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Leen hadn't been on in a while, so some of the folk on RinkChat took it upon themselves to hunt her down.

Issachar: Ticia, has Leen been in here anytime lately that you know of?
Ticia: nope, not that I know of
Issachar: Bummer. /me misses Leen.
* Issachar decides that a Quest for Leen is in order.
Ticia: a Quest for Leen???
* Jimmy_Of_York liked that idea and thinks it rules
Chrico: Let's all go find Leen!
* Issachar rummages around in his closet for his Questing Staff and sundry other paraphrenalia.
* Issachar finds his Questing Staff and instructs them to hold all his calls until he gets back.
Sakura: Yay! A quest!
* Issachar sets off on the [drum roll] ...........
RinkChat: The chat room topic has been changed to 'QUEST FOR LEEN!' by Issachar.
Chrico: The Quest for Leen begins
Ticia: ta da
Issachar: "The first place to look, obviously," /me muses, "is where they have lots and lots of horseys."
Chrico: Where were the last known co-ordinates of Leen?
Ticia: yes, we must search for her amid the mustangs of Dugway, Ut!
Issachar: Good idea, Ticia!
Ticia: oh, wait, no...she wouldn't be here, it's too boring
* Jimmy_Of_York grabs some coconuts he found and starts making horsey noises while he travels off to Dugway
* Issachar is pretty sure they have lots of horses in Arabia and sets the coordinates for the RinkJet accordingly.
Ticia: ah ha!
* Issachar 's facial skin is pulled back in a skeletal grin from the intense acceleration force of the RinkJet.
* Ticia jumps in the RinkJet
Issachar: Wow, that was quite a jump!
Ticia: whew!
Ticia: are we there yet?
* Issachar lands the RinkJet behind a large sand dune.
Issachar: Yep!
* Issachar spreads a large camouflaged canopy over the RinkJet to protect it from copyright-infringement lawsuits.
* Sakura , having missed the jet, uses her teleporter and meets Iss-tachi at their landing point in Arabia.
Issachar: Yay, Sakura is here!
Sakura: Shall we get going?
* Ticia nods enthusiastically
Issachar: Yes, let's!
* Issachar sets off for the nearest royal palace, where they're sure to have lots of horseys.
Issachar: And maybe Leen, too!
* Sakura just follows Issa-chan.
* Ticia follows Issachar, munching on a Fruit Roll-Up
* Issachar and his companions reach a marketplace at the edge of town.
Sarya has entered.
Issachar: Hey Sarya! We're on a Quest for Leen, wanna come?
Sarya: Yeah!
* Sarya joins the quest for Leen.
* Sakura digs through her satchel for cash. Hm... Dragon Court marks, Arena gold pieces, a few American dollars... Nothing spendable here.
* Issachar draws a long white strip of muslin from his pack and wraps it around his head to look more Arabic.
Issachar: Mmmmmph!!
* Issachar seems to have inadvertently wrapped the cloth around his mouth and nose and can't breathe.
* Issachar Mmmph!'s urgently.
* Sakura pulls one end of the cloth, untwisting it from Iss's head.
* Sarya unwraps Iss's nose.
* Sarya bumps into Sakura doing the same thing.
Issachar: *GASP*
Issachar: Whew, thanks!
* Ticia finishes her Fruit Roll-Up and asks annoyingly "Are we there yet??"
* Issachar gets the turban mostly straight on his head and enters the marketplace.
* Issachar turns around and walks right back out of the marketplace.
Issachar: WAY too many fleas!
Sakura: *blink* Fleas?
Sarya: It *is* a flea market.
Issachar: Did you see all those fleas in there? I'm going to look for a shortcut into the palace.
* Ticia hates fleas
Sarya: So...why are we on a quest for Leen anyways?
Issachar: Because we miss her, Sarya!
* Issachar circles around the city until he finds the back wall of the royal palace.
* Ticia again follows Issachar
* Issachar has watched Inspector Clouseau movies enough times to know how *not* to get into a castle.
