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The following takes place in both chat rooms; the white text occurred in Mountain Stream, and the yellow text occurred in Forest Glade. Nothing much was going on in Forest Glade; what you see in yellow below is pretty much all there was.

* Kiki , realizing that she's alone, begins to do alone-type girly stuff
* Kiki dances around the room
* Kiki sings boy-band songs at the top of her lungs, even though the entire world thinks she HATES boy bands
Kiki: You are my fire, the one desire, believe when I say that I want it that way!!
* Kiki rummages around in the closets until she finds lots of fattening-type foods
* Kiki EATS a lot
* Kiki finds a pile of sappy chick licks
Kiki: oops, chick FLICKS
* Kiki puts on "Little Women" and finds a box of tissues while the credits roll
* Kiki proceeds to sob through the entire movie, especially the part where Beth dies
* Kiki notices that she can't see what she's typing anymore
Kiki has left.
Kiki has entered.
* Kiki watches a looong series of chick flicks
* Kiki eats a LOT of chocolate
* Kiki decides that she's ugly and begins primping in front of a mirror
* Kiki files her nails
* Kiki paints her fingernails pink with multi-colored sparkles
* Kiki goes on to her toenails, but she paints those orange
* Kiki sprawls all over the couch and talks to herself
Kiki: so, Kiki, are you having fun?
* Kiki almost drops the ouse off the table
Kiki: well, yes, but i'm a tad bit lonely
Kiki: let's see, what could i do about that?
Kiki: well, not much, honestly.... unless Ticia comes back. then we could do girly stuff together!
Kiki: but she's not here, so THAT won't work
Kiki: *sigh*
* Kiki goes to sleep
RinkChat: User Kiki has been labeled 'asleep' by Kiki.
Ticia: KIKI!!!!
Ticia is back.
* Ticia wakes Kiki up with her girlish scream of delight
Kiki: TICIA!!!
Ticia: Yay!
Kiki: yaaaaay!!!!
RinkChat: User Kiki has been labeled 'awake!!!' by Kiki.
Kiki: would you like to join me in doing girly stuff?
Ticia: let's call boys *giggle* and see if they like us!
* Kiki HUGS Ticia!!!!!!!
* Ticia HUGS Kiki!
* Ticia adds some !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Kiki: ooooh!!!! yay!!! but we'll have to hang up as soon as they get to the phone
Ticia: yeah! cause we wouldn't want them to know it's us!
RinkChat: The chat room topic has been changed to 'girl boys allowed!' by Ticia.
Kiki: Ticia: but then we can at least hear their voices!!!! *giggle*
* Ticia giggles, a lot
* Ticia picks up her neon-pink phone
Ticia: who should we call first?
Kiki: ooh, ticia, guess what!!!
Ticia: oh, what, Kiki? what?
* Ticia jumps up and down in excitement
Ticia: what is it??? I'm *dying* to know! Come on!!!
Ticia: Ummm....Kiki? Are you just typing out something *really* long?
Kiki: tomorrow, i'm going to the zoo!!! with ONESTAPLE!!!!! *giggle!!!*
Ticia: YAY, Kiki!!!
* Ticia sings "Kiki and Onestaple, sitting in a tree...K.I.S.S.I.N.G."
Ticia: *giggle*
Kiki: *giggle giggle* STOP that!!!
Ticia: hehehehe
Ticia: yer blushing!!!
Tubba has entered.
Ticia: ok, let's play truth or dare!
Ticia: Kiki: you go first! Truth? or Dare?
Ticia: Kiki?
Ticia: KIKI!!!
Kiki: umm..... truth!
Kiki has left.
Ticia: ummm....Kiki?
Kiki has entered.
Ticia: KIKI!!!!
* Ticia HUGS Kiki!
Kiki: no.... your turn! truth or dare?
Ticia: ummm....dare!
Kiki: okay! go into Forest Glen, KISS TUBBA, then come back!!!
Kiki: on the cheek is fine
Ticia: *giggle*
Ticia: *giggle
Ticia: ummm...*blush*...ok!
Ticia has left.
