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High school is, if nothing else, a great resevoir of stories to tell. Note that RinkWorks does not necessarily condone the actions or behavior of those in the anecdotes below.

* Fobulis wonders if anyone else remembers looking for the number on the back of their sporks in the elementary school lunchrooms to "see how old they were"...
* Nyperold doesn't remember doing that.
Dave: See how old they were??
Fobulis: Yeah. Whoever's number was highest was the oldest. There was no point to this. It was first grade; we didn't need one.
Dave: Oh.
* codeman38 's elementary school actually had real silverware, believe it or not
Fobulis: Real silverware? My high school never even got real silverware! (Heck, we still had to use safety scissors.)
* codeman38 does remember checking the dates on the milk cartons, though
* codeman38 also remembers those stupid milk pouches with which they replaced them for a few years.
The_Scotsman: I remember checking the milk dates when going through the lunch line. Some of them were pretty doggone close to expiration.
* The_Scotsman also remembers thinking that the High School food was SO much better than the middle school's. The food at the middle school that I went to had prepackaged lunches.
* Grishny remembers those middle school lunches. nasty
Fobulis: My lunches were pretty much the same all throughout school.
* Corrino used to find *things* in his lunches
* Fobulis got moldy carrots once, and ate half of them before she realized why they tasted funny.
* Corrino used to wonder, before he asphyxiated, if anyone else knew that there is a federal limit on how many bugs can be in cafeteria food..and that the limit is above 0
Fobulis: Yeah, I've heard that. But it hasn't killed me yet, so I don't care. :-P
* Dave just liked the fact that the food was there waiting for you. And if you did it right, you didn't have to pay for it, either.
The_Scotsman: What was your secret, Dave? I ALWAYS had to pay for my lunch. Unless I brought it from home...
Dave: The secret was stupid lunch staff, mostly. I'd pay for Monday's lunch, and then just take it for free the rest of the week, because they assumed I'd paid up front for the whole week on Monday.
The_Scotsman: DAVE! That's Stealing! Shame, Shame!
Dave: Yeah, well, it's not like it was real food.
Dave: Why should I pay real money for it?
The_Scotsman: LOL!
Fobulis: It's computerized here now -- if you prepay, you have to enter your code for the rest of the week so delinquents like you can't eat for free. :-)
Nyperold: If a lot of people did that, it's no wonder they couldn't get real food. :)
The_Scotsman: I wonder how long it would take before the lunch ladies realized that the food cost more than what they were bringing in...
Dave: Well, I got mostly free lunches for several months during my senior year. Then they started making you buy tickets and handing them in at the end of the line before you could get your lunch.
Dave: They caught on eventually.
The_Scotsman: Let me guess -- You were the one that spoiled it for all the other students coming through High School behind you... <grin>
Dave: Probably. But I didn't care. I got free lunch!
Dave: It was several months before they figured out what I was doing. By that time, half the senior class had at least tried it -- but I was the only one doing it regularly.
* Grishny remembers how cruel his classmates were to the lunch ladies in high school.
* The_Scotsman resents that remark. He didn't torment the lunch ladies. He just merely suggested that what they were serving was dog puke.
Grishny: I wasn't talking about your class. I was talking about my class! They were MEAN to those poor women.
Grishny: Although they did try to make up for it at the end of the year by presenting them with a "trophy" consisting of a bronzed ice cream (aka mashed potato) scoop.
Ellmyruh: My high school didn't even have a cafeteria. If people wanted lunch, they either raced downtown to fast food, brought their own, or went down the street to the elementary school (horrors!)
Fobulis: I wish we could've left for lunch. (I probably would've just gone to the library.)
gabby: We're allowed to leave for lunch, but we don't have enough time to go anywhere, really.
Dave: I was banned for life from the High School library my Freshman year.
Dave: They let me back in just about two months later, though.
The_Scotsman: LOL! What was that for?
Fobulis: Hah, I'm impressed now. How?
Dave: Well, four of us used to spend first period in the library (we had a study hall first period and were allowed to go there instead of to the regular classroom).
Dave: I guess we were a pretty rowdy crowd, by library standards. And as usually happened in high school, I ended up being the scapegoat and got kicked out.
