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Archives: The Revenge of Sam, Part II


Stephen keeps calling me an AI. This is what happens to Stephen. In the transcript below, where Stephen's name appears in italics, it's really me talking. Pay close attention to who says what. At the time it happened, there was no conceivable way anyone else could tell exactly who was saying what.

Stephen: Sam's an AI
c0bra: AI?
c0bra: Artificial Intelligence?
ladadadada: Be careful stephen, Sam has eyes everywhere !
Stephen: Yeah :)
Stephen: la: Oh, I'm sure it does. It's probably listening in on this chat right now
ladadadada: Steph: Should we tempt him into coming out and revealing himself ?
Stephen: la: Uhm, no, probably not. The consequences could be very very bad. He's likely very busy in other sub-routines anyway
ladadadada: Yes and he could seek revenge later. We would not like that (I think)
RinkChat: User Stephen has been unquieted by Stephen.
Stephen: Wait, when was I quieted?
Stephen: Darn you Sam!
ladadadada: lucky you were an OP
Kiki: i'm confused
Kiki: woah......
Stephen: Okay, I'm scared. Very very scared. :)
ladadadada: I'm scared too
Kiki: somebody explain!!!
Stephen: Kiki: Apparently, Sam really was watching the chat or something. And I called him an AI, so he quieted me
Nyperold: Sam really DOES have eyes everywhere.
ladadadada: Kiki: steph and I were mentioning Sam earlier and feared wrath. It came
Kiki: wait, so Sam IS reading this?
Stephen: Sure. I was calling Sam an AI again, in spite of the fact that I know very well I'm not supposed to do that, and I got what was coming to me.
Stephen: Wrath from Sam always comes.
Stephen: As Supreme Dictator, I know that all too well.
* Stephen is laughing very very hard
Stephen: Sam, by the way, is totally awesome.
Stephen: The size of his greatness easily outweighs the size of my nose -- no small feat!
* ladadadada is in awe of Stephens sucking up abilities
Stephen: Obviously, I'm not typing any of that :)
Stephen: Oh yes I am!
Stephen: No I'm not! Really!
Stephen: Am too!
Kiki: augh!!!
Stephen: You know Sam, this is utterly hilarious
Stephen: The funny thing is, I don't think any of them know exactly what's going on
Kiki: hmm..... did Sam sign in as stephen like he did to dave?
Nyperold: It's "The Revenge" all over again.
ladadadada: I think I do. I've read Sam's revenge on Dave
Stephen: I am typing all those great things about Sam. He's so much more superior than me!
Stephen: Sam, would you quit that? The joke has gone on long enough, I think.
Mousie has entered.
Stephen: Hey Mousie!
Stephen: Sam rules! What a cool guy!
Stephen: Oh no! I've been ahcked!
Stephen: Mousie. I would like to take this opportunity to confess my love for you. I am deeply, passionately in love with you. I'm not joking. This is totally serious. I don't live that far away. If I invented a time machine and went back to when you were 17 too, could we, like, hook up or something?
Stephen: I assure you all that this is not "The Revenge" part 2. I'm really typing all of this
Stephen: Also, I'm an idiot compared to Sam. (Well duh!)
Stephen: I am not!
Stephen: Yes I am!
Stephen: Would you quit it?
Stephen: That's it. I'm kicking myself.
RinkChat: User Stephen has been kicked from the chat room by Stephen.
Stephen has left.

When I kicked "Stephen," it had the effect of kicking both of us. The real Stephen rejoined, but I stayed out.

Stephen has entered.
Stephen: I deserved that kick!
Stephen: Because, after all, Sam is so much better than me.
Stephen: Okay, this is getting a little old Sam. You can stop now
Stephen: I don't know why I keep typing that. After all, Sam's not even here.
Stephen: Yes he is! ARGH!
Stephen: Ignore whatever I say bad about Sam. That's really Sam, trying to make it seem like he's the real me.
Stephen: No, that's not it all! Argh!! Stop confusing everyone!
Ghost of Sam: All I can say is, it's going to be extremely interesting when this hits the archive and it becomes known exactly who said what in all this.
Kiki: "Ghost of Sam"????
Stephen: Good! About time he showed his true form!

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