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This chat transcript was actually a private one that occurred between Dave and Stephen one night. Dave emailed me the log of messages.

Stephen: Yeah, hotels do suck. Plus there's hotel tax and a host of other little charges.
Dave: Yeah, if you even so much as dare to *look* at the phone, they charge you $22.50.
Stephen: Really? I always wear a blindfold while in a hotel. One time I think I turned on the TV. They took my car.
Dave: The same thing happened to me! Plus, once I went to bed in a hotel, and when I woke up, there was this strange woman sleeping next to ... OH wait, it's coming back to me now... AHHH!!!!
Stephen: I stayed in a hotel in LA last year when I went to E3 that was one of my weirdest experiences. The staff was comprised mainly of the undead, I think.
Stephen: The hotel "engineer" went into the basement to find us some cables or something our first night there. We never saw him again. We kept asking for him, but no one ever saw or heard about him... the rest of the staff avoided our questions. It was creepy.
Stephen: And there was another guy who WORE AN ADMIRAL'S JACKET. I swear, a full navy jacket. For no apparent reason...
Dave: Wow, that is strange.
Stephen: Also, they stole some co-ax cable from me. I can't even begin to fathom why.
Stephen: The place looked like it hadn't been stayed in for years... I got the feeling that after E3 was over (the place was booked for the show) it would go back to being haunted or something.
Dave: I think the weirdest thing that ever happened to me in a hotel was my own fault. I didn't have any cash, so I wrote a $10 check to tip the housekeeper. Her name was "Cindy" according to the little envelope they left me for the tip, so I made the check out to "Cindy the Housekeeper". She cashed it.

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