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Archives: Stream of Insanity Derby


More silliness from mid-day boredom. Here in RinkChat, we are very particular about our boredom. It must be interesting.

extirpator: *yawn*
Grishny: Huh?
Issachar: He said, "*yawn*"
extirpator: Yep.
Issachar: Mm-hmm.
extirpator: Iss said "He said, '*yawn*'"
Issachar: Just so.
Mousie: Only so?
Mousie: Simply so?
Issachar: Even so.
Mousie: Fairly so?
Issachar: So-so.
Mousie: Just has so many different meanings.
Issachar: "A needle pulling thread," for one.
Mousie: No, that's sol.
Issachar: Which will inexorably lead us back to: "D'OH!"
* Grishny is ignoring all of you and reading the new archive. You are all so boring; this chat will never be archived. Bah.
Mousie: Okay then. That ends that.
Issachar: Wow, getting no sleep as a new daddy doesn't do much for one's civility, does it?
Mousie: GrumpDaddy. A new rap artist.
Ticia: maybe he's not in polite Orc mode
Mousie: I can be his sidekick, Squint.
* Grishny 's civility was accidentally thrown in the diaper pail last night.
Mousie: Grishny, whatever you do, don't go digging for it. We'd rather do without your civility than have it back in that condition.
eye has left.
Issachar: No, you "have" left.
extirpator: No, eye "had" left.
Issachar: And I have right.
Issachar: Of way.
Issachar: No way!
extirpator: I have Rights!
Issachar: Way.
extirpator: Hi way!
Issachar: Mayday! Mayday!
Mousie: Iss has right?
extirpator: Highway!
Grishny: Question: Is it just me or does everybody think of something they want to say and go to type it, then remember that they're just reading an archive?
Issachar: (Wow, I'm having an "Issachar's Stream-of-Insanity-Derby" right here on the spot! You getting this, Grish? :-) )
* Grishny is too busy trying to send messages to the archived chat
Issachar: To waylay someone in Malay on their payday, you should expect quite a melee.
Issachar: Ole! Ole!
Issachar: Hey, we don't want no bull in here!
* Issachar is a matador
* Nyperold is a front door.
* Issachar the matador is cut like a deck of cards and re-organized as a doormat.
* Grishny is a doormat
Issachar: Welcome!
Ticia: *groan*
* Ticia wipes her feet on Issachar and Grishny
Grishny: We doormats have to stick together.
Grishny: Like birds of a feather
* Issachar sticks together.
* Issachar 's sticky properties are discovered by an enterprising person, who trims him down for use as a Post-it Note.
* Issachar the Post-it Note affixes himself to Ticia.
RinkChat: User Issachar has been labeled 'RUDE' by Issachar.
Mousie: Hey!
* Nyperold sees Issachar stuck on Ticia's shoe.
* Issachar reveals the truth about Ticia for all the world to see.
* Issachar next affixes himself to Nyperold
RinkChat: User Issachar has been labeled 'Taller than me' by Issachar.
Mousie: Hey!
* Grishny coats himself in Crisco so that Issachar won't be able to affix himself
Issachar: ...... and to Grishny.
* Issachar 's sticky properties defeat the Crisco.
RinkChat: User Issachar has been labeled 'not really an orc' by Issachar.
Mousie: Hey!
* Issachar affixes himself to extirpator
RinkChat: User Issachar has been labeled 'not really ruling' by Issachar.
Mousie: Hey!
* Grishny grabs Issachar and tears him up into teeny weensy pieces
* Grishny throws the Issachar confetti to the four winds
* Issachar is reassembled by Prometheus and sent back on his mission to bring the truth to RinkChat.
* Issachar affixes himself to Mousie
Mousie: Finally!
* Issachar is instantly seared to ash
* Issachar the Dust Cloud swirls around the floor of the room
Grishny: Hold on...I'll get the vacuum cleaner.
* Issachar brushes nearby Ticia's face, but she didn't inhale. She remains a prospective candidate for high office.
* Ticia smiles, waves, and kisses a nearby baby
* Mousie hopes she doesn't sneeze.
* Issachar collects in a pool of water and coagulates into mud.
* Issachar 's rejuvenating properties are discovered by an enterprising person, and he is bottled and placed on the shelves in "Bath and Body Works"
* Issachar looks around at all the hypnotizing cannisters named after garden flowers.
* Mousie can't even walk into those stores with her allergies.
* Issachar becomes dizzy from all the fumes
* Issachar notes that the clerks move about and speak in a manner consonant with drug trips.
RinkChat: User Ticia has been labeled 'Vote for me!!!' by Ticia.
* Grishny enters the store and purchases Issachar as a birthday gift for his sister.
* Issachar , in a bizarre twist of fate, once again encounters Grishny in his stream of insanity derby.
Mousie: Hey!
* Issachar spills out of the bottle onto the floor, prostrating himself before the ruling extirpator
* Grishny exclaims in dismay that his gift has been ruined. He demands his money back
Issachar: Oh lord of extirpation, I beseech thee to extirpate on behalf of this humble pool of mud, and shape it into something more worthy.
Grishny: You saw what happened! It wasn't my fault! That guy knocked it out of my bag!
* Issachar burbles incoherently
* extirpator sculpts things.
* Issachar joyfully receives his new knighting as a "thing."
* extirpator sculpts a 9-volt AC/DC adapter.
Issachar: I'm a thing, um, uh, Bob. Yes, Bob, that's it. Bob.
* Issachar rises and stalks stolidly into the street.
* Nyperold puts a ballot in the ballot box. One of the punched holes is next to Ticia.
* Ticia smiles and shakes Nyperold's hand
* Issachar notes a young woman with extremely long hair giving a stump speech.
* Issachar introduces himself, but is, well, stumped.
* Ticia smiles and shakes Issachar's hand, posing for the photo op
extirpator: /op Photo
* Issachar shakes the candidate's hand vigorously. And with some vim, too.
* Issachar volunteers for the candidate's campaign, and rises quickly in the ranks.
* Issachar becomes embroiled in a scandal instigated by other members of Ticia's party, and falls from Grace.
* Grishny writes a very uncivil letter to the editor about Issachar's lack of character
* Issachar bounces off Grace's shoulder and lands upon the floor.
* Issachar is squashed beneath the shoe of someone attempting to embrace Grace.
* Issachar causes the shoe to rebound from the floor violently.
* Mousie does an inexplicably high kick while attempting to hug Grace. Huh?
* Enigma pulls some flubber off of Issachar's shoes
* Issachar 's bouncy properties are discovered by an enterprising person who markets him as an operator for chat rooms.
* Issachar greets newcomers bouncily and auditions unsuccessfully for the Tigger Movie.
* Issachar , temporarily dejected, settles for an unassuming role in the RinkWorks Movie, and continues to moderate chat rooms as his day job.
* Issachar becomes caught up in a strange discussion about matadors....................

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