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Archives: The Death of Kiki


"Kiki" is a character in the web published Sluggy Freelance comic strip that is popular with many RinkChat regulars. "Unipeg", as she goes by in the RinkWorks Message Forum, is "Kiki" in RinkChat, and on this particular occasion, well, she died. Many of the lines in this transcript require familiarity with the comic strip to appreciate.

Speedball: Dave: What do you think would happen if Kiki got to much sugar?
famous: I think she'd poing herself to death. :)
* Kiki poings herself to death
* Kiki is dead

In the Users Online list, next to Kiki's name, I put "[dead]".

Speedball: Oh no Kiki is dead. We must hold a funneral!
* Nyperold gets a shoebox.
* Speedball puts on black clothes as a sign on mourning
unipeg has entered.
unipeg: there. now i'll talk as unipeg and be dead as Kiki
* Kiki is still dead
Speedball: I'll start the ceremony
Speedball: Dearly beloved we are here to mourn the passing of a ferret named Kiki
* famous breaks out the tissues.
Speedball: Kiki meant many things to all of us, and we will never forget her
* Kiki opens one eye to make sure everyone knows she's dead
* Kiki sticks her tongue out in order to look deader
* unipeg begins to sniffle
* Issachar hands unipeg a tissue
* unipeg blows her nose loudly
Speedball: Her charming laugh, her furry snout, they way she went *poing* when she saw shiny things
* Kiki almost poings when she sees "dead" next to her name but remembers that she is dead just in time
Speedball: And as we now commit her remains to the earth
* Nyperold dabs his eyes.
Speedball: let us not forget the good times we shared
* famous wonders if she was in the will.
Speedball: Now I believe unipeg would like to say something
unipeg: yes, thank you, Speedball...
unipeg: Kiki meant *sniff sniff* a great deal to me
unipeg: We had many things in common
unipeg: Her personality meshed with mine wonderfully, and we were very good friends
* Speedball dabs his eyes
unipeg: Her loss is *sob* a stunning blow
* Speedball sobs
unipeg: She was almost like my twin sister, even another personality of mine
* famous wonders if the Kiki nickname will be freed up in RinkChat after this.
* Kiki hopes that Sam would keep her nick off-limits in her memory
unipeg: I will never forget her....
* unipeg bursts into tears
unipeg: would *sob sniff* anyone else like to say something?
* Kiki doesn't like funerals as much as she thought she would
* Kiki remembers she can't talk because she is dead
Speedball: If, 'sniff' no one else has anything to add...
* Speedball waits to see if anyone else has anything to add
* Speedball concludes no one else has anything to add
Speedball: Then let us say farewell to a ferret that left this mortal coil far too soon. Farewell Kiki
Speedball: May you rest in peace
Sam: Whoo hoo! Break out the beer!
Riff has entered.
Kiki: Riff!!!!
Kiki: oops, i'm dead
* Kiki lies down again
Riff: Wait! I think I can revive her!
* Riff connects one wire to her nose, the other to her tail.
* Speedball stands back to give Riff room to work
Riff: Now, this will either revive her, or fry her. Let me check my notes...
Issachar: Alas, brave Kiki, I shall see to it that you did not die in vain..... --"I'm not dead yet, sir!"
Issachar: Well, then, I shall see to it that you were not.....mortally wounded in vain -- "I'm feeling better!"
* Riff pushes the button. ZAP!
* Kiki wonders whether she should revive or fry
* Kiki decides to revive
Riff: IT WORKED!!!
* Kiki poings rather weakly.... being dead is tough, y'know
* Speedball is full of joy!!!:)
* Riff is too!!!
Kiki: yaayyy!!!
* Kiki gives Riff a ferret-hug
* Riff gives Kiki a hug
Speedball: Let the 'Kiki isn't dead party' commence!
* Kiki wonders who did riff....
* Speedball assumed Kiki did Riff
Nyperold: Kiki: I did.
Riff: Yes, it is I, Nyperold.
Kiki: yay Nyperold!!!

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