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Leen logged in as our puppy dog.

Lady has entered.
Mousie: Lady!!!
Mousie: Hiya, precious puppybreath!!!
* Lady runs around in circles and jumps up and down
Mousie: Puppypuppypuppypuppypuppy!!!!
Washu: Hello, Lady! Who's a cute doggie? yes you are! Yes you are! (reverts to normal speech) I gotta stop doing that. It's humiliating.
Mousie: Lady! Run around in circles! Jump up and down!
Mousie: Good girl!!!!!
* Lady whimpers because she missed her daddy :(
* Mousie ignores Lady when she whines.
Lady has left.

A few days later, on the 27th, I brought in Lady myself to spice up a slow moment in the chat room.

Lady has entered.
* Kiki poings
* Lady runs around!
* Lady bonks into a Enigma's leg.
* Lady jumps up at Brunnen-G!!!!!!!!!!!!
* Brunnen_G gets puppy slobbered all over!
* Lady greets everybody with a wide open mouth!
Jo_be: Awww!
Lady: Let me CHEW something!!!!!!!!
Lady: I want to put you in my mouth!!!!!!!!
Brunnen_G: Wow! You've already taught her to TALK, Sam? That rules.
Brunnen_G: And to type, too! Clever puppy!
* Lady LEAPS!
* Lady grabs hold of famous' pant leg and SHAKES!!!!!!!
Sam: NO, Lady!
* Lady lets go.
Sam: GOOD doggie!!!
* Kiki cuddles Lady
Lady: hhhhahhhahhhahhhhhahhhhahhhhhahhhhhhhhhh
* Jo_be offers Lady a treat
* Sam pets Lady.
* Pliffilif is allergic to dogs.
* Lady puts Sam's fingers in her mouth.
Sam: No!
* Lady contents herself to LICK instead.
* Lady lick lick lick lick lick lick lick lick.
Jo_be: Gah! Dog slobber!
* Brunnen_G throws a shiny pretty ball for Lady ....Kiki poings away after it too
* Lady watches the shiny pretty ball fly away...she bounds after it, but with her insanely short attention span, she stops to scratch instead, then bounds after something else.
* Kiki thinks Lady is the most adorablest best doggy ever in the whole entire world
* Lady RACES over to Brunnen-G to play BALL!!!! Wait, what'd she come over here for? Lady licks the floor.
* Lady BOUNDS!!!!!!
* Lady sneezes in Kiki's mouth. Aw, how cute.
Brunnen_G: Ewwww Kiki!
* Lady conks out to sleep.
RinkChat: User Lady has been labeled 'sound asleep' by Lady.
* Kiki curls up next to Lady and goes to sleep too
* Sam takes Lady's ears and turns her into an airplane, but Lady is sound asleep.
* Enigma protects himself with an Acme Slobber-Repellant Asbestos-Laden Bullet-Proof mask, only to find a sleeping dog to hide from
* Brunnen_G can't even describe the rulingness of a chatroom where the owner brings his puppy in to play
Brunnen_G: Lady: Official Puppy of the RinkWorks Chatroom.
RinkChat: User Lady has been kicked from the chat room by Sam.
Lady has left.
Sam: Dumb dog.
Jo_be: Ow. Poor Lady.
Enigma: Now, any man that kicks his own dog...
* Sam would like to assure any militant animal rights activists that may be in the room that he doesn't ACTUALLY kick his dog.

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