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We like pizza.

Issachar: Hi, Mousie. You up for ordering some pizzas?
Issachar: Or making some pizzas?
* Darien is up for pizza.
Mousie: Either way. Let's make 'em!!
* Issachar gets up groggily and stumbles down the hall to the RinkKitchen to see what's there.
Issachar: Hey, the RinkKichen is pretty well stocked. Looks like we've got everything we need right here.
Darien: RULING!
* Mousie waits for some big strong man to lift that heavy sack of flour so she can start making pizza dough!
* Darien lifts the flour sack.
* Issachar gets out a great big bowl, some flour, eggs, water, and other stuff.
* Darien falls over backwards, the flour sack on top of him.
* Issachar wants to help make the dough, too.
* Joseph lifts another big, heavy, bag of flour
Darien: Ack! This thing is HEAVY!
Joseph: Where do you want this, Mousie?
* Mousie trips over Darien and into Issachar. We're all covered in flour!
* Issachar thinks Mousie's klutziness seems awfully deliberate at times.
Mousie: Joseph started it!
Joseph: What!?
Issachar: Well, now I don't have to flour my hands.
Darien: Or your face.
* Joseph still is waiting for the instructions for where to put this flour?
Mousie: Joseph, you'd better put that one in the mixer. It's all we have left!
* Joseph puts it in the mixer.
* eric throws the ceremonial duck into the mixer
* Issachar gets out a big cutting board and plops a lump of dough on the board.
* Mousie pulls the dough off of herself and plops it up on the board, too. A little Mousieness never hurt anyone.
* Issachar puts quick-rising yeast in the dough and starts to knead the dough ball.
* Darien preheats the oven to 475 degrees.
Issachar: 475????
Darien: What? I always cook pizza at 475 degrees.
* Issachar leaves the dough under a damp towel to rise for a few minutes.
* Mousie starts squeezing 'maters!
Mousie: Someone needs to grate the cheese. And slice the pepperoni!
* Joseph gets the pepperoni and cheese, as well as ham
* Issachar grates lots and lots and lots and lots and lots of cheese. Cheese RULES.
* Darien starts to slice the mushrooms.
Darien: I hope we're making multiple pizzas, here. We'll never agree on toppings. :-}
* Mousie spins a pizza crust.
* Mousie spins TWO pizza crusts, one in each hand!
* Mousie juggles three pizza crusts, spinning all the while!
Mousie: Each person can have his or her own pizza.
Darien: RULING!
Mousie: Who wants what toppings? And be orderly!
Joseph: HAM!!!
Darien: Mushrooms, peppers (green, red, yellow), onions, olives, broccoli, tomatoes, and scallions!
Darien: And lots of cheese.
Ticia: Veggies for me, please
* eric asks for Stuffed Crust
eric: i want a stuffed crust pizza with pineapple and extra cheese
Mousie: We could just have everyone assemble their own pizza!
* Issachar chops up green peppers, olives, mushrooms, and onions. He's careful not to let the onions get near any of Mousie's ingredients.
* Joseph 'assembles' a pizza
* Mousie stands at the head of the line and hands out homemade sauce-topped crusts. Just pick up your ingredients on your way down the line to the oven!
* Issachar 's dough has risen, and he sets about rolling it into a circle.
* Darien chops us some mushrooms (baby bellas - mmm!), peppers (green, red, and yellow), onions, scallions, and all that other stuff he mentioned earlier.
Issachar: Man, I'm pretty far behind in the process, here.
Issachar: BAM!! BAM!!!!
Issachar: There, I'm done.
Joseph: Eww, what's this mousie, brown hair doing in this dough???
* Mousie blames Issachar
* eric jumps on his pizza dough to make sure it's flat enough to pile cheese on and achieve the same thickness
* Darien asks Mousie to put a double-helping of sauce on his crust.
Mousie: Darien, you seem to be best with the oven. You should collect the pizzas and place them for baking.
* Darien nods.
* Darien puts Issachar's pizza in the oven.
* Mousie runs around singing, "When-a the moon hits-a you eye like-a big pizza pie, 'at's amore!"
