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This would be my revenge for Cute Cute Cute, but they seem to have gone along with it all too willingly. An explicit reference to The Case of the Mangled Wrap is made, so it might help to be familiar with that archive before reading this one.

Ellmyruh: Yowsers! "Hyundai Engineering and Construction must pay back 3.49 trillion won in loans, including 1.8 trillion in company bonds and 200 billion won in corporate papers. Additionally, the company needs to pay back another 700 billion won that has been rolled over to the end of this year."
* Ghost_of_Leen grumbles.
* Ticia feels bad for anyone who owns a Hyundai
Ghost_of_Leen: But our car RULES!
Ghost_of_Leen: It has never broken down, and it was CHEAP!
Ticia: Leen: Sure it does. Until one night when you are driving along, minding your own business when WHAM! Right into a cow. Then you won't like your car so much.
Ticia: Trust me. I know these things
Ghost_of_Leen: That won't be the car's fault!
Ticia: yes, it is.
Mia: No, it's not...
Ellmyruh: Surrrrre, Ticia. Blame the car!
Ticia: Are you implying that it's MY fault?
Ghost_of_Leen: No, it's the DRIVER's fault, for not going AROUND the cow!
Ghost_of_Leen: And the cow's, for lying in the road.
Ghost_of_Leen: Moreso the cow owner, who didn't keep the cow fenced up!
* Mia would think that it would be the person who is driving 80 mph on a 55 mph road, in the middle of the NIGHT, where there are NO streetlights and nothing around for MILES, except cows....I think it would be the driver's fault, don't you?
Ticia: I WAS ONLY GOING 60!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
RinkChat: User Mia has been kicked from the chat room by Ticia.
Mia has left.
Mia has entered.
* Mia thinks Ticia is WAY to free with her /kicks....
Ticia: not so funny, now, are you, Mia?
RinkChat: User Ticia has been kicked from the chat room by Ghost_of_Leen.
Ticia has left.
RinkChat: User Mia has been made an operator by Ghost_of_Leen.
Mia: ROFL!! I'm FUNNIER!!!
Ticia has entered.
Ticia: HEY!
Ticia: brat
Ticia has left.
Ghost_of_Leen: hehehe
Mia: yer the brat, Ticia.
Ticia has entered.
Ticia: Gah
Ghost_of_Leen: *snicker*
* Mia laughs and laughs and laughs.
Ticia: she totally deserved that! Sam, are you going to let them get away with this? after I SLAVED over your Christmas present?
* Mia would like to remind Sam that SHE made hot chocolate for him, too!
* Ticia pouts in a corner
* Ghost of Sam observes Ticia and Mia and wondered if they swapped places. Now it's the OTHER one that's inviting the teasing.
Ghost of Sam: And Mia's the one that 'laughs and laughs and laughs'! Yes, something fishy here.
Mia: Sam!!!
Mia: I do NOT invite teasing... :-(
Ticia: I am NOT Mia! I resent that!
Mia: What? You don't LIKE being called me?
Ghost of Sam: Ti: That's just what you would say if you were Mia impersonating Ticia.
[Ticia->Mia] hehe. Act like me!
* Ticia stomps around and yells at people.
[Mia->Ticia] Fine.
RinkChat: User Ticia has been kicked from the chat room by Mia.
Ticia has left.
Ghost_of_Leen: lol, Sam insults them BOTH in one foul swoop.
Ticia has entered.
Mia: hrmph!
[Ticia->Mia] LOL LOL LOL I do NOT do that!
[Mia->Ticia] YES. You DO.
Ticia: Gah! Yer such a BABY!
Mia: brat
[Ticia->Mia] hehehehehehe
[Mia->Ticia] LOL LOL LOL
Ghost_of_Leen: Aren't sister squabbles CUTE?!
Ghost of Sam: Sororital spats rule.
* Ticia kicks in Mia's door
Ghost of Sam: They're so CUTE CUTE CUTE.
Ticia: GAH
Ticia: shuttup, Sam! :-p
Mia: /kick Ticia
* Ticia pouts in a corner
[Mia->Ticia] I do NOT pout!
Ghost of Sam: Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww, Ticia the little poopsie cutie, awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww, Mia, look how much they love each other!
Ticia: GAH
* Nyperold wisely stays out of the way of both babies, and warms his hands by the fireplace.