Ticia has entered.
* Ticia KISSES Tubba on the cheek!!!!
Ticia has left.
* Tubba looks around. What just happened?
Ticia has entered.
Ticia: Ok!
Ticia: hehehehe
Ticia has left.
Ticia has entered.
Ticia: *giggle*
Ticia has left.
Ticia has entered.
Ticia: I *did* it!
Kiki: did you do it?
Ticia: Yeah! I did it! You can go look and see if you want!
Kiki: okay, i'm going to go check, then i'll be back!
Ticia: hehehe
Ticia: (Just don't tell my husband!) ;-)
Kiki has left.
Ticia has left.
Kiki has entered.
Ticia has entered.
Ticia: See?
Tubba: Hello?
Kiki: *giggle*
Ticia: *NOW* do you believe me?
Ticia: oh, *giggle* hi Tubba...
Kiki has left.
* Ticia runs, giggling, from the chat room
Ticia has left.
Kiki has entered.
Ticia has entered.
Ticia: See?
Ticia: Ok, Kiki...your turn! Truth, or Dare?
Ticia: *giggle*
Kiki: *giggle* dare!!!
Ticia:, *you* have to go kiss Tubba...on the LIPS!!!
Ticia: (He's the only one we can pick on!)
Kiki: *giggle* um... okay
Kiki has left.
Ticia has left.
Kiki has entered.
Ticia has entered.
* Kiki kisses Tubba on the LIPS!!!!!
Ticia: *giggle*
Ticia has left.
Kiki: *giggle*
Kiki has left.
Ticia has entered.
Kiki has entered.
Ticia: Yay! Kiki kissed Tubba on the LIPS!!! Kiki and Tubba sitting in a tree...
Mousie has entered.
Mousie: I want to talk GIRL stuff!
Ticia: MOUSIE!!!
Ticia: We're playing truth or dare!
Mousie: I am not doing any dares!
Ticia: Awwww, come on!!!
Mousie: I want to go see what Tubba's reaction is!
Mousie has left.
Ticia has left.
Mousie has entered.
Ticia has entered.
Tubba: Wow. I'm hot.
Ticia: I think he's speechless
Ticia: oh, spoke to soon...
Ticia has left.
Mousie has left.
RinkChat: User Tubba has been labeled 'slightly afraid' by Tubba.
Ticia has entered.
Mousie has entered.
Mousie: Tubba must think he's having a REALLY GOOD DAY today! Beautiful women waltzing in, kissing him, and breezing off again...
Ticia: Mousie's turn!
Ticia: Truth or Dare?
Mousie: Ummmm.....
Mousie: Dare!
* Ticia will let Kiki decide on the dare for Mousie...
Mousie: Uh oh....
Mousie: You could always dare me to tell you the truth about something.
Ticia: nope, you said dare...
Mousie: dare, dare, dare, dare...
Ticia: *giggle*
Ticia: Kiki: you gotta come up with a dare for Mousie
* Mousie waits for her dare.
Ticia: ok, Mousie. Here's your dare... I Dare you to post something in the message forum about how HOT Liface is!
Ticia: (since Kiki is being silent on this one)
Mousie: LOL!
Mousie has left.
* Kiki is really bad at dares!!!
* Ticia waits
Mousie has entered.
Mousie: Dare complete!
Ticia: YAY, Mousie!
Ticia: You RULE!
Ticia: lolololo
Ticia: *giggle*
Mousie: AHEM!
Mousie: Okie, doke. Ticia, your turn!
Mousie: Truth or dare?
Ticia: ummmm.....Truth!
Mousie: I have one!
Mousie: Who, in your opinion, is the HOTTEST animated boy-type character, and why?
Ticia: that one is *easy* Tenchi!!
* Mousie doesn't watch anime, so she has no clue.
Ticia: Because he has a cool light-saber type sword, and he's really sweet and nice
Ticia: and he's a prince, but doesn't know it
Ticia: *giggle*
Mousie: Well, if he's a prince, he needs to come give me a kiss... This spell needs to wear off!!