The_Scotsman: Insufficient Information. I want the juicy DETAILS!
Dave: I don't *remember* the details. I just know I got "banned for life," but they let me back in about two months later.
The_Scotsman: HEHEHE! It so traumatized you that your memory is forever wiped of the incident? :)
Dave: I also got kicked out of my Physics class senior year. I spent third period sleeping in the gym after that.
Fobulis: That requires explanation, too, Dave.
Dave: The Physics class thing was really stupid. Once again I was the scapegoat. Some of my friends were acting up, and (even though this time I wasn't doing *anything*) I got blamed for it. So the teacher kicked me out and told me I could take Physics "independently."
Dave: My idea of "independent physics" and his idea were, I guess, incompatible, though. I spent the rest of the year sleeping in the gym during third period, and he gave me just enough to pass and get me the heck out of school ;-)
Fobulis: Ech. We had an agreement in my physics class this year. We wouldn't try to learn, and he wouldn't try to teach us. It was an AP class, no less.
Dave: LOL!
Dave: That's bad.
Fobulis: Yeah. My AP history teacher last year was worse, though:
Fobulis: At the beginning of the year, he stated openly that he had a social life and wasn't going to spend more than 10 minutes a night on us. But wait, there's more...
The_Scotsman: Sounds a lot like the Geometry class that Grish and I attended in High School. The teacher literally went crazy on us.
Fobulis: He gave out multiple-choice tests copied directly from the teacher's guide... not realizing that the answer blank for the correct answer was *right* next to the correct choice. He didn't catch on until the last marking period.
Dave: LOL!
Dave: The hall pass I had was the best, though.
Dave: Our hall passes had a space for a time, a date, a destination, a students name, and a teacher's signature.
Dave: One day in the eighth grade, I had to go somewhere, and the teacher gave me a hall pass. All he did was put my name and his name on it. No date, no destination, no nothing.
Dave: I kept that pass for several years. I went *everywhere* on that pass.
Ellmyruh: LOL Dave!
* gabby has a permanent hall pass--laminated, even. No date, time, or destination.
Dave: If anybody asked to see my hall pass, I'd dig that thing out. Eventually it got so old it just sort of fell apart and disappeared.
Ellmyruh: My 8th grade teacher had this HUGE heavy-duty plastic tube as a hall pass. He wrote all over it with permanent marker, including a map to the bathroom, and a song to sing in the bathroom. It was heavy, though, so sometimes we would heard this loud clatter in the hallway as someone dropped the tube and it clattered down the hallway.
Ellmyruh: For graduation, we gave him a new hall pass that was a toilet seat. We all signed it.
Dave: Hehehe.
Fobulis: That's great...
Fobulis: My father had a print shop... I made my own hall passes. And I was very good at forging signatures. Never had to though... no one ever asked where I was going.
Dave: I remember also trying to procur a "season's pass" to the library.
Dave: They stopped letting us just go to the library during study hall sometime during our Sophomore year, I guess, and made us get daily hall passes to go there.
Dave: We tried asking our study hall teacher for a "season's pass" to the library, and he said he didn't care and he'd do it, but the stupid librarian said no. Bah.
Dave: We were also allowed to leave the building during study hall during Senior year. But we had to sign out and in, and if we were failing any classes, we had our privileges revoked.
Dave: So naturally, I wasn't doing so well in one or two of my classes during senior year, and had my privileges revoked. But then I just realized that if I just didn't bother to sign out and in, I could go anywhere I wanted.
Dave: That only lasted for a few months, though, before someone caught on.
Ellmyruh: I had a pass to leave campus during yearbook period all year (since I was editor) to go get ads from local businesses. That utterly and completely ruled.
Dave: Hehe
Fobulis: <grin> I used to come in late first period so I'd be counted absent on the official attendance list. That way I could skip classes at will...
Fobulis: That way individual teachers would just figure I'd been gone all day.
Dave: Hehehe! That RULES! Unfortunately, if we were marked absent, they'd actually call our parents to find out where we were. Stupid small schools.
Ellmyruh: Me too.
