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Mousie, Ticia, and I were logged into RinkChat on this particular occasion. Issachar was too, but he was "away" and not paying attention. No one was saying anything. And then....

Ghost of Sam: msg Mousie No WAY. You're a GUY? I don't even believe that. Who's picture was that you showed me then??
Ghost of Sam: Uh.
Ghost of Sam: Oops.
Ticia: LOL
Ghost of Sam: Pay no attention to what I just mistakenly said publically.
Ghost of Sam: I was kidding.
Ticia: hehehe
Ticia: hmmm....well now....this is interesting
Ghost of Sam: I was KIDDING.
Ghost of Sam: I typed all that on purpose. Honest.
Ticia: Uh huh, Sure!
Ghost of Sam: Aargh!
Ghost of Sam: Ok, fine. DON'T tell Dave.
Ghost of Sam: Sorry Mousie. Darn darn darn.
* Ticia is having a hard time believeing that Mousie is a guy, but won't tell Dave
Mousie: Ghostie.
Mousie: How could you do this to me?
Ghost of Sam: Sorry. :-(
Mousie: Ticia, can I trust you?
Ticia: sure you can trust me!
Ticia: :-)
Mousie: Well, even if it comes out, I've had everybody fooled for a pretty long time.
* Ghost of Sam is in the dog house in such a big way.
Sam has entered.
Mousie: Sam, next time try to remember to enter BEFORE you private message me such private stuff.
Sam: I'm sorry. :-(
* Ticia will keep mousie's secret under her to speak
Ticia: But what about Issachar?
Sam: I'd better erase this stuff in case someone else comes in.
Ticia: yup, you'd better
Mousie: As long as it's only the two of you who know.....that was my next request.
Sam: la la la la
Sam: la la la la
Sam: la la la la
Sam: la la la la
Sam: la la la la
Sam: la la la la
Sam: la la la la
Sam: la la la la
Sam: la la la la
Sam: la la la la
Sam: la la la la
Sam: la la la la
Ticia: Here, let me help
Ticia: La la la la la LA LA LA
Sam: dsf
Sam: asdfwer
Sam: werwer
Sam: asdfsadf
Ticia: La la la lAL LALA LA
Ticia: La la la lAL LALA LA
Ticia: La la la la LA LA LA
Ticia: La la la la LA LA LA
Mousie: It's gone now.
Mousie: Whew.
Sam: Whew.
Mousie: And Sam, let Dave think that girl in the picture with me is really me.
Sam: THAT was y-- Oh. Now I REALLY hope you're not too mad at me.
Mousie: I'm not mad. I've made stupid mistakes like that before.
Sam: I won't tell. I promise. I won't even private msg you about it anymore.
Ticia: or public Msg it, either...hehehe
Mousie: Yeah, that's me next to the girl I *said* was me. She helps me out sometimes when I get stuck on what a girl might say.
Sam: That's nice of her.
Ticia: that's very nice of her
Mousie: Yeah, well, we're pretty close, if you know what I mean.
Sam: Sister?
Sam: Oh, wait. I guess it wouldn't be your sister.
Mousie: Yes, sister would be a stretch.
Mousie: Sistah works.
Sam: Girlfriend?
Mousie: Yup.
Sam: You're a lucky guy.
Mousie: Stop it!!
Sam: Ahh!
Ticia: great, now we have to sing again
Sam: lalalalalalalaal
Sam: lalalalalalalaal
Sam: lalalalalalalaal
Sam: lalalalalalalaal
Sam: lalalalalalalaal
Sam: lalalalalalalaal
Sam: wqerlksjdflkjsdf
Sam: wqerlksjdflkjsdf
Sam: wqerlksjdflkjsdf
Sam: wqerlksjdflkjsdf
Sam: wqerlksjdflkjsdf
Sam: wqerlksjdflkjsdf
Sam: wqerlksjdflkjsdf
Sam: wqerlksjdflkjsdf
Sam: wqerlksjdflkjsdf
Sam: wqerlksjdflkjsdf
Ticia: lalalalalalalaalalaaaa
Ticia: lalalalalalalaalalaaaa
Ticia: lalalalalalalaalalaaaa
Mousie: lol!!