Ticia: Nyperold! AH! I can't believe you said that
* Ticia notes that she cannot effectively act like Mia unless Wes/Jimmy is here to tease/flirt with.
Mia: FLIRT???
* Ticia prepares for the kick...
Ellmyruh: Ooooooh.
Ghost_of_Leen: ohmygoodness!
Mia: Mia does NOT flirt.
RinkChat: User Ticia has been banned from the chat room by Mia.
Ticia has left.
flyingcats: LOL!
RinkChat: User Ticia has been unbanned from the chat room by Mia.
Mia: I couldn't do what she expected of me....
Ticia has entered.
Ticia: brat
Mia: yer the brat.
Ticia: abuse of op powers!
Ticia: Mia: you flirt with anything male that breathes
Ghost_of_Leen: oooo
Ticia: you can't help it. It's part of your personality
Ticia: it's why everyone loves you.
RinkChat: User Ticia has been kicked from the chat room by Mia.
Ticia has left.
Mia: Do not.
Ticia has entered.
[Ticia->Mia] LOL
Ticia: do too
[Mia->Ticia] Hehehehe
Ticia: Trust me. I've seen you around boys.
Mia: So have I.
Ticia: you don't even know you're doing it!
Mia: I have no answer for that.
Ghost_of_Leen: If it's true what they say about laughter being good for your health...
Ghost_of_Leen: I'm never gonna die! :)
Mia: Leen: :-P
Ticia: Leen: lol
[Ticia->Mia] do you want to?
[Mia->Ticia] hehehe. It might be fun.
[Ticia->Mia] Well, I'll let you be me...My password is ********
[Mia->Ticia] Mine is ********

[Mia->Ticia] It might be suspicious if we left right now...let's NOT leave, and keep one window open on the REAL us....

Hereafter, if the name for a line spoken by Ticia or Mia is given in italics, it means the actual speaker was not the one named but the other one. To those present in the chat room at the time, of course, there wasn't that helpful distinction.

* Ghost of Sam directs Mia to 'The Case of the Mangled Wrap' and explain how Mia's leading double-entendres such as, 'And Sam! You coward! Come back here!' was SUPPOSED to be taken, then, if it wasn't flirting.
Mia: Sam! That was NOT flirting....!
Mia: That was SO not flirting!
Ghost of Sam: When you don't have to deny it quite THAT vehemently.
Mia: I would never ever FLIRT with YOU!
Ticia: Yes you would, Mia. You do it ALL the time.
[Mia->Ticia] Shoot. I forgot that you don't use punctuation and capitalization. I do!
Mia: not after what you did to my WRAP!
Ghost of Sam: Oh, come now. We all know the 'wrap' was just a way to get Darien and me to pay attention to you. You probably tromped all over it as it was sitting in the corner yourself, so you could linger around us a while longer while we tried to come up with excuses.
Ticia: LOL Sam. that's so true.
Mia: I deny everything
Ghost of Sam: Typical.
* Ghost_of_Leen giggles
Mia: Arg! Shut UP, Ticia! Or I'll tell them about that time that you thought that Superman was the S-word!
Ticia: Mia, what are you talking about?
Mia: you know what I'm talking about...
* Ellmyruh wonders if Ticia ever thought the D-word was 'Don.'
[Mia->Ticia] gah! It shows our IP addresses as being from the same place!
[Mia->Mia] not to me, it doesn't
Ellmyruh: Ah.
[Mia->Mia] I don't think that they'll notice...
[Mia->Ticia] Oh....okay.
* Ellmyruh blinks at the IPs.
* Mia throws a temper tantrum because no one is paying attention to her!
Ticia: Mia, would you stop that?
* Mia stops.
Mia: umm...
Mia: Sorry.
* Mia is contrite
* Ghost of Sam thinks he should set Mia up with someone. Hrm....
Mia: SAM!!!
Ticia: LOL Sam!
flyingcats: LOL
Mia: I'm sorry, guys, that I've been such a pain in the rear. It's my inferiority complex. You see...
Ghost of Sam: BurgerKing? Wormwood? Pacman? Randy? No....
Mia: I look up to my sister, Ticia, so much, that sometimes I just can't help being a brat.
* Mia thinks Ticia is RULING.
Mia: Ticia is such a wonderful person that I sometime feel that I can never measure up...
