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Doesn't this look fun? Well, except for the death part.

Kiki has entered.
* Nyperold HUGS Kiki!
* Kiki HUGS Nyperold!
* Help HUGS Kiki
* Ellmyruh HUGS Kiki!
* Kiki HUGS Help!
* Kiki HUGS Ellmyruh!
Help: Group Hug!!!
* Ellmyruh hugs all
Kiki: =) i have left a legacy behind me. i feel that my life has been worth something. i may now die in peace
* Kiki , remembering the last time she died, decides to not actually DIE this time
* Silvercup hugs Nyperold.
Silvercup: oops.
* Nyperold hugs Silvercup.
Nyperold: What? You can hug me if you like. =)
Silvercup: :-)
* Help HUGS Silvercup and Nyperold at the same time :-]
* Kiki piles on top of Help, Nyperold, and Silvercup, hugging all three of them at once and sucking everyone else in until the entire chat room is a mass of people hugging each other. yay!
Washu: Ek, squishy.
* Help groans, "Can't feel shins"
* Silvercup pokes Dave in the ribs for fun, since he won't know who's doing it.
* Dave giggles. Stop that!
* Silvercup laughs at Dave. A grown man giggling is hilarious.
* Ellmyruh tickles someone, although she doesn't know who it is
* Kiki realizes that someone is tickling her and starts squealing and kicking
* Silvercup gets a squeal in her ear.
* Help gets kicked in the face
* Ellmyruh got reactions! She tickles some more!
* Kiki shrieks and collapses onto the floor
RinkChat: User Kiki has been labeled 'being tickled' by Kiki.
* Nyperold turns holographic.
* Ellmyruh gives one last good tickle and then bolts for the door
RinkChat: User Ellmyruh has been labeled 'The Tickler' by Ellmyruh.
* Kiki bursts into tears at that one last tickle
* Help throws a pillow at Ellmyruh
* Silvercup hides behind the couch.
* Dave tee-hees
* Nyperold re-solidifies.
* Washu is far too ticklish. She giggles even though she wasn't actually tickled.
* Nyperold wiggles his fingers at Washu. :)
* Ellmyruh makes tickling motions from across the room, just to see Washu's reaction
Washu: eeek!
* Ellmyruh runs for the water gun
Balanthalus has entered.
* Kiki HUGS Balanthalus!!!!!
* Balanthalus hugs Kiki back.
* Help notes that all this hugging and tickling is like a sleep-over
* Ellmyruh grips water gun tightly
* Help grabs a pillow, this could get ugly
* Kiki edges closer
* Ellmyruh doesn't remember WHAT liquid she put in the water gun
* Help huddles under the large pillow
RinkChat: User Silvercup has been labeled 'behind couch' by Silvercup.
[Kiki->Nyperold] hey, want to help me get Ellmyruh here?
[Nyperold->Kiki] In what way?
[Kiki->Nyperold] i'm going to count to 3.... on 3, you "grab" her and hold her arms behind her back while i tickle her
[Kiki->Nyperold] ready?
[Nyperold->Kiki] Yeah.
[Kiki->Nyperold] 1...
[Kiki->Nyperold] 2...
[Kiki->Nyperold] 3!!!!
* Nyperold holds Ellmyruh's hands behind her back!
* Kiki TICKLES Ellmyruh!
* Kiki has NO MERCY!!!
* Ellmyruh shrieks wildly! "Someone take pity on me!"
* Help whacks Ellmyruh with the pillow
* Kiki TICKLES some MORE!
* Ellmyruh shrieks some more.
* Kiki stops long enough to say "Feel the Wrath of Kiki!!!!" then continues to tickle!
* Washu helpfully steals Ellmyruh's water gun.
Ellmyruh: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!
Kiki: ooh, thank you Washu!
* Nyperold holds two hands with one and TICKLES her RIBS!
* Silvercup pulls Nyperold away from Ellmyruh.