* Ticia passes around a picture of Tenchi
Mousie: Is Tenchi the one with the short curly hair?
Mousie: That guy looks like my cousin, Doug.
Ticia: oh, your cousin must be CUTE
Ticia: we should set Kiki up with Doug!!!
* Ticia thinks we should do other girlie things
* Mousie does everybody's nails!
* Mousie *giggles* annoyingly!!
Kiki: ooooh yay!!!
* Mousie SQUEALS!!
* Ticia wants PINK nails!
* Mousie sighs longingly about BOYS......
* Ticia chants "Ryoko and Tenchi sitting in a tree..."
Ticia: he's the only boy on that page
* Kiki passes around a picture of all the hot buff senior guys in her youth group at Semuc champey only in their bathing suits!!!!
Ticia: woohoo, Kiki!
* Reoko is outta here *Yuck*
Reoko has left.
Ghost_of_Leen: Hello, Tubba.
Tubba: Hell,o Leen.
Tubba: Oh dear. I can't type.
Ghost_of_Leen: hehe
Ghost_of_Leen: Musta been those kisses. ;-)
Tubba: When you've got it, you've got it.
Ghost_of_Leen: lol
Ghost_of_Leen: you guys are mean
Ticia: LEEN!!!!
Ghost_of_Leen: TICIA!!!
* Ticia giggles at the thought of Tubba
Ghost_of_Leen: poor Tubba
Ticia: aww...he loved the attention
Ghost of Sam: POOR Tubba?? Lucky Tubba, if you ask me!
Ghost_of_Leen: Sam! *grumble*
Ghost of Sam: Leen!
Ticia: SAM!!! Yer not a GIRL!!!
* Ticia blushes
Ghost of Sam: Oops.
Ghost of Sam: You're right.
* Ghost of Sam skedaddles.
* Ticia wonders if we're done with the girly stuff...
Ticia: Sam, come back! I think we're done!
Ghost_of_Leen: tubba, come on in the other room
Tubba: Is it OK?
Ghost_of_Leen: hehe, yeah. No more girl talk. ;-)
Ghost_of_Leen: and if anybody complains, I'll kick em.
Tubba: I have a bad feeling about it...
Ghost_of_Leen: hehe
Ghost_of_Leen: nah
* Tubba gulps...
Tubba has left.
Tubba has entered.

Later that day....

Ticia has entered.
Tubba: Hello, love of my life.
Ticia: hehe, you'de better not tell my husband that!
Tubba: Of course not.
Ticia: but it bears repeating!
Ellmyruh: Ticia, is it fun to refer to him as your husband?
Ticia: Yes! I *love* saying that!
Kiki: Tubba: Hey, what about me??? SHE only kissed you on the cheek
Tubba: Kiki, do you want Ticia to know?
* Ticia knows
Tubba: Ticia knows? Now look what you've done!
Kiki: Ticia always knew
Tubba: Oh dear.
Tubba: I've been set up, haven't I?
Kiki: set up? what do you mean set up?
Kiki: so, actually we just both happen to think you're hot and sexy
Ticia: Tubba: *I'm* the one who dared her to do it!
Kiki: well, that too...
Ticia: *giggle*
Ghost_of_Leen: I thought Liface was hot and sexy?!
Kiki: no, MOUSIE thinks Liface is hot and sexy
Kiki: *giggle*
Sakura: *snicker*
Ghost_of_Leen: Oh.
* Ellmyruh is a bit perplexed by Tubba's sudden popularity with RinkFemales.
* Tubba doesn't know how to react.
Sakura: Poor Tubba. ^_~
* Tubba puts it down to his general hot and sexiness.
* Ghost_of_Leen tries to keep her lunch down.
Tubba: Leen: :-P
* Ellmyruh wants to know WHAT happened.
* Tubba wants to know, too.
Kiki: Ticia and Mousie and i had girly time earlier
Ticia: Girly time! Girly Time!
Ellmyruh: Awww....I missed the fun! What happened during this girly time?
Kiki: we, um, played truth and dare and painted our nails and stuff
Ellmyruh: ??!!

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