* Issachar pulls his pizza steaming from the oven. Looks perfect!
* Darien puts his own pizza in the oven.
* Joseph makes his pizza in a split-second...
* Issachar takes the rolling pizza slicer and carves his pie into twelve slices.
* eric builds his own oven and puts his pizza in that
* eric cooks his pizza to beautiful, cheesy, stuffedcrusty, pineapply perfection in 3.1415926 seconds
Darien: Hehee. Eric made a pizza pi. :-}
* Darien takes his pizza out of the oven.
* Issachar grabs a frosty can of black cherry soda from the RinkFridge and carries his pizza and drink over to the RinkTable.
* eric takes his pizza out and doesn't need to slice it!
* Darien wishes he had pot holders on.
Joseph: (singing) Hot hot hot, feelin' hot hot hot..
Issachar: Napkins! We need napkins! .....ahhh, forget it, who needs napkins? This is a PIZZA PARTY!!
* eric forgets napkins
* Mousie always burns the roof of her mouth on the first bite.
* Issachar does, too.
* Joseph decides to get a RinkCola
* Darien whips out a ginger ale.
* Joseph sits down at the RinkTable.
* Darien sits on the other side of Iss.
* Issachar hopes the other Rinky's don't mind if he goes ahead and digs in.
* Mousie plops ground beef, black olives, and mushrooms on her pizza (with extra sauce), bakes it, and plops down next to Issachar.
* eric sites at the RinkTable, between Mousie and Ticia
Issachar: Yay, Rink-Pizza Party!
Mousie: How much fun would it be to really do this at the RinkUnion?!??!?!
Darien: That would RULE!
* eric eats his entire pizza without needing to slice it!
* Mousie knows a secret about what's for dessert!
* Joseph sits next to eric...
* Issachar eats his slice of pizza according to a long-established pattern.
* Joseph eats!
Issachar: First: one bite from the narrow end. Then the entire crust, so that the middle is left.
* Darien munches.
Issachar: Then all the parts of the middle that don't have as many toppings on them. Then all the GOOD STUFF!!! :-d
* Issachar finishes his slice of pizza and washes it down with some black cherry soda.
* Issachar has been known to eat his pizza very weirdly, even though he is sitting right by Mousie.
Issachar: Yeah, you'd think all that normalcy that Mousie exudes would counteract my weirdness. :-/
Mousie: Hey!
* Mousie gets out the yellow mustard to put on her crusts, which she, like normal people, eats LAST.
eric: WAIT!!!
Darien: But she's not *here.*
eric: Iss, I think you need to say Grace.
Issachar: Go ahead, you can do it.
Mousie: brb
Mousie has left.
* Issachar puts Mousie's pizza in the still-warm oven so it won't get cold.
Darien: Would you like me to hush everyone while you say grace?
Issachar: Yeah, we need a husher.
* Ticia is hushed
Joseph: Hush 'em!
eric: Sure thing, Darien.
Issachar: But not just any husher. We need a brazen husher. LOL!
RinkChat: User Issachar has been quieted by Darien.
RinkChat: User gremlinn has been quieted by Darien.
RinkChat: User eric has been quieted by Darien.
RinkChat: User Stephen has been quieted by Darien.
RinkChat: User Joseph has been quieted by Darien.
RinkChat: User Ticia has been quieted by Darien.
Darien: Much better.
Darien: Oh, wait...
RinkChat: User eric has been unquieted by Darien.
eric has left.
RinkChat: User Issachar has been unquieted by Darien.
RinkChat: User gremlinn has been unquieted by Darien.
RinkChat: User Stephen has been unquieted by Darien.
RinkChat: User Joseph has been unquieted by Darien.
RinkChat: User Ticia has been unquieted by Darien.
Darien: What a dorkus. He left on us.
* Issachar eats another slice of pizza.
* Darien shrugs, and eats more pizza.
RinkChat: User Issachar has been labeled 'fingalickin good' by Issachar.
Darien: This pizza RULES.
eric has entered.
* eric is back and can say Grace now
Issachar: Too late, I've finished eating.
eric: i can say grace in the past tense

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