more worthy of respect and gratitude than good teachers. The flip side is that bad teachers are horrific.

* Jimmy_Of_York really really really REALLY hopes his teacher will let him out of AP chem...
Ticia: wait, are you in school?
Jimmy_Of_York: not yet
* Ticia is confused
Jimmy_Of_York: i signed up for 3 AP classes, but 3 is too many, and i wanna drop chem, but my teacher needs to approve it...
Ticia: oh, I see
Jimmy_Of_York: yeah, but my teacher is evil...
Jimmy_Of_York: so i don't know if she's gonna let me...
Ticia: aren't all teachers evil?
Jimmy_Of_York: not really. this one is especially evil.
Ticia: ahhh
Jimmy_Of_York: this one yelled at me for getting A's without trying....
Jimmy_Of_York: in the middle of class...
Ticia: oh, don't you just love that?
Jimmy_Of_York: you know it!
Ticia: I had a teacher who yelled at two girls for 20 minutes about disrupting the class
Jimmy_Of_York: hehehehe
Jimmy_Of_York: yeah. i love irony.
Ticia: the conversation they had to disrupt the class was two lines: "Those are cute pants. Where did you get them?" / "I'll tell you later."
Ticia: he went on and on about how they were "wasting the class's time"
Ticia: I hated that man
Jimmy_Of_York: hehehe
Jimmy_Of_York: yeah, well, i just hate being yelled at for doing well.
Ticia: yeah, that's just silly
Ticia: did she think that you were cheating or something?
Jimmy_Of_York: nope. she was just annoyed that i wasn't trying and that i wasn't failing.
Jimmy_Of_York: then i got bored and she wouldn't let me talk to anyone, so i started working ahead, and she yelled at me for doing things she hadn't taught yet...
Ticia: what an idiot
* Ticia shakes her head
Ticia: my math teacher yelled at me once in front of the whole class for reading after I had finished my assignment
Ticia: it's not *my* fault that I finished before everyone else. geez, he was a jerk
Jimmy_Of_York: hehehehe, that's right! no reading in my class! save the education for home!
Ticia: oh, and then there was my 7th grade math teacher who was just a complete idiot...
Ticia: I wasn't feeling well in class one day, so I got up to ask him if I could go see the school nurse...
Ticia: I decided to faint right then and there....he grabbed me and started to shake me, yelling, "You'll be ok, Ticia, you'll be ok!"
Ticia: shaking a sick person is *never* a good idea
Jimmy_Of_York: hehehehe
Ticia: so......
Ticia: I lost my breakfast...
Ticia: all over his shoes...
Ticia: served him right
RinkChat: The chat room topic has been changed to 'stupid teachers' by Ticia.
Ticia: I never want any of my children to go to public school...
Ticia: private school or homeschooling, for sure
Jimmy_Of_York: yeah... i went to private school till like 2nd grade, then they DOUBLED the cost...
Ticia: oh man!
Jimmy_Of_York: yeah. then i broke my arm!
Ticia: ouch!
Jimmy_Of_York: hehehe, then when i switched they put me in the slow math class for a while...
Ticia: ???
Jimmy_Of_York: then they finally moved me up to the average class...
Jimmy_Of_York: then after a day in there they moved me to the advanced class....
Jimmy_Of_York: then i did better than anyone else in the class.
Jimmy_Of_York: ha! showed them!
Jimmy_Of_York: then the next year they put me in the class with the next grade....
Jimmy_Of_York: and i did better than all of them.
Jimmy_Of_York: ha again!
Ticia: hehe
Jimmy_Of_York: anyways.... complaining is fun :-)
* Ticia nods in agreement
* Jimmy_Of_York thinks about some other stupid teachers... hmmm...
Ticia: oh, I had one stupid teacher who made us hand *everything* in at the end of the term...
Jimmy_Of_York: i HATE when they do that!
Jimmy_Of_York: hehehehehehehe, wanna hear about my german teacher? he's not stupid, but he's incredibly senile.
Ticia: yeah, of course!
Ticia: senile teachers are incredibly funny!
Jimmy_Of_York: heh, well, basically we learned NOTHING this year. once you realize that, everything else i'm going to say will make more sense.
Jimmy_Of_York: this is the kinda guy that it's really hard to describe using words.... but i'll try...
Jimmy_Of_York: alright... every 5 minutes he broke out into song and dance...
Ticia: what!? LOL
Ticia: I would have loved to be in that class
Jimmy_Of_York: he filled the remaining time with mumbles about how every great invention in the world came out of his town... (population about 100)
Ticia: ROFL
Jimmy_Of_York: he would sing and dance! outa the middle of no where he would just start singing and dancing around!
Ticia: hehehe
Ticia: any song in particular? showtunes? Disney?
Jimmy_Of_York: EVERY kind of song. he did it every 5 minutes, so he had to have a variety to avoid repeating himself.
Jimmy_Of_York: oh!! and he would always play soccer with the chalk
Jimmy_Of_York: and he climbed on the chalk board a couple times
Ticia: what was he smoking at the time?
Jimmy_Of_York: that's the funny part! he wasn't smoking anything! he apparently liked climbing on the chalk board...
Q2K has entered.
Jimmy_Of_York: oh, and then about twice a week he would kinda... levitate over the desks. he would put his arms down on the desks and make his body parrallel to them...
Jimmy_Of_York: i can't really describe it, but it was entertaining....
Jimmy_Of_York: and if he was doing all this to keep our attention to teach us, i might understand it, but he didn't even try to teach us! he just wandered around the room singing and playing soccer with the chalk and mumbling...
Q2K: One of my teachers in 7th and 8th grade kept thinking we were in college
Q2K: My 4th and 5th grade teacher had us do Shakespearean plays
Ticia: ok, I had a biology teacher in 12th grade...he was drunk or stoned most of the time...
Jimmy_Of_York: hehehehehe
Ticia: He made a big deal about the fact that a student had turned in an 'M' plant one year for an assignment
Ticia: 'M' plant was his code word for marijuana
Ticia: and then he told us all not to tell our parents or he'd get in trouble!
Ticia: he would change light bulbs in the middle of class by standing on one of the tall stools...woobling like he was about to fall over...I *swear* he was drunk at the time
Ticia: he retired a little while ago
Q2K: My math teacher was very slow at understanding things. I think she was taking narcotics.
Ticia: I had some really great teachers, but a lot were stupid
TalkingDog has entered.
TalkingDog: computer teacher last year...horrible memory
Ticia: computer teacher my Bro-in-law had one year, when asked if the new computers in the school had Scuzzies, said, "Heck no! They're brand new!"

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