* Nyperold lets go. :)
Ellmyruh: Nyp: I won't tickle you if you won't tickle me
* Kiki runs away shrieking when she realizes that Ellmyruh's hands are free
* Nyperold wonders what Silvercup will do, though.
* Ellmyruh can't type because she is gasping for air...and strategies
* Washu aims the water gun straight up and squirts randomly.
* Kiki gets sprinkled with water and giggles
* Silvercup thinks about tickling Nyperold.....
* Nyperold decides to go lie on the couch.
* Ellmyruh hides from the LIQUID in the water gun
codeman38 has entered.
codeman38: Hey there, everyone.
Ellmyruh: Hi. Whose side are you on?
* Silvercup jumps on Nyperold and begins tickling him.
Nyperold: LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL!!!!!
* Ellmyruh is confused. Should she help Nyp or just watch?
* Kiki jumps on Silvercup and starts to tickle her
* Silvercup laughs and continues tickling Nyperold
* Ellmyruh seizes the opportunity and pounces on Kiki
* Help turns to run from being tickleed and runs into a wall
* Help is out cold
* Washu wonders just what is in the water gun. She squirts some into a test tube and tries to analyze it.
* Kiki struggles wildly
* Nyperold is laughing!
* Ellmyruh gets a surge of energy!
RinkChat: User Nyperold has been labeled 'TICKLISH' by Nyperold.
* Balanthalus sneaks up behind Kiki and hits her with a water balloon
* Silvercup tickles Kiki with Ellmyruh!
Kiki: AUUGH!!!! TWO people tickling me AND a water balloon!
* Kiki curls up into a fetal position on the floor and starts sobbing and hyperventilating
Ellmyruh: Okay, Nyp, you're temporarily free.
* Silvercup goes back to tickling Nyperold
Fobulis has entered.
Nyperold: Heh... Hello *gasp* Fobulis.
* Help returns to consciousness and trips Nyperold
Ellmyruh: How can you trip Nyperold if he's on the couch?
Help: Good question.
* Fobulis surveys the situation, then readies the Super Soaker...
* Ellmyruh HUGS Kiki!
Nyperold: Heeheehehehehehehhahahaahhhhoohhoooohohohooho...
* Balanthalus dons a chainmail shirt to prevent any retaliation.
RinkChat: User Balanthalus has been labeled 'armored' by Balanthalus.
* Washu abandons the water gun and pulls out the water fire-hydrant she bought at CVS a few years ago.
* Help yanks the couch out from under Nyperold
* Nyperold falls on the floor.
* Nyperold is uninjured.
* Kiki tackles Balanthalus's legs, sending him sprawling across the floor. A fat lot of good the chain mail did YOU.
* Ellmyruh seizes the Super Soaker in the confusion
* Washu soaks Balanthalus's chain mail to see if it will rust.
Balanthalus: oof!
* Fobulis sprays randomly, aiming at whoever looks like an easy target
* Kiki makes an attempt to look like a hard target
* Nyperold sneaks up behind Washu and TICKLES her!
* Help takes out a chainsaw and cuts a pipe. Everyone in the room gets soaked
* Fobulis wrestles Ellmyruh for control of the Soaker, getting both of us all wet
RinkChat: User Help has been labeled 'Wet' by Help.
RinkChat: User Fobulis has been labeled 'all wet' by Fobulis.
* Balanthalus gets under a table and starts lobbing water balloons like grenades
* Washu contemplates cutting some wires and seeing if electricity will turn us all into interesting superpeople.
* Washu decides it's a dumb idea.
* Silvercup sneaks up behind Dave and tickles him.
* Dave jumps a mile
* Ellmyruh has heard about Dave from Brunnen-G, and helps Silvercup.
* Kiki helps tickle Dave!!
* Ellmyruh tickles Dave mercilessly, and lets Fobulis have the Soaker
RinkChat: User Dave has been kicked from the chat room by Sam.
