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Here is a chat room rendition of the Psychiatrist party game, in which everyone has an off-the-wall psychological problem, and the "psychiatrist" has to figure out what the problem is by asking leading questions. The game didn't exactly go as it was supposed to, but the results are amusing nonetheless.

* Ticia thinks you people need help
* BurgerKing hands out his therapist's cards.
* gabby takes a card and eats it.
Issachar: Hey, we could play "psychiatrist" if anyone wants!
* JOY wants to be the psychiatrist!!!
* JOY tells anyone who wants to to ta a seat
Ticia: to to ta?
JOY: take a seat
* gabby tas a seat.
* BurgerKing lies down on the couch.
* gabby stands on the couch. He has a fear of lying down.
* Issachar puts the bar of soap in his mouth.
JOY: who wants to be my annoying secretary that interrupts me at awkward moments to tell me about my appointment with my psychiatrist?
* famous can be annoying.
* JOY thinks famous should be afraid of words containing the letter "u"
famous: Hehe.. why?
JOY: don't question me! you're the nut here! not me! NOT ME!! STOP BADGERING ME!!!
Issachar: Okay, JOY will be the psychiatrist. The rest of us all share a psychological problem, and he has to figure out what it is by asking us questions.
Issachar: We'll have to PM all the "problem people" to let them know what the problem is.
Issachar: The problem is usually zany, like believing that you are your pet.
gabby: How fitting that JOY should be the psychiatrist. If only it always worked that way.
* JOY lies down
* JOY calls Iss into his office
JOY: Issy! here Issy! Come on boy!
* JOY looks at his watch, "you're being charged by the hour you know..."
* JOY has more bill where that came from
* JOY wonders if he should turn off the simpsons while he tries to restore peoples sanity, but decides not to.

Privately, everyone but JOY settled on a comic affliction.