Ghost of Sam: I know! I'll set Mia up with Genlanar! They both like pizza, I think.
Sakura: Um.
Mia: /kick Ghost of Sam
* Mia would go out with Genlanar any day! Woo Hoo!
Ticia: Mia is such a sweet sister, that sometimes I dream that I am her.
Ticia: no, I don't
Ticia: But too bad it's only a dream. Ah, well...I'll go back to being the pathetic person I am.
Ghost of Sam: But, as 'The Case of the Mangled Wrap' makes clear, ONE guy is just not enough for Mia, so I should throw in Dave and Wes, too.
Mia: SAM!!!
Mia: Dave has already hit on me! And I must say, it was fun!
Ticia: He DID??
Ghost of Sam: Three guys are PROBABLY enough to appease Mia's hungry feminine appetite.
* Mia thinks Sam is a poopoo head!
Mia: Ticia: Yeah, remember I told you about that?
Ticia: I think so....
Mia: Dave said that if he couldn't have you, he'd have to settle for a sister?
Mia: Remember?
* Mia picks at her armpit hair.
Ellmyruh: ROFL
[Mia->Mia] sorry...couldn't resist! hehe
Sakura: Heh...
flyingcats: LOL LOL
[Ticia->Ticia,Mia] Okay....I do NOT pick at my armpit hair!
Genlanar/Dave/Wes: Wow, Mia, we find that sexy!
Ticia: Sam: :-P
Mia: Sam: :-P
* Mia sniffs her armpit hair and wonders if it's time for her monthly bath.
* Ticia licks her forehead.
[Ticia->Ticia] Okay. Stupid. You wanna fight? ;-P
Grishny has entered.
Ellmyruh: Hi Grishny!
Sakura: Grishny!
Ticia: Grishny!
Mia: Wow, Ticia, you have a long tongue!
Ticia: Wow, Mia, you need a bath.
Genlanar/Dave/Wes: Wow! We can barely contain ourselves! Mia, please marry us now!
* Mia agrees to marry Genlanar/Dave/Wes
Mia: Sam: Shut up!
Grishny: What in sam hill is going on in here?
[Ticia->Grishny] Mia is just being silly, like usual
[Ticia->Grishny] Ticia is being stupid, as usual.
Ticia: Mia! No, I won't let you marry all THREE of them! I want a few of them for myself!
Mia: But, Ticia, you're already married!
Ticia: Don won't mind!
Genlanar/Dave/Wes: On our honeymoon, can you do that thing where you get all mad and red-faced and stomp and tell us we suck? We think you're cute when you do that to us.
Mia: Genlanar/Dave/Wes: of course, that's my favorite thing to do!
Mia: Genlanar/Dave/Wes: I'll think about it.
Ticia: Mia: stop repeating everything I say!
Ticia: Mia: and make up your mind!
Mia: How do you put make up on your mind?
Ticia: Wait! I want at LEAST one of you for myself! PLEASE???
Ticia: Mia: stop repeating everything I say.
Mia: How do you put makeup on your mind?
Genlanar/Dave/Wes: We are getting mixed signals from your answers. But that's what we find so mysterious and alluring about Mia!
* Mia finds herself alluring.
* Mia laughs and laughs and laughs and laughs
Mia: Hah! You are so DUMB, Ticia!
Ticia: You are so DUMB, Mia!
Ticia: But, I know that you I am DUMB. Please forgive me for calling you dumb, Mia.
Ticia: Oh, my! I said "you I am DUMB". Please note that I am not quite myself today....
* Genlanar/Dave/Wes take turns kissing Mia on the cheek.
* Mia is so sweet, even though she doesn't find Sam amusing AT ALL!
Mia: actually, Sam, I think that you are so amusing that I find myself awwwed in your presence. I LOVE YOU, SAM! Will you marry me?
Mia: Don't worry, I'll take care of Leen.
Mia: I like Leen! I would never do anything to hurt her!
RinkChat: User Mia has been kicked from the chat room by Mia.
Mia has left.
Mia has entered.
Leen/Mia/Ticia/Ellmyruh/flyingcats/Sakura: Actually, Sam, we all love you with a deepness and profoundness that knows no bounds.
Sakura: SAM!
Ghost_of_Leen: hrmph
Ghost of Sam: We are gathered here this afternoon to witness the union of Mia and Genlanar/Dave/Wes in holy matrimony...
