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This series of typos was too precious not to save. Maybe you had to be there.

Sam: 'Digital art' is an interesting subject. Some stuff that passes for digital art is just dumb. Run a fractal algorithm, get art. I don't think so.
Sam: But there's some cool stuff you can do with it.
Brunnen_G: I like *good* digital art. When I worked at the dive magazine we organised a national wildlife and underwater pthotgorhapthy ACK! Why can't I spell PHOTOGRPAHY...
Brunnen_G: Anyway, we organised this PTHOOGRAPHY competition every year, and there were some amazing shots, but...
Brunnen_G: ...the digitally altered section was the PITS. I mean, every single entry was like, "Wow, I just got Photoshop, and you can CLONE things!!!!!" It sucked so much. And these were top class photographers.
Sam: LOL
Brunnen_G: The shot that won the digital section was astonishing. I could have done it myself in about four seconds flat. Everybody treated it like cutting-edge awesomeness. Bizarre.
Brunnen_G: I understand that section's improved a bit this year, though. I didn't go to the presentation evening where they showed all the winning images, since I would have had to pay for a ticket this year :-)
* Brunnen_G wonders why she can spell "photographers" right every time but not "photothary"

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