* Issachar bounds into the shrink's office. YEAH!!! LET'S ROCK IT!!!!
* gremlinn high-fives Issachar
JOY: Nice to see you again, how are we doing today?
* Issachar high-fives gremlinn back, and bumps chests in a manly way.
JOY: ah, that good?
Issachar: I'm AWESOME, man!
Issachar: I've never felt so alive!
* BurgerKing shouts for no good reason.
JOY: I see you've gotten over the death of your mother....
* Issachar throws his legs out from under him and drops full force down into a chair.
BurgerKing: That was one rockin' funeral! YEAH!
JOY: yes... yes... interesting...
* famous comes bounding into the shrinks office.. "HEY PEOPLE!!!!"
Issachar: FAMOUS!!!! Woohoo! You ready to do this?
famous: Dood!! I'm soooo ready!
* gabby scales the north face of the psychiatrist's couch.
* Mousie types an EXTREMELY wordy letter!!! Wooohoooo! YEAH!
* JOY doodles in his notebook
* Ticia walks into the shrinks office "Hey GUYS!"
famous: TICIA!
Ticia: FAMOUS!
Issachar: Hey man, my shoe's untied! Time out, time out, I gotta fix this thing. Safety first!
* Issachar laces up his shoes extra-tight.
* BurgerKing surfs on the desk. "WHOO!"
JOY: yes... well, wanna have a seat on the couch over there?
Ticia: ok...but it seems kinda strange
* Ticia has a seat
* Issachar shifts back and forth in his chair excitably.
* famous eats her snack in like one gulp! Score!
* Ticia 's fingers drum uncontrollably
* BurgerKing breaks out the Mountain Dew.
* JOY needs to change the coffee to decaf...
* Issachar tosses famous a Power Bar.
* gabby leaps off the couch, rolls toward the desk, and dives into the big, comfy chair behind it.
* BurgerKing grabs the comfy chair before Ticia. "SCORE!"
Issachar: [Hey, JOY, are you gonna ask us questions, or what?]
JOY: [sure! is THAT what i'm supposed to do??]
Issachar: [YES!!!]
JOY: ok, how are you guys doin today?
gabby: GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
famous: I'm doing GREAT!
Ticia: I'm GREAT!
JOY: and why are you all doing so GREAT!!!?
* famous high-fives everyone!! YEAH!
Issachar: I am PUMPED.
BurgerKing: WHOOO!
Issachar: Just high on life, man, high on life!
JOY: life and what else?
* gabby prepares to LEAVE! Watch out, here I go!
gabby has left.
JOY: yes.... how dare you people?
Ticia: Man, I met the COOLEST guy in my adventures today...
* Issachar takes out a pocket comb and straightens his hair in a few swift strokes.
JOY: that's MY comfy chair
Issachar: Whoa, adrenaline rush!!!
famous: I'm great cuz I just totally turned on the TV. Yeah!
Issachar: Yeah famous!!!
Ticia: alright FAMOUS! You go GIRL!
* JOY wonders if being surfing bimbos is a psychological problem..
JOY: how old are you people?
Issachar: I'm 27. But I'm STILL YOUNG!!!
Ticia: I'm 24, DOOD!
famous: I'm 22 DOOD! :)
Ticia: DOOD!!! You ROCK!
Issachar: Man, I'll still be doing this when I'm 90!!!!!
JOY: what will you be doing till you're 90 d00d?
Issachar: Livin' just for the thrill of it, doc!
JOY: oooooh, you're HAPPY!!! i KNEW something was odd!!!
* BurgerKing flexes. "ARRR! WHOOO! WHOO!"
famous: AND!! I went to work today. WHOO!!
* famous high-fives Ticia!
* JOY cries, he's never had this many patients at once!!!
* Issachar puts a few eyedrops in his eyes, squints, and shakes his head all around so the little droplets fly everywhere. WOOOO!!!!
famous: D00D! Don't cry man! This is a RULING experience for ya!
* BurgerKing gives JOY a Dew.
* JOY wonders how much caffeine these "people" have had...
Issachar: Hey, I gotta go to the can. I'll be back in a minute, d00ds!
Ellmyruh has entered.
* famous feels the drops from Iss's eyes! I'M ALL WET!! WOO!
BurgerKing: Man, is this THERAPY! WHOO! THERAPY!
* JOY also wonders how long they've been awake...
Ellmyruh: What on earth is going on in here???
famous: I got a TON of sleep last night.. YEAH!!
* Ticia has to go make copies! WOOHOO!!!!
* Issachar is heard rummaging around in the fridge in the kitchen.
* Ticia collates like there's no tomorrow! WHEEE
* Issachar comes back into the office with a plastic bottle of PowerAde.
Issachar: Dude, I TOTALLY flushed that toilet!!!!
Ellmyruh: NOOO, Iss! Resist the PowerAde!
JOY: you're not high hippy surfers who've had too much caffeine, are you?
* Issachar swigs down the PowerAde and smashes the empty bottle on his forehead. YEAH!!!
BurgerKing: But this would be so much better if we were all parachuting out of plane, man.
Ticia: Issachar, YOu TULE, D00D
JOY: maybe you're all just idiots....
* Iss has been sedated by JOY.
* Ticia cuts and pastes little labels to her hearts content. "Man, this job ROCKS"
JOY: or skateboarders...
Ellmyruh: D00D! I just DOMINATED the intranet, D00D!
JOY: do you like to skate board?
* BurgerKing crashes on the couch.
famous: Skateboarding is cool.. but SITTING here rocks!
JOY: high teenage skateborders working in a supermarket drinking all the sports drinks available.
* Ticia has never been skateboarding in her life. She does like to CLEAN, though! D00D!
Ellmyruh: Iss, pass me some PowerAde, man!!!
* Issachar passes Ellmyruh the PowerAde.
famous: Yeah ISS! Way to pass that can!
Issachar: YEAH!
* Ellmyruh CHUGS the PowerAde.
* Ticia chugs her Dr Pepper in ONE gulp!
JOY: did i tell you there's no drinking in my office?
Issachar: Oh, sorry, dude. Safety first!
Ellmyruh: D00D, we're CHUGGING, not drinking! Chill out, man!
* BurgerKing takes off his shoes! "YEAH!"
* Ticia spills HOT chocolate all over. YES!!! SCORE!
JOY: uhhhh... college students shouldn't be getting drunk on powerade.. it's just wrong...
* BurgerKing passes out from the excitement.
* Ellmyruh is TEARING up an article.
Bo has entered.
Bo: Hellooooo
Ellmyruh: It's the PowerAde, D00D.
* JOY cries again, more pathetically this time though
JOY: did someone drug the powerade?
Bo has left.
Issachar: JOY: Would you like to give up and just let us tell you what the problem is?
JOY: Iss: yes please
Issachar: Okay. All of us treat everything in life, even the little mundane things, like Extreme Sports. :-)
Ellmyruh: That ruled!! :)
JOY: awwwwwww, i knew it was SOME sort of extreme sport thing!!!
JOY: grrrrrrr.... that ROCKED!!!
JOY: who wants to be the shrink this time?
Mousie: Yayyyyyyy, ME!
JOY: ok mousie!
* Mousie has been given JOY's diploma by JOY.