Silvercup: everyone tickle Dave!
Dave has left.
Kiki: everyone tickle SAM!!!!
Dave has entered.
Dave: LOL
* Kiki ATTACKS Sam!
* Kiki TICKLES Sam!
* Help gets a garden hose and soaks Sam
* Fobulis sets loose the sea monkeys for no good reason whatsoever...
Kiki: oh NO! NOT the SEA monkeys!!!!
Help: Ahhhhh sea monkeys
Ellmyruh: Sea monkeys? Is THAT what was in the water gun?
Washu: Apparently.
* Silvercup pounces on Dave
* Ellmyruh tickles Dave
Portreeve has entered.
Help: Hello
Nyperold: Hello Portreeve.
* Kiki yells HI PORTREEVE over her shoulder, then returns to tickling Sam
Portreeve: Hey
* Nyperold points out to Washu that he's tickling her.
Washu: EEEEEK! (pinches Myperold and runs)
Washu: Yes, Myperold. Evil twin of Nyperold.
* Silvercup climbs onto the ceiling fan in order to get out of the water.
* Balanthalus turns the fan on 'high'
* Silvercup spins around in circles on the ceiling fan.
RinkChat: User Silvercup has been labeled 'spinning' by Silvercup.
* Dave drowns
Silvercup: Dave! No!!!
RinkChat: User Dave has been labeled 'Dead' by Dave.
* Ellmyruh hurls a sea monkey at Kiki to see what happens
* Kiki SHRIEKS and whacks the sea monkey away
Portreeve: What in the world is going on in this place? What have I stumbled upon?
* Nyperold wonders if OneStaple would like this chat session. =)
Kiki: Nyperold: well he wouldn't be on MY team, that's for sure... he would attack ME
* Help gets pushed over a cliff. As he goes down sea monkeys still cling on
* Ellmyruh hurls another sea monkey at Kiki
* Kiki doesn't see the sea monkey in time and it lands on her. In surprise and alarm, she trips over someone's arm that happens to be under her feet and does a belly flop into the water. ouch!
* Help gets smashed under the rocks
Ellmyruh: rocks?
Help: Yes, sea rocks
* Washu thinks we need to conjure a pool.
* Washu conjures a pool and pushes Nyperold in.
Ellmyruh: You dizzy yet, Silvercup?
* Fobulis would like a Slip 'N Slide...
* Kiki gasps for air and clings to Help's neck
* Nyperold tickles Kiki *briefly* and runs!
* Kiki squeals and collapses again after Nyperold tickles her
* Ellmyruh laughs at Nyperold
* Balanthalus inflates a rubber raft
Washu: Welcome to Wonderland, Alice.
Portreeve has left.
* Nyperold turns off the fan.
* Ellmyruh pulls out the Twister game
* Help checks for Kiki's pulse
* Ellmyruh HUGS Kiki!
* Washu paints a twister game on the bottom of the pool, just to see if anyone can make it past the first round.
* Balanthalus dons an eyepatch and toy sword, and sails around on his raft going "Arrrr!"
* Ellmyruh puts her left foot on green
* Silvercup falls off the ceiling fan and splashes in the water.
* Ellmyruh gets hit by the falling Silvercup
* Nyperold HUGS Kiki!
* Help gets a toy cannon and shoots Balanthalus
* Washu puts her left foot on red, just to be contrary.
* Balanthalus falls off the raft and into the briny deep.
* Silvercup hits her head on the floor and passes out.
* Fobulis throws codeman38 into the pool
Washu: Can you swim?
codeman38: Somewhat.
* Ellmyruh puts her right foot on red and shoves Washu out of the way
* Balanthalus sinks like a stone because of this bloody chainmail
* codeman38 is attacked by stray sea monkeys
* Nyperold pulls Silvercup out of the pool.