Mia: SAM!!! NO!!!!
* Mia gets into a white gown and veil.
Ghost of Sam: Mia, do you take these men to be your lawfully wedded husbands, to have and to hold in turn from this day forward, so long as most of you shall live?
Mia: No, I don't!!!
Mia: YES, I DO!
Mia: NO! I DON'T!!!
Mia: Skip to the end!
Ticia: Mia: :-P
Mia: Ticia: :-P
Ghost of Sam: And Genlanar/Dave/Wes, do you take this woman to be your lawfully wedded wife, to take turns having and holding, from this day forward, so long as she lives?
Genlanar/Dave/Wes: We do.
Ticia: WAIT!
Ticia: I just asked Don and he doesn't mind!!!
* Ghost_of_Leen grabs a hold of Genlanar/Dave/Wes and runs!
* Genlanar/Dave/Wes flail about in the wake of Leen's flight.
Ticia: Darn! Mia has taken the power away from me.
Mia: Darn! Ticia has taken the power away from me!
Ticia: Sorry, guys, can't help this wedding anymore. Mia changed her password.
[Mia->Ticia] They don't know what we did, yet! Go along with it!
[Ticia->Mia] LOL!
[Mia->Ticia] gah!
[Mia->Ticia] I changed it back....
Ghost of Sam: By the power vested in me as administrator of RinkChat, I now pronounce you husbands and wives. You all may kiss the bride. Except that...they seem to have...
* Genlanar/Dave/Wes return.
Genlanar/Dave/Wes: We have a question. Is it too late to marry Leen also?
Ghost of Sam: 'fraid so. Because she's already MY WIFE. We don't endorse polygamy around here!
Genlanar/Dave/Wes: Oh.
Ghost of Sam: Anyway, kiss the bride.
* Genlanar/Dave/Wes kiss the bride.
Genlanar/Dave/Wes: We're married!
Mia: NO NO NO!!!
* Mia kisses Gen/Dave/Wes passionately
Mia: NO NO NO!!!
Ghost of Sam: Ah, the indecision of a blushing new bride!
* Sakura sees that Mia is turning red, but she doesn't think it's blushing...
* Mia blushes.
* Mia stomps her foot.
* flyingcats is reminded of the scene in Singin' in the Rain.
Ghost_of_Leen: lol flyingcats!
[Mia->Ticia] Hey! Are you going to let me back in....?
[Mia->Mia] Sorry...
[Mia->Ticia] *sigh*
[Mia->Mia] there you go!
* Mia feeds Genlanar/Dave/Wes wedding cake and gets it on their faces.

Mia's line above was actually me. All others were either Ticia or herself. At the time, each of them thought the other spoke the above.

* Genlanar/Dave/Wes carry Mia over the threshold.
* Mia is so HAPPY!
* Mia screams in panic.
Mia: This is the best *sniff* day of my *sniff* life!
* Ticia is mad that SHE didn't get invited to be a bride in the wedding....
Mia: Ah, Shuddup, Ticia!
Ticia: you shut up!
Mia: Actually, that wasn't a scream of panic.
Mia: Yes it was.
[Sakura->Mia] Hm, are you playing along?
[Mia->Sakura] With what? I'm just being silly!
[Mia->Sakura] hehehe Yes.
[Mia->Sakura] What do you mean?
[Mia->Mia] LOL
[Mia->Mia] LOL!!!
[Mia->Sakura] I'm being SO silly that I'm answering you fifty bazillion times!
[Sakura->Mia] Hm hm hm. This will be most interesting indeed...
[Mia->Mia] LOL LOL LOL!!!
[Mia->Ticia] Yer silly!
[Ticia->Mia] Yer sillier!
* Mia laughs and laughs and laughs and laughs
* Ticia laughs and laughs and laughs and accidentally punches Sam in the face.
Grishny: Don't do that, Ticia! You know how sensitive Sam's nose is!
* Ghost of Sam bleeds excessively.
* Ellmyruh HUGS flyingcats, Nyperold, Mia/Ticia and Ticia/Mia!
* Ticia blinks at Elly. What?
* Ticia doesn't know what Ellie is talking about...
* Mia has NO idea what Elly is talking about....
* Ellmyruh points out how Ticia and Ticia both spell her name differently. HA! Gotcha!
Mia: GAH
* Ellmyruh is too smart for Ticia and Mia.
