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Archives: Mousie's Ode To Dave


We are never silly here at RinkWorks.

Mousie: Hi!
Mousie: I'm writing you another poem.
Mousie: You must inspire me.
Dave: Me? I get to inspire someone? Cool
Nyperold: Mousie Python, I presume. :)
Dave: What do I have to do? Shall I strike a pose?
* Dave strikes a manly pose.
Mousie: That's not helping.
Dave: Sorry.
Mousie: But pose away, as it is amusing.
* Dave flexes.
* Dave winks at Mousie and says "Hey, baby."
Kelly has entered.
Kelly: Hi!
Dave: Hey Kelly
Nyperold: Hello Kelly.
* Mousie whispers to Dave, "Cheese it, Kelly's here."
Mousie: Hi, Kelly!
* Dave slinks off into the corner.
Kelly: Looks like you two have been having an interesting conversation so far. ;-)
Mousie: I have the poem started, but I can't finish it. Wanna see what I've got so far?
Mousie: It's suitable for public consumption.
Mousie: Well?
Kelly: Let's see it.
Mousie: Here goes:
Mousie: "Dave, who woos chicks constantly,"
Mousie: Is everybody ready for my poem yet?
ShadowClerk: I am!!
Kelly: Ready and waiting...
Mousie: Dave?
Dave: Mousie: I'm ready.
Mousie: Dave, who woos chicks constantly,
Mousie: Dave, who cooks one-pot-stantly,
Mousie: Dave who strikes some manly poses,
Mousie: Dave, with bubbleses up his noses,
Mousie: Dave, we often question his diet,
Mousie: BUT STILL are proud he's our little riot.
Mousie: The End.
Mousie: By Mousie.
Dave: hehehehe
* Kelly applauds vigorously.
ShadowClerk: Yay! Clap Clap Clap!
* Mousie makes a little curtsy.
Mousie: I tried to have one made-up word per rhyme, but the pressure was too much at the end.

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