RinkChat: User Silvercup has been labeled 'not breathing ai' by Silvercup.
* Ellmyruh splashes Help
* Washu sits on top of Ellmyruh. Take *that*!
* Nyperold sees that she's still breathing.
* Silvercup isn't breathing.
* Kiki is still sprawled out in the pool
* Washu reclaims the left foot red.
RinkChat: User Silvercup has been labeled 'not breathing' by Silvercup.
Ellmyruh: she breathing, or not?
* Balanthalus drowns too.
* codeman38 realizes that it was the shallow end, and thus pulls himself out of the pool
* Washu pokes Silvercup helpfully.
* codeman38 shakes the sea monkeys off
* Ellmyruh throws a sea monkey at Washu and puts her right foot on red again
* Nyperold pokes Silvercup in the belly.
* Help installs a diving board and does a flip
* Ellmyruh swims for shore to escape Help
codeman38: "Slash"? That's usually not a good sound to hear when you're diving...
RinkChat: User Balanthalus has been labeled 'also dead' by Balanthalus.
* Fobulis puts her left hand on blue
* Washu splashes the Twister board with water and staples her foot to the red square while Ellmyruh is slipping.
* Nyperold thinks about what he remembers of CPR.
* Silvercup coughs
* Nyperold is saved from having to remember.
RinkChat: User Washu has been labeled 'on red!' by Washu.
* Ellmyruh laughs at Washu. Washu is now stapled, so Ellmyruh can tickle!
Washu: EEEEK!
* Washu takes off, dragging the board behind her.
* Ellmyruh holds on to the board, with her left foot still on green.
* Silvercup still isn't breathing.
* Help gets on the board again and does a cannon ball
Ellmyruh: Slash? Yikes!
* Washu pokes Silvercup again. It doesn't seem to be working.
* Nyperold pulls a mouthpiece out of his interdimensional pocket.
* Nyperold does the correct procedure until help arrives.
* Fobulis recruits for a line of synchronized cannonballs...
* Kiki will be back in a few mintues, but leaves her body still sprawled haphazardly in the pool
Kiki has left.
* Fobulis wants an interdimensional pocket...
* codeman38 is too chicken--not to mention way too clumsy--to join the line of synchronized cannonballs
* Silvercup dies.
* Washu pokes Silvercup just to make sure.
Ellmyruh: Everyone is dying!
Washu: If only Dave were undead! I bet he'd have resuscitated her!
* Nyperold gets Silvercup away from the pool, blow-dries her, and gets Riff's machine.
* Silvercup is partying in heaven with Dave and Bal.
* Nyperold calibrates it for a 19 year old human.
Washu: Make sure you don't mix it up and make her 91.
* Nyperold ... you know the drill.
* Balanthalus dances the waltz with Silvercup
Nyperold: ZAAAAPPP!!!
* Silvercup has to decide between waltzing with Bal and being alive.
* Ellmyruh collapses.
RinkChat: User Ellmyruh has been labeled 'collapsed' by Ellmyruh.
* Ellmyruh is too exhausted and she passes out.
* Silvercup stays dead.
Balanthalus: Heh. I RULE!
Sakura has entered.
* Nyperold HUGS Sakura-chan!
* Fobulis , dripping, greets Sakura...
RinkChat: User Ellmyruh has been labeled 'semi-conscious.' by Ellmyruh.
* Washu does the I'm-still-awake-and-alive dance and slips into the pool. SPLASH!
Sakura: What's going on...?
Ellmyruh: Combination of tickling, water gun filled with sea monkeys, and underwater twister.
Washu: We were having a sleepover and tickling and there was water and so we got a pool and I stapled twister to my foot and isn't that COOL?
Sakura: Sounds fun...
RinkChat: User Ellmyruh has been labeled 'unconscious' by Ellmyruh.
* Washu swims around a bit, for good measure.