Ticia: lalalalalalalaalalaaaa
Ticia: lalalalalalalaalalaaaa
Ticia: lalalalalalalaalalaaaa
Mousie: lol!
Mousie: Lol!
Ticia: lalalalalalalaalalaaaa
Mousie: LOl!
Ticia: lalalalalalalaalalaaaa
Mousie: Laughing looks less suspicious!
Sam: You're right.
Ticia: LOL....Thats so funny
Ticia: ROFL
Ticia: ROFL
Sam: Yeah. That doesn't look suspicious at all.
Mousie: How well do you think the name Mousie fits now?
Sam: Er...I'd tell you, but then we'd have to sing again.
Ticia: hehehe
Sam: Actually I'm not sure I know. It kind of depends on why you're doing this. But it either fits a lot better or not at all.
* Ticia is not going to be able to watch Dave talk to Mousie without cracking up!
Mousie: It started just to see if I could.
Mousie: But it worked so well, and I get such different insights as people react to me.
Mousie: It's a real study in human nature. I don't think some people would respond to me the same way if they knew.
Ticia: I have no response to that....
Mousie: I mean certainly the boy/girl stuff is different, but I mean in regular conversations too.
Mousie: And I get away with so much, "Well, as a girl, this is how I think...."
Sam: Hmmm. Yeah, I can see how people would interact differently depending on the online persona. I mean, look at the difference in the way we look at, say, Wolf vs. Liface -- and all we really know about either is what they've allegedly typed here in the past.
Ticia: LOL
Mousie: Exactly.
Sam: Well, you threw me for a loop, that's all I have to say. Now I'm going to have to rethink everything we've ever said to each other.
Mousie: The funnest part is "bashing" men.
Sam: LOL!
Mousie: You're still my hero!
Sam: Thanks. Um...I can't say the sentiment really means as much now, though. Well, it does, but in a different way.
Sam: See, your experiment is paying off already.
Ticia: exactly
* Ticia hopes Issachar has really been away this whole time, and not just pretending
Mousie: I've been thinking I'd like to never tell....I think I'll just kind of fade away from chat and the forum without shocking everyone.
Sam: That would suck.
Ticia: Don't go, Mousie!
Sam: Maybe if you faded back in as yourself?
Mousie: Yeah, I guess I'd have to kind of do a switch to the real thing without letting anyone (but you) know.
Mousie: Okay, now I really do need to go away for a minute.
Mousie is away.
Ticia: Ok
Sam: Wow.
Sam: That's all I can say.
Ticia: It puts Mousie's Ode To Dave in a whole new light!
Sam: LOL
Sam: I gotta go read that again now.
Sam: Hahahahahahahah. Check out that archive. The line "But pose away, as it is amusing" has an edged double meaning now.
Ticia: Yup...that's just what I was thinking!
Ticia: and "* Mousie makes a little curtsy." is just hilarious to think about!
Sam: Heheheh. Yeah, in retrospect, that line seems a little too deliberate, doesn't it?
* Ticia is still wondering if this is some elaborate plot....
Sam: Obviously! Do you have any idea how long Mousie's been HERE?
Sam: The mind boggles.
Ticia: I *have* read the Sting part I and II....
Ticia: How long?
Sam: I don't know exactly, but a long time. Hang on, I'll go find out from the message forum search engine.
Sam: June 7, 1999
Issachar is back.
Issachar: Someone tell me that what I think just happened didn't just happen!
Ticia: Hey Issachar!
Ticia: what do you think just happened?
Issachar: Um, did Mousie just reveal an important piece of personal information?
Sam: Uh, no.
Ticia: well...I wouldn't excactly say that, Iss
Ticia: that is just too funny
Issachar: Did someone *else*? There wasn't quite enough info on the screen to tell what was divulged.
Sam: Yeah, LOL LOL LOL!
Sam: We're just laughing at a funny joke.
Ticia: ROTFL!!!!
Sam: It was HILARIOUS.
Sam: Very
Sam: hilarious.
Issachar: So I see.
Sam: Indeed.
Ticia: and you missed it! It was great!