Again, a comic affliction was decided upon privately.

* JOY strolls into the office
* Ticia peeks her head into the office
* JOY strolls out. JOY has to go
* JOY stairs longingly at ticia on the way out, then run past her as fast as possible
* Ticia waves to JOY
* gremlinn hides behind the couch.
* Ellmyruh takes a picture of JOY, then ducks behind another couch.
* JOY blows a kiss at ticia and wets his pants.
JOY has left.
Mousie: That kid is ODD.
* Ticia shivers and looks toward the door JOY just walked out of, then runs and hides behind the comfy chair
* gabby peers around, then rushes madly and slams the door shut.
gabby: There. No one can get in to hurt famous.
* Ellmyruh bats her eyelashes at gabby, then hides under the couch.
* gabby suddenly realizes that gremlinn, Ellmyruh, and Ticia are still in here! He rushes for the door again.
gabby: Drat! It's locked!
* gabby runs back to hide under the desk, with mixed feelings.
* Ticia has been given a @-`-,--`,--`-,-- by gremlinn.
* gremlinn screams uncontrollably.
* Ticia screams
* gabby screams
* famous screams
* Ticia trembles, looking at gremlinn longingly
* Ellmyruh goes to comfort gremlinn, then runs to the other side of the room.
* famous tries to hide under the desk, but sees gabby. she gives him a kiss...and then faints.
* Ticia wonders where the psychiatrist went...but realizes she can't see her from under the couch anyway
* gabby pats Ellmyruh reassuringly on the back, but stays hidden.
* famous wakes up and runs to hide behind the curtain.
* Ellmyruh screams.
* gabby screams
* Ticia blows famous, Ellmyruh, gremlinn, and gabby kisses, and then faints
Brunnen_G has entered.
* gremlinn welcomes B_G and screams again.
* Ticia wakes up, welcomes B_G, and whimpers in terror
* gabby tries to welcome Brunnen_G but muffles himself so she can't hear him.
* Ellmyruh tries to give B_G a rose but can't quite do it.
Brunnen_G: Hello.
* Brunnen_G notes increasing weirdness levels in RinkChat.
* Brunnen_G has been given a @-`-,--`,--`-,-- by gremlinn.
* Ticia is really starting to wonder where Dr Mousie went off to. She really thinks these lovely, scary people need help
* Everyone has been given a @-`-,--`,--`-,-- by Ellmyruh.
* gremlinn pierces the air with a mind-bending shriek of utter terror.
* Ticia cures herself, since Dr Mousie is obviously no longer here to help her, and sits on a couch
* Everyone has been pronounced HEALED! by Mousie.
* gabby faints from pleasure and fear.
gabby: Wow! That Mousie is some psychiatrist!
gabby: All she had to do was let us work through our feelings, I guess!
* gabby sits on the table for more therapy.
Mousie: Don't you all feel better now?
* Mousie 's work here is done.
* Ticia thinks that Mousie and Iss had that planned from the very beginning
Ticia: they gave us psychological problems, left Mousie to fix us, and then Mousie went /away!
gabby: How cruel!
Brunnen_G: Heh. You needed someone to give you psychological problems?

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