* Issachar decides to try the innovative human-pyramid approach.
* Issachar squats and braces himself against the wall.
Issachar: Someone get on my shoulders and see if you can reach the window!
* Ticia jumps on Iss's shoulders
Issachar: *Umph* Can you reach the window, Tish?
Ticia: ok, ummm....
Sarya: Ahhh...
Ticia: I can't quite reach.
Issachar: *erf*
* Ticia 's fingers *almost* touch the edge of the window
Issachar: Okay -- *oof* -- someone else get on Ticia's shoulders, then! *Arg*
Ticia: someone else jump up on me!
* Ticia braces herself
* Sarya laughs evilly, then jumps on Ticia's shoulders
Ticia: ARG!!!
* Sakura calls up to Sarya. "Any luck?"
Ticia: *omph*
* Issachar groans in exhaustion
Ticia: *gasp* can you see anything??
Issachar: Hurry!
* Sarya reaches for the easily accesible window, then notices that her fingernail is broken and fusses over that.
* Jimmy_Of_York bounds at the three of them and tries to jump on top, but can only jump up to about where Iss's head is.
Issachar: OWWW!!! You kicked my EAR!
Ticia: AHHH!!!
Sakura: GAH!
Issachar: SARYA!!! MOVE IT!!
* Ticia is thrown off balance and falls on Sakura
* Sarya climbs in the window.
Issachar: Gah!!!
Sakura: OW!
Ticia: *ouch*
Sarya: Phew! Just in time.
Sakura: At least I broke your fall, Ticia...
Issachar: Yay, we did it! You ok up there, Sarya!?
Sarya: Yeah, just great. How are we supposed to get the rest of you up?
* Ticia picks herself up, dusts herself off, and apologizes to Sakura
Sakura: I'll stand guard, since I can't really move right now... I think I broke a few bones...
Sakura: Let me rephrase that... I'll SIT guard.
Issachar: Okay, Sarya, throw over the rope! Um. You *did* bring the rope, didn't you?
Sarya: Uuuummmm....rope?
* Issachar smacks his forehead.
Issachar: Hey, is that a door hanging open a few yards to the left over there?
Ticia: ummm...why, I do believe it is, Issachar
Issachar: Well, in we go, then.
* Ticia goes and opens the door
Ticia: it's not even locked
* Sakura facefaults. Why didn't anyone notice the door sooner?
* Issachar peeks through the door and, seeing no one, sidles around the doorjamb, hugging the wall.
* Sakura gets crutches out of Hammerspace and limps to the door.
* Ticia tiptoes in after Issachar
* Issachar backs slowly around the room, checking out the corridors leading off from it.
* Sarya gets a very uneasy feeling because she remembers that the door was hanging open a moment ago.
* Sakura follows, trying not to make too much noise.
* Issachar backs into a rack of sabers, knocking it over with a loud clatter.
* Issachar looks around wildly.
* Sakura winces. This could be trouble...
* Issachar tries unsuccessfully to put the rack upright and replace the sabers without making too much noise.
Ticia: arg, Issachar! could you keep it down!?
Issachar: Sorry, sorry!
* Ticia listens for the sounds of imminent danger
Issachar: Which way to the royal stables?
Ticia: I don't know, I didn't bring a map!
Sarya: Stables? You think they would keep Leen in the stables?
Ticia: no, silly, we think she's visiting the Arabian horseys
Sarya: Oh, that makes it all clear.
* Sakura takes the time to turn on her automatic mapmaker so that if this turns out to be a maze, they don't get lost.
Issachar: Whew, thanks, Sakura.
* Issachar pauses and holds a finger up for silence.
* Ticia is silent
* Sarya is silent
* Sakura is silent, except for the steady, soft beeping of the mapmaker.
Issachar: I thought I just heard the sound of a horse whickering. Or ninnying. Or whatever sound that is that they make.
* Ticia nods in agreement
* Issachar slinks down the corridor towards the sound of the horse making horse noises.