Issachar: Okay ..... were we all *pretending* something in order to fool me or somebody else?
Sam: Yes, that's it.
Sam: We were.
* Issachar is perplexed
RinkChat: User Issachar has been labeled 'befuddled' by Issachar.
Sam: It was just a joke, so forget about it.
Issachar: Fine, then.
Ticia: anyway...moving onto other subjects...The Jazz won their game last night!
Sam: What sport do they play?
Ticia: Basketball...of course!
Ticia: you know...the UTAH JAZZ?
Sam: Oh yeah. I LOVE them.
Issachar: I thought they were an Olympic curling team.
Sam: Me too.
Sam: HA HA!
Sam: HA HA!
Sam: HA HA!
Ticia: curling? no way...that's not a sport...that's housework
Mousie is back.
Mousie: I'm back.
Ticia: Hey Mousie!
Mousie: You guys were laughing a lot before I cam in. Was that for my benefit?
Sam: Er, yes -- your joke was SO funny.
Ticia: sam said a really funny joke...
Sam: Er, I mean *I* was so funny.
Sam: But it was about Mousie, and that's why she's SO funny.
Ticia: ROTFL
* Issachar wishes people would quit beating around the bush with this "funny" thing.
Issachar: But oh, well. C'est la RinkChat, or something.
Mousie: I can't wait! I think I'll go shopping for a skimpy little dress this weekend! You can never be too prepared!
Ticia: LOL
Issachar: It would have to be an awfully small dress to fit on little Mousie :-)
Sam: Iss: And skimpily, at that.
Issachar: Do you ever *want* any kids? I can't decide whether you'd be an awesomely fun kind of Mom, or just the type who would do just as well without kids as with them.
Issachar: Not that I have any business typing people like that, anyway.
Ticia: I think Mousie would make a GREAT mom!
* Sam snickers.
* Issachar is glad he has the "Stupid" gene
* Ticia is glad she has the "Ticia" Gene....
Issachar: I bet you are. :-)
Ticia: (Gene is my middle name...)
Issachar: Oh, come on. It is not.
Issachar: (Is it?)
Ticia: it is too!
Ticia: I promise, My middle name is Gene...
Ticia: I was named after my grandma Glenna Gene
Issachar: Is Gene short for anything, or is it just "Gene"?
Ticia: it's just Gene...
Issachar: Well, that's extra-hilarious, then. The "Ticia Gene". :-)
Issachar: If your last name is "Poole", I'll just die.
Ticia: and I *know* it's spelled like a guys name...
Ticia: but I am *not* a guy!
Mousie: Are you insinuating that one of us *is* a guy?
Ticia: no, mousie, I'm not insinuating anything...
Mousie: My middle name is Jill.
Ticia: LOL
Issachar: Well, you certainly don't *look* anything like a guy, unless you've sent us a false photo to gawk at. ;-)
* Ticia giggles
Ticia: nope, that's really me...I would *never* send a fake picture in!

Ghost of Sam: Ticia.
Issachar: Heh. Sam sounds just like God in Cosby's "Noah" skit.
Ticia: Yes?
Ghost of Sam: Smile at the blue dot.
Ghost of Sam: You're on Candid Rink.
Ticia: That's what I thought....LOL
Ghost of Sam: I assure you my botched PM was quite deliberate.
Ticia: Oh, I know you would never do anything like that accidentally!
* Mousie would like to go on record as saying she merely went along with it. Joyously, but still, only a follower.
Ghost of Sam: It was also spontaneous and improvised. I just started being silly, and Mousie came back and went with it. :-)
Issachar: .....and Sam and Mousie were gracious enough to let little old me in on the joke too, privately.
Ticia: LOL
Mousie: Now she'll never believe anything we say, Sam.
Ghost of Sam: In that case, I can merrily reveal your REAL secret, without fear.
Ghost of Sam: Mousie is actually 65 years old -- and, incidentally, Howard's wife.
Ghost of Sam: See? Nobody believes it!
Ghost of Sam: That's the cool part about getting a reputation as a prankster. You don't have to worry about giving away secrets accidentally.
* Ticia is still not going to be able to watch Mousie talk with Dave without laughing!

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