Ticia: Ellie: I thought I'd try it out....
Mia: Erm...I don't know what you're talking about, Elly.
Ticia: Ellie: I decided that I like "Ellie" better than "Elly".
Ellmyruh: surrrrrre. Good excuse.
Ticia: Mia? Why are you GAHing?
Mia: I was just trying to be like you, sister dear.
Ticia: Ticia: oh, you don't need to do that, sister dear.
Ellmyruh: Wow, Ticia just talked to herself!
Ticia: I did?
Mia: Ticia is a poo poo head who can't spell!
Ticia: Ticia: I know. my spelling skills leaves something to be desired.
Ellmyruh: Ellmyruh: Ticia is silly, isn't she?
Ellmyruh: Ellmyruh: Yes, she is.
Genlanar/Dave/Wes: Genlanar/Dave/Wes: What a wife we have!
* Mia flutters her eyelashes at all the men in the room.
Ticia: Yup, that's Mia, all right, Flirting again.
Mia: I do not flirt!
[Ticia->Mia] dorko. You messed it all up!
Ticia: Yes you do.
Ticia: yeah, right
[Ticia->Ticia] ME???
* Genlanar/Dave/Wes 's hearts flutter until they keel over into a blissfully sleepy sort of ravished swimming slumber.
Mia: Oh, goodness! I'm better at this than I thought!
Ellmyruh: "ravished swimming slumber"??? I can't even being to imagine what that must be.
flyingcats: It's like when you fall asleep in the bath, and wake up choking on water.
[Ticia->Mia] WERE talking to yourself.
[Mia->Ticia] Oh...I did? Oh...I did. Sorry.
[Mia->Ticia] I'm so confused at this whole conversation.
[Mia->Ticia] Me too!
* Mia is too confused for this conversation to continue.
* Ticia agrees with Ticia. It is confusing...
Ticia: Arg! Stop talking to yourself, Ticia!
* Ticia just be's herself
* Mia thinks being Ticia is FUN!
* Ticia thinks Mia is crazy.
* flyingcats thinks they're both crazy.
Ticia: HA!
Ticia: Now you CAN'T be me!
Mia: LOL
Mia: Now YOU can't be ME!
Wes has entered.
Mia: WES!!!!
Sakura: Hehehehehe. Hello, Wes.
Wes: Wow! All these wonderful people! And Ticia!
Ellmyruh: Wes, you missed everything.
Ticia: Wes! You married Mia today!
Wes: WHAT?!?!?!?!?
Ticia: you, Genlanar, and Dave married Mia
* Mia blushes. "It wasn't my fault! It was Ticia and Sam!!!"
* Mia shakes her head!
* Wes shoots himself and falls into the stream and dies.
* Mia cries.
* Ellmyruh thinks it would be really funny if Becca was looking over Wes' shoulder right now.
Mia: I protested LOUDLY over it!
Ticia: it all started because Mia is a big FLIRT
Nyperold: It was a beautiful wedding. All the tissues were used up.
Mia: I am NOT a big flirt!
Mia: Ticia TOOK ME OVER and SAM...he...MARRIED US....but it wasn't me! It was Ticia!!!
Wes: Actually, I just saw a movie with Becca and got home about 3 minutes ago.
Wes: So I married you while I was seeing a movie with her?!! That's just wrong!!!
Mia: Shame on you WES! That IS wrong!
Wes: So which one of you did I cheat on?
Mia: Um...ask Sam...
* Ellmyruh wonders what it will be like for Mia to have three husbands.
* Mia wonders what it will be like for the three husbands!
Sakura: The way you said that, it sounds like Wes, Dave, and Gen are married to Ticia.
Mia: They are???
Sakura: And it WAS Ticia who did it, so... *grin*
Ticia: nope, Mia's the one that said YES YES YES!
Mia: Nope. Ticia is the one who MADE me say "YES YES YES!"
Wes: So you admit you said it!
Mia: No, TICIA said it!
Mia: Ticia took me over and MADE ME SAY IT. But it wasn't really ME, see? It was TICIA who said it!
Wes: And how did I get into this anyways?!?
Mia: Sam made YOU do it.
Sakura: So Ticia is really married to Sam!
Mia: LOL
Ellmyruh: LOL LOL Sakura
Mia: LOL LOL!!!
* flyingcats loses her last shred of understanding with the conversation.