* Sakura follows Issa-chan again.
* Ticia tiptoes after Issachar
* Sarya follows
Issachar: Hmm. A door!
* Issachar puts his ear to the door.
* Sakura does the same.
* Sarya holds her breath.
* Ticia smells the unmistakable smell of horseys
* Sarya 's face is turning blue.
* Issachar then notices that the top half of the door is open; it's a half-door leading into the stables.
* Issachar stands up again.
* Issachar puts one leg up and over the half-door, and hauls himself gingerly over it.
* Issachar is licked in the face by a big, slobbery horse tongue.
* Sakura will stand guard, as she can't step over the door with two broken legs.
* Sarya finally remembers to breathe.
* Ticia reaches over the half-door, grabs the doorknob, and opens the door
* Issachar lets go of the doorjamb to wipe off his face, and falls over the door into the straw.
Issachar: *Augh!*
* Ticia notes that that wasn't just straw...
* Issachar espies a female figure crouching in the far corner of the stables.
* Issachar walks over to investigate.
* Sarya walks in, carefully avoiding the straw and stuff.
Issachar: Hey, Leen, is that you? We're on a quest to find you!
Ticia: is it her? is it her??
* Ticia jumps up and down excitedly
* Sarya holds her breath agian.
Issachar: Um. Guys? It's not Leen. It's some weird girl with a mushroom on her head. She says she really appreciates us rescuing her, but the princess is in another castle!
Ticia: ummm...ok
Issachar: So, where should we look for Leen, then?
Ticia: ummm....I don't know, where else do they have lots of horseys??
Issachar: I don't know. A merry-go-round, perhaps?
* Sakura watches the corridor and notes movement in one. Potential problem here...
Ticia: Is everything alright out there?
Sakura: Something's coming this way. I can't tell what from here, but I'm guessing it could be a guard.
* Ticia gets nervous
Issachar: Yikes!
Issachar: Maybe it's time to make a heroic escape on horsey-back!
Ticia: we have to get back to the RinkJet, and fast!
Ticia: but wait, Sakura can't ride!
Issachar: We'll have to hold onto her!
* Sakura takes out her infrared glasses. "Yep... Four guards... Saber-armed... We'd better get out of here now."
* Issachar puts Sakura up on an Arabian horse.
* Ticia jumps up on the horse Sarya saddled
* Issachar jumps up behind Sakura.
Issachar: Um, how do you say "Giddyup" in Arabic?
* Issachar says, tentatively, "Iddy-gay up-ay"?
* Issachar 's horse does not respond.
* Sakura finds an Arabian dictionary and hands it to Iss.
Issachar: Oh, thanks!
Sarya: How do we get out of here past the guards?
* Ticia looks behind her and sees four guards coming through the door
Ticia: umm...guys!
* Issachar bumbles through the difficult pronunciation guide and slowly forms the words for "Go really fast, horse!"
Issachar: Wooooooooaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!
* Issachar 's horse takes off like a rocket.
* Issachar 's horse doesn't stop as it approaches the RinkJet. Iss pushes Sakura off just before he whacks his head on the underside of the jet.
Sakura: Ow ow OW!
Ticia: ouch, that's gonna leave a mark
* Sarya opens her eyes.
* Issachar lies in the sand, dazed, as the horsey gallops off across the dunes.
* Sakura lands on her feet... not good when you're on broken legs.
Issachar: Maybe the RinkJet's automated medlab can patch up Sakura and me.
* Ticia leads her horse onto the RinkJet, then comes back out for Sakura and Iss
Issachar: Ticia and Sarya, can you pilot us?
Ticia: ummm...I can try
Sarya: I'll drive!
* Sarya climbs into the pilot seat.
* Ticia sits in the co-pilot's seat
Ticia: *whisper* Sarya, have you ever flown one of these things??
Sarya: *whisper* well, not really hard can it be?
* Sakura tosses Sarya and Ticia "Jet Piloting for Dummies."