* Fobulis find de-sea-monkeyed super soaker and squirts Washu
* Washu wrings out her hair on Fobulis.
* Sakura pulls out a water gun. "Can I join in?"
Washu: Yup! (pushes Sakura into the pool)
* Ellmyruh subconsciously wonders if she will die.
* Fobulis shakes out hair, canine-style, on Washu
* Sakura comes up coughing. *hack* *hack* *spits out water* Warn me next time!
* Silvercup 's ghost shoves Nyperold underwater.
* Nyperold comes back up.
* Nyperold survives.
* Sakura expected him to...
* Nyperold gets out of the pool.
* Washu catches some sea monkeys and throws them at Fobulis.
* Balanthalus likes being dead better than being wet
Silvercup: (time to get dinner. have fun!)
Silvercup has left.
Balanthalus: Oh great. No more dance partner. I'm *not* waltzing with Dave
* Washu wants to see Balanthalus waltz with Dave. That would be *great*.
* Washu jumps into the pool (SPLASH!) and kicks water at Sakura.
* Washu loves pools.
Ellmyruh: I better get going, too.
Ellmyruh has left.
* Nyperold goes over to the couch and lies down again.
* Help gets a water balloon and hits Sakura
* Sakura lobs a water balloon back at Help, pulling the remnants of the other one out of her hair.
BurgerKing has entered.
* Sakura clambers out of the pool and squirts BK.
* Washu drops a sea monkey on Help, which does very little as sea monkeys are awful small.
BurgerKing: Pool party?
Washu: Yup! At our sleepover.
* BurgerKing throws a wet sponge at Sakura.
RinkChat: User Sakura has been labeled 'WetAndLovingIt!' by Sakura.
* Nyperold gets up, sneaks up behind Sakura, and TICKLES her! ^_^
* Sakura laughs. She manages to gasp out between giggles, "Hey! Don't do that!"
* Nyperold tickles Sakura's belly!
* Help gets on the diving board, I gotta do this
* Sakura dives back into the pool and swims out of Nyp's grip.
* Help flips off the diving board
* Sakura is knocked unconscious as Help lands on her...
* Nyperold gets *Sakura* out of the pool.
* Nyperold sees that Sakura is alright. ^_^.
* Nyperold wakes Sakura up.
* Sakura recovers and joins back in. Hm, what next...?
* Nyperold then goes back to the couch and lies down.
* Fobulis towels off
* Nyperold decides to give Sakura an oppurtunity to get him back.
* Sakura grins, clambers up a conveniently placed tree, and squirts Nyp.
* Nyperold is wet.
Nyperold: still
Kiki has entered.
* Kiki is back!
* Nyperold teleports Kiki from being sprawled out in the pool.
Kiki: yay, no more sprawling in the pool!
* Nyperold figures there's a lot more to this room than even *he* knew. :)
* Nyperold is on the couch.
RinkChat: User Nyperold has been labeled 'on couch.' by Nyperold.
* Sakura tries to jump out of the tree... and lands on her head. Ouch again.
* Nyperold watches Sakura, and sees that she's alright.
* Sakura somehow remains conscious this time and leans against the tree for a minute or two to see if her head stops spinning...
* Nyperold sits up, and offers a place to Sakura.
* Sakura accepts it gratefully. She sits down to take a quick breather.
* Washu climbs the tree and jumps out of it into the pool. She even remembers to make sure it's the deep end.
* Fobulis gets out of splashing range of Washu..
* Sakura then suddenly becomes suspicious. Does Nyp have some kind of trick in mind...?
* Kiki HUGS Darien, cause he's conveniently right next to her =)
* Darien enjoys being next to Kiki. He HUGS her back. :-}
* Nyperold decides not to tickle Sakura, at least not 'til after she's recovered.
Sakura: Oh, that's reassuring...
* Nyperold decides not to tickle Sakura again.