Mia: You had a SHRED of understanding? And you didn't share it when you had it??
flyingcats: I think it was a wrong shred.
* Wes whimpers and goes into seclusion. Tell me when you've figured out who/what I'm married to.
Wes is away.
* Mia thinks you all SUCK!
Sakura: HEY! I got you out of your marriage!
Mia: Sakura doesn't SUCK, but the rest of you do because you are all laughing at my expense....
RinkChat: The chat room topic has been changed to 'You know it's a weird day when we don't understand ourselves.' by Ellmyruh.
RinkChat: The chat room topic has been changed to 'You know it's a normal old day when we don't understand ourselves.' by Ellmyruh.
RinkChat: User Ellmyruh has been labeled 'Normally weird' by Ellmyruh.
Mia: Tubba: CUTE! ;-)
Tubba: CUTE?
Ellmyruh: Ooooooh, now Mia's flirting with Tubba!
* Ellmyruh ducks.
* Mia should be going, though, and she is NOT FLIRTING WITH ANYBODY!!!!
Mia: :-P
* Mia throws a shoe at Ellie.
* Ellmyruh chuckes the shoe back at her.
Sam has entered.
Wes: Sam: What did you do to me?
Mia: Sam: What did you do to ME??
Sam: That's still going on? You guys are hilarious.
Ellmyruh: It just started up again because Mia flirted with Tubba.
Mia: I did NOT flirt with ANYBODY!
* Mia throws the shoe back at Elly, with Sam's foot inside of it.
Ellmyruh: Ew. I don't want a smelly old foot.
Sam: Come on, now, stop. The longer this archive is, the harder it will be to edit it.
Sam: So just stop flirting right now, Mia.
Mia: I am NOT flirting with ANYBODY!
Wes: Ha! That's a physical impossibility.
Mia: Wes! You can be quiet now.
Wes: I feel DIRTY talking to you.
Mia: I feel DIRTY being around you.
* Ellmyruh hands the shoe to Mia, instructing her NOT to flirt with it.
* Mia does NOT flirt with the shoe!
Ellmyruh: Good job, Mia. If you don't flirt with a shoe today, tomorrow you might be able to abstain from flirting with two shoes!!
* Mia would like to point out that the pants she is wearing in her other two pictures on that page are her FAVORITE PANTS OF ALL TIME but they have a hole in the butt, so she can't wear them unless she wears a long shirt.
Mia: Or unless I want to show
Ghost_of_Leen: Or wear boxers.
Mia: Leen: True. :-) And I HAVE done that before so I could wear those pants. I LOVE them. They are men's pants, though....
Sam: Show off nevermind? Doing that wouldn't be flirting AT ALL, would it?
Mia: Well....I never said that I NEVER flirt....
Sam: Yes you did.
Mia: Well, maybe I did, but....I never said I don't do it in real life....
Ghost_of_Leen: All my fave pants are men's pants, too.
Ghost_of_Leen: They aren't so painful to wear. :)
Mia: Isn't that strange? I think it's something about the way they hang on the hips...I don't know, though....
Ghost_of_Leen: Yes, they are much lower cut.
Ghost_of_Leen: They don't cut into one's tummy!
Mia: Yeah. I like them a lot.
Mia: The only problem with wearing men's pants is that you realize your waste size isn't as small as you thought....I mean, a 30x34 or whatever looks a LOT bigger than a size 9 or 10 or whatever
* Ghost_of_Leen is afraid to know what size men's pants fit her now
Tubba: I'm sorry, but I've got to leave. I can't keep a straight face any more.
Tubba: I know it's childish humour, but still...
[Tubba->Ghost_of_Leen,Mia] Very sorry about this... Pants are underwear here.
[Mia->Tubba,Ghost_of_Leen] Oh, that's right!!! I totally forgot. That DOES make it funnier, doesn't it?
[Ghost_of_Leen->Tubba,Mia] LOL!
[Ghost_of_Leen->Tubba,Mia] LOL!
Mia: Ghost_of_Leen /me looks at her previous statement: "The only problem with wearing men's [underwear]....LOL LOL LOL!!!
Mia: OOPS!!!
* Mia blushes furiously.
Mia: have nothing to say to that except....TICIA MUST HAVE MY PASSWORD AGAIN!
* Mia is so embarrassed....
Mia has left.

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