* Ticia gets hit in the head with a big book
Ticia: *ouch*
* Sarya reads it quicker than Ticia :-P
Issachar: For that matter, where are we going?
Ticia: ummm....I don't know, somewhere where there is a big merry-go-round??
Issachar: Wait a minute. Have we thought about checking Sam and Leen's house yet?
Sakura: Sam and Leen's house... Good idea!
Sarya: Their house...why would they be there?
Issachar: Um. I don't know. I guess it's not such a good idea.
Issachar: Oh, wait. Sakura *likes* my idea!
* Issachar feels better and more self-confident.
Issachar: Self-confidence is important when you're on a quest.
Ticia: ummm....Sarya, since you've read the book, you fly us out of here, I'm gonna take Sakura down to medlab
Sarya: ok...
* Ticia gets one of those flying stretcher thingies and makes Sakura-chan lie down on it...
* Sakura limps off to the medlab... but one of her crutches breaks and she tumbles down the ramp, knocking into a steel wall at its end. Owie...
* Ticia wonders how Sakura got off the stretcher...her back was only turned for a minute!
* Sakura 's other crutch flies into the air and lands on her head, knocking her unconscious.
RinkChat: User Sakura has been labeled 'out cold' by Sakura.
* Ticia runs to where Sakura is lying unconscious and throws her back on the stretcher
Sarya: I think this is what it said to do.
* Sarya flips a random switch.
Sarya: Good! That was the one to start the engine.
Ticia: I gotta get her to the MedLab!
* Ticia runs down the corridor with Sakura right next to her on the flying stretcher thing
* Sarya finds the little joystick thingy next to her seat and pushes the big red button on it.
* Issachar calls, "Are we there yet, Sarya?"
Sarya: Uuumm...not really, we haven't taken off yet. and I think I just blew up that mushroom head girl.
* Issachar winces.
* Sarya pulls back the joystick thingy and they take off like a rocket.
* Sakura thinks, "We're all doomed," despite being unconscious.
* Ticia gets Sakura to MedLab, finally
Ticia: this is a big ship!
Issachar: That's why we can get places so fast, Ticia! It's just about big enough to stretch from the starting point to our destination all by itself!
* Ticia pokes and prodes Sakura-chan leg, not really knowing how to fix it
* Sakura wakes up groggy. "Nani? What happened?"
* Sarya tries to point the ship in the direction of Sam and Leen's house, then realizes that she can't remember where they live!
Issachar: Think "New Hampshire"!
* Sarya thinks "New Hampshire"
Sarya: I got it!
* Sarya heads for New Hampshire.
* Ticia notices all sorts of neat gadget thingies on a shelf
Ticia: Sakura! How are you feeling?
Sakura: Eh, been better... But I have an idea!
* Issachar rolls down the corridor towards the medlab from his inertia when the plane took off.
* Ticia grabs a gadget with a whirly gig on the top and points it at Sakura's leg.
Ticia: hold still, Sakura, I think this will work
Sakura: Eep.
* Sakura pulls out her teleporter and teleports everyone to Sam and Leen's house, before Sarya kills them all.
Sarya: Aawwww! I was getting better all the time!
Ticia: umm...Sakura...I think you just crashed the one is flying it now!
* Issachar watches as, moments later, the jet whizzes over his head and disappears into the horizon.
Ticia: oh dear
Sakura: Oops. Gomen nasai...
Issachar: Great. It's gonna take *forever* to round up that jet.
* Sarya pulls out the handheld landing divice (like in James Bond) and lands the plane back at the home base. (wherever that is)
* Ticia still has the whirly-gig gadget in her hand, and pushes the red button on it as she points it at Sakura's leg
Ticia: there, how does that feel??
Ticia: umm...
Ticia: oops
Ticia: sorry, didn't really *need* that leg, did you?
* Sakura tumbles off the stretcher and tries to crawl away, not at all confident in Ticia's machine handling abilities.
* Sakura can't get very far, though, and collapses on Sam and Leen's front porch.
