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Archives: The Sickness of Kiki


Contrary to popular opinion, being raised from the dead can be a exhausting experience. Kiki wasn't feeling so well on this particular day, just two days after her impromptu resurrection. The self-applied label "[still sick]" was next to her name. Fortunately, RinkChat is full of lovely, caring people who are more than happy to take care of the weary.

Dave has left.
Kiki: and so I am all alone again
* Kiki is hungry, but afraid to eat
Kiki: *sigh*
Kiki is away.
Kiki is back.
Kiki is away.
Kiki is back.
* Kiki is eating crackers
* Kiki 's teeth hurt
Wolf has entered.
Kiki: hi Wolf!!!
* Kiki does the "It's a person!!!" dance
Wolf: Hm.. I'm not sure you should be on your feet and up-&-about in such a state. Lie down, let me fix you some chicken soup.
Kiki: mmmm..... chicken soup....
* Kiki lies down obediently on the couch
* Wolf putters around in the kitchen.
Wolf: Do you like Matzo balls in your chicken soup, or just plain noodles and chicken chunks?
Kiki: just noodles and chicken, please
Wolf: Okay.
* Wolf brings out a steaming bowl of chicken soup...
Wolf: Here's a spoon...
* Kiki eats the soup slowly, being careful not to burn her tongue
Kiki: thank you =)
* Kiki feels special and loved
Wolf: There's a surprise at the bottom of your out for the suckers on the stewed octopus tentacles, they can get caught in your throat.
Kiki: eep!
* Kiki isn't quite as sure that she wants the soup anymore
Wolf: Oh sorry, were those tentacles? No, they're just soggy fried rice noodles.
Kiki: oh....
* Kiki cautiously tries the soup again
Wolf: Not to worry. I would *never* try to harm you.
Kiki: I know =) I would normally try the stewed octopus tentacles, but with an upset stomach I don't know that they would agree with me
Wolf: Wise move.
Kiki: all i've eaten today are some crackers, and now i'm drinking a sprite
Kiki: oh, and the chicken soup, i suppose
Wolf: Of course, I might try to get a rise out of you with the cayenne peppers in the soup... That ought to clear up any congestion in your sinuses.
Kiki: eep!
* Kiki does indeed have a stuffy nose
Wolf: Still alive? Darn... whups, er... Just relax, Kiki, you're safe. Trust me.
Kiki: eek!
* Kiki doesn't feel safe.
Wolf: Ooops, hmm. Heh heh. Well, you should tuck yourself in with this nice warm, fuzzy blanket.
* Wolf hands Kiki a warm blanket
* Kiki doesn't want to touch the blanket
Wolf: No? What brought on this lack of confidence?
* Kiki is afraid there's cyanide on it or something like that
* Kiki looks suspiciously at wolf
* Kiki DOES like warm fuzzy blankets, though
Wolf: I guarantee that this blanket is make of 100% cute slaughtered baby lamb wool, and nothing else.
Kiki: oh, okay then
* Kiki gets comfy under the blanket.
Wolf: Hm, eating baby chickens and pulling the skin off baby lambs doesn't seem to bother her... *scratches head*
* Kiki reminds Wolf that she's sick, and her judgment is kinda skewed when she's sick
Wolf: Well don't worry, that's what I'm here for. To take care of the weak and weary.
Kiki: of course =)
Wolf: And make sure she takes good care of herself
Kiki: i TRY to take good care of myself.... it just doesn't always work
Wolf: So that she can grow up healthy and strong and powerful like a beacon of truth unto righteous.
Kiki: wow.....
Wolf: Yes, I have great plans for you Kiki.
Kiki: and may I ask what exactly these plans might entail?
Wolf: "Growing up healthy and strong and powerful so that she is a beacon of truth to the righteous."
Kiki: oh! right
Wolf: That about covers it.
Kiki: i'll try my best =)
Wolf: I know you will.
Wolf: Even if you are sick right now
Wolf: You will get better
Wolf: And your friends will rejoice
Kiki: well, most of them at least. I think some of them are trying to bump me off
Wolf: Your REAL friends will rejoice, Knowing that you have risen from the bed of sickness to take the mantle of glory.
Kiki: gosh.... i dunno that i'm ready for the mantle of glory yet....
Wolf: No one ever feels ready to throw off the chains.
Kiki: i've already had many people order me to get better quickly.
Wolf: Yeah, I never understood why people order the sick to get well. Shocking.
Wolf: I think it's not concern for the sick, but rather selfishness
Wolf: "Get better already so that I don't have to dote and fret over you anymore!'
Kiki: hehe
Wolf: Sick people seem like high-maintenance to the healthy.
Wolf: Is it love or fatigue that motivates the get-well wishers?
Kiki: i don't know..... now i won't trust anyone anymore when they tell me to get better
Kiki: i bet that animals that have lions and stuff preying on them are GLAD when they kill the sick ones
* Wolf will NOT kill Kiki even though she is lying so snug and helpless under that blanket
Wolf: You can trust me not to kill you, no?
Kiki: oh.... well gee..... thanks. although, hehe, you ARE a wolf, and I AM a ferret, so it would make sense. yes, i trust you not to kill me =)
Wolf: Great! I'm glad that's settled. :-)
* Kiki smiles a tad nervously

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