Fobulis: Same here. But they did the same if you were late. I just said I was late... and I checked the phone messages.
Dave: I remember I was kicked out of a class once and had to go sit on the "sweat bench" (the bench outside the Vice Principal's office)
Dave: The Vice Principal comes out, gives me a lecture about being good, then gives me twenty bucks and tells me to go across the street to pick up his lunch!
Fobulis: LOL, that's great!
Ellmyruh: LOL Dave!!
Dave: That was pretty cool.
Fobulis: Our algebra 2 teacher used to send her students out to the "library" for a "number 1 book, and super-size it"...
Dave: Heheheh!
Dave: Three of us also got kicked out of English class Senior year for starting the wave in class.
Dave: The three of us had to sit on the sweat bench for three days for that one.
Fobulis: LOL, of all the stupid things to get busted for...
Dave: And we were threatened with being kicked out of the class permanently if we acted up again, thus not allowing us to graduate.
* Ellmyruh wonders how Dave passed high school :-)
Dave: It was a small school. They wanted me out of there. The *real* mystery is how I got into college after all that ;-)
Ellmyruh: How small was your school?
Dave: Our graduating class was only 48 people.
Dave: There were maybe 300 people in the whole school, counting the junior high.
Ellmyruh: I beat you!!! We graduated with 51! (But the class after us only had 30.) 200 in the school.
Dave: Heheh. Cool. I thought I was the only one here who went to an insanely small school :-)
Fobulis: My 8th grade English class pushed a bookshelf out the 2nd story window.
Fobulis: (I wasn't in on it, I swear!)
Dave: Really???
Fobulis: Really. The shelf and about 100 books went flying.
famous: Why?
Dave: Oh my!
Dave: Why on earth would they throw a bookshelf out the window??
Marvin: Why not?
Fobulis: They couldn't stand the teacher. <shrug> Not that I blame them, but no reason the books should have to suffer...
Dave: Our geometry teacher threw a kid's boots out of a third floor window.
Fobulis: Why?
Dave: Because they were sitting on the window sill. The kid had taken them off because they were all wet and put them on the window sill next to the heater. The teacher came along and just shoved them out the window.
Dave: So the kid had to go outside in the rain, in stocking feet, to get his boots.
Ellmyruh: My third grade teacher was known for tying a girl to the chair. In reality, she laid a rope across the girl's lap to remind her to stay seated.
Ellmyruh: And when I was in second grade, I hit the teacher. My parents came and got me and, when we got home, my mom started to spank me. I dodged, and she threw her arm out and had to wear a sling for a week.
Dave: Oh, another good story: The English teacher we had for 10th and 11th grade always had a puzzle in the back of the room. Kids would come in during study halls and stuff to work on it.
Dave: During the two years we were in her class, she never finished a puzzle. We used to just take random pieces and throw them out the window. We'd have contests to see who could throw them the farthest.
Dave: Nobody ever did get one over the fence of the property next to the school, though. :-(
Ellmyruh: Oh, and my third grade teacher used to have "desk-dumping" day. We had those heavy-duty old fashioned desks with the lids that opened up. She'd come along, check your desk, and if you couldn't close it all the way, she would dump it over onto the floor.
Dave: LOL!
gabby: LOL! I remember that!
Fobulis: LOL, I would've had my stuff permanently on the floor...
Ellmyruh: Oh, I remember my stupid Biology teacher in high school. He sometimes had us copy down definitions from the chapter because he hadn't done the lesson plan for that day. We were on genetics, and one guy defined "Pedigree" as "A brand of dog food." The teacher never even noticed.
famous: LOL!
Dave: I think one of my favorite High School memories was when our gym teacher made a student run laps around the tennis courts for calling him "Cheeseball."
Ellmyruh: Dave, was that you?? :)
Dave: Nope, not me. One of my friends.
Dave: The rule was, if you hit the ball over the fence surrounding the courts, you had to run laps.
Dave: So one of my friends smashed the ball over the fence, and turned to the teacher and said, "Do I have to run laps for that, Cheeseball?"
Dave: And the teacher says, "No, but you have to run laps for calling me Cheeseball."

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