* Ticia apologizes to Sakura
* Sarya walks up to Sam and Leen's door and rings the doorbell.
* Issachar hobbles up Sam and Leen's driveway.
* Issachar cries out feebly. "Leen! Are you home??"
Sarya: No one is answering.
* Ticia points the whirly-gig gadget at Sakura's leg, again, and pushes the green button
Ticia: let's just try this
* Sakura is too tired to run or even yell.
Issachar: Let's check around back.
* Sarya follows Iss around back.
* Issachar hobbles around back, where LEEN AND LADY ARE PLAYING IN THE BACKYARD!!!!!
* Sakura whimpers. "Help..."
Issachar: Woohoo!!!
Sakura: They're there...?
Sarya: Yeah!!! We found them!!
Issachar: Hi Leen!!! We've come on a quest to find you!
* Issachar and his companions are invited inside for some of that yummy casserole that Grishny gave Leen the recipe for. :-d
Ticia has left.
Sarya: I guess Ticia didn't want any casserole.
Issachar: Hey, what happened to Ticia?
Ticia has entered.
* Ticia appears, soaking wet
Ticia: umm....that green button was a transporter
Sarya: what happened?
* Ticia shudders
Ticia: don't ask...just, don't ask
Ticia: you don't even want to know where I've been...
* Sarya asks.
* Ticia can't ever tell anyone, the king of the Merpeople made her promise...
* Sakura drags herself up and hobbles over to Iss-tachi... then collapses again, sobbing, when she sees Leen. "All this and she was home in the first place?"
* Issachar tries to console Sakura-chan.
Issachar: Now, now, wasn't that a growing experience at least?
* Sakura is about ready to THROTTLE whoever suggested this...
* Issachar tries to make himself inconspicuous.
* Sarya points Iss out to Sakura.
* Sakura is too tired to throttle anyone, and settles for giving Iss her Death Glare of DOOM. (^_~)
Issachar: Well, now that we've found Leen, there remains another RinkyDink that is sorely missed.
Issachar: Perhaps it is time for...........
Sakura: No. No. No more quests. No.
Issachar: QUEST FOR DARIEN!!!!!!
Issachar: *Ouch!* *Oof!* *Unngh!*
* Sarya groans
* Issachar is beat up by the other Rinkies.
Sakura: ...minus Sakura, who sits on the side, quite satisfied with Iss's beating.
Ticia: umm...can we check his house *first*?
Sarya: Does anyone know where *he* lives?
* Sarya notes that Sakura is "out cold". You must really be tired.
Sakura: Ehe..
RinkChat: User Sakura has been unlabeled by Sakura.
Ticia: hhmmm...I wonder what this does??
* Ticia sees that there is a blue button on this whirly-gig thingy
Issachar: Don't push the BLUE one!!
* Sarya dives for cover from Ticia.
* Sakura is too tired to care what happens to her.
* Ticia pushes the blue one
RinkChat: User Issachar has been shrunken by Issachar.
* A hole into a different dimension has been opened up by Ticia.
RinkChat: User Issachar has been unshrunken by Issachar.
* Ticia gets sucked in
Ticia: hhhheeeeellllpppp!!!!
Ticia is away.
RinkChat: User Ticia has been labeled 'lost' by Ticia.
Issachar: Be seeing you Ticia, you dimension-hopping gal, you!
* Issachar chomps his portion of casserole happily.
* Sarya eats casserole.
RinkChat: The chat room topic has been changed to 'Don't Push *That* Button!' by Issachar.
* Sarya wonders where Leen went.
Sakura has left.
Issachar has left.
Sarya has left.
Ellmyruh has entered.
* Ellmyruh pushes *That* button.
TalkingDog has entered.
TalkingDog: don't push what button?
* TalkingDog is tempted to push *that* button
* TalkingDog hovers his finger about an inch over *that* button...whatever button it may be
* TalkingDog threatens to push it
* TalkingDog thinks we need more RinkChat archives

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