Sakura: Wait, never mind... ^^;
* Sakura has now recovered. She pulls out a camera and goes back into the tree so that she can get some good pictures of this.
* Nyperold lies down on the couch again.
* Nyperold reminds Sakura that it doesn't really tickle; he knows from experience.
* Sakura will not try jumping out of the tree again, by the way.
RinkChat: User Sakura has been labeled 'in tree' by Sakura.
* Kiki pokes Darienien in the side
* Nyperold gets a ladder, leans it up against the tree, and goes back to the couch.
* Darien squirms.
* Nyperold sees that Washu is still on red.
* Kiki grins and hugs Darien again
* Darien hugs Kiki again.
* Darien blushes.
* Balanthalus is bored with being dead, and wakes up.
RinkChat: User Balanthalus has been unlabeled by Balanthalus.
* Kiki CHEERS!!!
* Kiki HUGS Balanthalus!!
* Nyperold stretches and puts his hands behind his head.
* Balanthalus dances with Kiki
RinkChat: User Sakura has been labeled 'watching' by Sakura.
* Nyperold frowns at the beehive above Sakura's head.
* Sakura looks up. Beehive?
Sakura: Beehive!!
* Nyperold hopes the bees don't notice her...
* Kiki stops dancing with Balanthalus and gazes with horror at the beehive
* Balanthalus grabs a few o' those bee suit thingies
* Washu dives under the water to be away from the evil scary bees.
* Nyperold wonders if Sakura will remember to stay calm...
* Sakura tries to hurry down the ladder, accidentally makes it fall, lands on Nyp, apologizes quickly, and runs as far from the tree as possible. I hate bees!
* Nyperold survives.
RinkChat: User Sakura has been labeled 'running!' by Sakura.
* Fobulis tries very hard not to look as if she's in need of pollination...
* Nyperold doesn't bleed, and the bruises fade instantaneously.
* Sakura then remembers that she left a perfectly good camera up there...
* Kiki sniffs and hopes someone will protect her from the bees
* Nyperold carefully retrieves the camera.
* Balanthalus gives Kiki a bee suit
* Nyperold brings it back victorious!
* Kiki puts the bee suit on and cowers in a corner, sniffling
Nyperold: The bees didn't notice!
* Sakura thanks Nyp and apologizes again for landing on him...
* Nyperold hugs Sakura-chan and says, "It's OK." ^_^.
RinkChat: User Fobulis has been labeled 'dried off' by Fobulis.
Nyperold: Just as being chat-tickled doesn't really tickle, being chat-landed-on doesn't really hurt.
* Nyperold TICKLES Kiki! =)
Kiki: aaauuuggghhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!
* Nyperold tickles her in her belly!
* Kiki collapses AGAIN!
RinkChat: User Nyperold has been labeled 'Tickling Kiki!' by Nyperold.
Kiki: STOP THAT!!!!
* Nyperold stops.
RinkChat: User Nyperold has been unlabeled by Nyperold.
* Nyperold HUGS Kiki!
* Nyperold decides to let Kiki get him back.
* Nyperold nervously awaits Kiki's revenge...
* Kiki gives Nyperold a grin and a sidelong glance
* Sakura offers to help Kiki... Hehehe...
* Silvercup will protect Nyperold
* Enigma gives Kiki a can of Acme Itching Powder
* Nyperold is immune to itching powder.
* Kiki wipes the sly look off of her face and glances innocently at the ceiling
* Silvercup steals the powder and throws it in the ocean.
* Enigma gives Kiki a can of shaving cream, a feather, a bowl of warm water, and enough sleepy pills to knock out a rhino.
* Nyperold assures Silvercup that it's okay.
Nyperold: You don't have to defend me -- I deserve it.
* Silvercup says "okay then," and lies on the couch.

The end? How can it be the end? The conversation drifted to other things before Kiki could exact her revenge. Now payback hangs over Nyperold's head and could strike anywhere at anytime. Ooo.

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