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MURDER! But she won't get away with it, see? Because we've got coppers to take care of killers like her, see? We put 'em in the slammer!

* Silvercup attacks Iss.
* Iss dies.
RinkChat: User Iss has been labeled 'slainbySilvercup' by Iss.
Silvercup: oops. I didn't mean to kill him.
Silvercup: this is probably a good time to slink off and shower
* Silvercup slinks off in hopes of not being charged with murder.
Silvercup has left.
Mousie: Hey!
Mousie: Who killed Iss?
Ticia: Silvercup did it
Ticia: and then she ran away!
Silvercup has entered.
Ticia: Ahh HA!!! There she is!
Silvercup: uh oh. looks like I'm a wanted criminal here.
* Silvercup hides out.
RinkChat: User Ticia has been labeled 'Cop' by Ticia.
* Ticia runs after Silver"The Criminal"cup
Silvercup: yipes!
* Ticia realizes that she needs to cut back on the donuts and coffee...
Ticia: *gasp* come back here *pant* you criminal, you *gasp*
* Silvercup runs away fast.
* Ticia gets out her gun
Ticia: Stop or I'll shoot!!!
* Silvercup ducks!
* Ticia shoots and misses
* Silvercup runs through bushes and jumps over fences.
* Ticia lunges after Silvercup
* Ticia calls for backup
Nyperold has entered.
Ticia: Nyperold! Help me catch her!
* Nyperold backs up.
* Silvercup keeps running away.
* Ticia is in pursuit of the deadly criminal Silvercup, wanted for Murder of Iss
* Silvercup steals a getaway car.
* Ticia jumps in her patrol car and turns on her siren
Silvercup: you'll never catch me!
* Silvercup gets on the 101 freeway and drives fast, unlike OJ.
* Ticia leans out the window and attempts to shoot out Silvercup's tires
* Ticia misses
Silvercup: Nyperold, can I borrow your teleporter?
* Nyperold teleports Silv into the custody of police.
Silvercup: uh oh. this is bad.
* Ticia books Silvercup and throws her in the slammer
* Nyperold teleports away her weaponry.
Silvercup: you backstabber!
Ticia: you're going away for a long time, missy. Crime doesn't pay, not in this town, not on my watch...
* Ticia poses for the photographers (what a great photo-op)
* Silvercup begins digging a hole in the wall.
Silvercup: like Shawshank Redemption.
* Silvercup sneaks out when Ticia is posing for photos.
* Ticia doesn't allow posters on the walls in her prison
* Silvercup skips bail.
* Ticia calls the FBI to track down Silver"Killer"Cup
* Silvercup escapes to Canada.
Silvercup has left.
* Nyperold is not happy. Silvercup now has a tarnished record.
* Ticia puts "Wanted" posters with Silvercup's picture on them, up on telephone polls
* Ticia calls out "I'll get you, Silvercup, and when I do, you'll be sorry!"
* Ticia goes to get another donut
Ticia is away.
Silvercup has entered.
Ticia: Ahh Hah!!!! There she is, again!
* Ticia sees that the statute of limitations has run out for Silvercup, all charges are dropped, and she is free to go about her normal life
Ticia: Curses!
JOY has entered.
* Silvercup is glad Nyperold was unhappy. He turned her in to the police.
Nyperold: And I was supposed to... let you go for murder?
Silvercup: I didn't kill him on purpose! I was just attacking him because he called me boring.
Silvercup: and I was a horse.
Ticia: Oh, and that's an excuse?
* Iss has been unkilled by Nyperold.
Nyperold: I guess that makes him undead. :)
* JOY is bored and kills Ticia.
Ticia: Ack!
* JOY is a horse too.
RinkChat: User Ticia has been labeled 'KilledByJOY' by Ticia.
* Ticia has been unkilled by Nyperold.
Ticia is back.
RinkChat: User Ticia has been labeled 'UnkilledbyNyp' by Ticia.
Ticia: thanks, Nyperold
Nyperold: no problem
Nyperold: I had practice last night.
* Ticia kills JOY
Ticia: Hahahaha!!! JOY is dead!!!!
* JOY has been left dead by Nyperold.
* JOY has been left dead by Nyperold.
RinkChat: User Iss has been labeled 'unslainbyNyp' by Iss.
* Iss yawns and stretches
Iss: Man, what a headache I have!
Silvercup: Look at what you did. :(
Silvercup: Did you HAVE to die? I got arrested.
Iss: Hey, can I help it if I'm a wuss?
JOY: yes.
* Silvercup usually attacks guys with tickling, but she remembers Iss is married in time.
Iss: Yes, I was married just in time.
Silvercup: unless I'm playing hockey, then I chuck guys into the boards, and get a penalty.
Iss: I would have probably died from that, too.
* Ghost_of_Leen is baaaaaaaaack!
* Iss dies from fright at GoL's sudden startling appearance.

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