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Marital squabbles rule. Well, not really.

* Leen wonders why Sam chose to eat other stuff rather than the egg/chix salad for lunch.
Ghost of Sam: ?? When?
Leen: I mean, the last couple days.
Ghost of Sam: I had egg salad today, and I had leftover other stuff yesterday. What's to wonder?
Leen: not today
Leen: You chose the leftover other stuff to the egg/chix salad.
Leen: Not that I mind, but may have to throw away the rest of the sandwhich type stuff, as it may have gone bad.
Leen: oh well
Ghost of Sam: You didn't tell me it was in danger of going bad.
Ghost of Sam: I'll eat it tonight for dinner, then! Geez.
Ghost of Sam: No sense wasting it.
Ghost of Sam: But I didn't know.
Leen: yer funny
Ghost of Sam: What's funny?
Leen: you
Ghost of Sam: WHY?
Leen: cause yer cute. :)
Ghost of Sam: I'm three seconds from kicking you.
Leen: grr
Ticia: hehehe
* Ticia pinches Sam's cheeks (she knows she's in danger of being kicked, she likes to live on the edge) and says "What a cute couple you two are"
Ghost of Sam: You're the one that doesn't tell me food is getting close to going bad, then wonders why I'm not eating it because of that.
Leen: Ok, here's a simple rule (that I thought most people knew): After a week, chances are left overs will go bad.
Ghost of Sam: I didn't know when it was made. The stuff I brought to work yesterday might as well have been as close to going bad.
* Ghost of Sam returns fire.
* Ticia hides
* Ghost of Sam awwwwwwwwwwwws at the CUTE WITTLE LEENY!!!!!
* Leen giggles at Sam's cuteness. :)
Leen: lol
Ghost of Sam: Gah.
Leen: yer funny!
* Ghost of Sam scowls and stomps away.
Ticia: hehehe
Leen: hehe
* Ticia giggles at Sam and Leen's cuteness
* Ghost of Sam stomps back. Light bulb went on!
Silvercup has entered.
Ghost of Sam: There. That'll get them BOTH back.
Leen: lol
Leen: haha!
* Ghost of Sam sees the PAIN behind Leen's false laughter.
Leen: hehe
Leen: yer funny
Leen: hehe
* Ghost of Sam scowls harder and stomps away harder.
* Leen grins
* Ticia gives Sam A BIG HUGGLY dry heave
Ticia: LOL
Ghost of Sam: YES! A DRY HEAVE! That RULES! I may not have been the cuttest before, but with this dry heave, I can cut anything!
Ticia: LOL
Silvercup has left.
Leen: hehe, we scared silvercup away
Ticia: we're scaring ME away
Leen: honey baby bubby bunker boo
Leen: woah!
Leen: That all worked!
Leen: Sam is my honey baby bubby bunker boo. hehe!
Ticia: hehehe
RinkChat: User Leen has been quieted by Ghost of Sam.
Leen has left.
Leen has entered.
Leen: grr
Ticia: awww...what a cute honey baby bubby bunker boo!
* Ticia waits for the kick
RinkChat: User Ticia has been kicked from the chat room by Ghost of Sam.
Ticia has left.
Ticia has entered.
Ticia: hehehe
* Ticia thinks Sam's cute idiosyncrasies are so adorable
* Ghost of Sam ignores Ticia so much it causes dire pain.
* Ticia reads "Pet Names" all over again
* Leen always thought that husbands and wives were equals.
* Leen thinks she deserves a +.
* Ticia agrees with Leen, besides, it'd be much cuter that way!
* Leen thinks Sam does not fight fair. :-P
* Leen thinks she will go live with Dave, since he is her equal. :-P
* Ghost of Sam bids Leen good luck. :-P
Ghost of Sam: We are equals. I'm admin+ with my hobby, RinkWorks. You have a counterbalancing admin+ with your hobby, horses.
Leen: well patooey, nobody cares about my hobby.
Ghost of Sam: That's not true, silly.
Ticia: We care!
Ticia: aren't we all glad that you *finally* got your horse?
Ticia: :-)
Leen: Oh, yeah, I was thinking of the model horses.
Ghost of Sam: Yeah, they are all glad you finally got your horse. You just insulted the ENTIRE CHAT ROOM with that flippant, callous remark. ;-)
Leen: I was REFERRING to the model horses.
Ghost of Sam: Heheheheheh. Leen, you're so CUTE.
* Ticia was looking at Leen's model horse pictures today, she is very impressed. So there!
Leen: thanks
Ticia: :-P
Leen: :-P
Ticia: you're welcome!
* Ghost of Sam decides that he will not come home from work today for about six days, and only then when Leen is away shopping or riding or something.
* Ghost of Sam would fear the consequences any other way.
Leen: Sounds good, then I don't have to make dinner, or do dishes, or laundry... I'll just go ride!
Leen: so there!
* Ticia thinks that Sam would be mean if he did that, and no one would ever come to RinkWorks again
* Ticia will start an e-mail petition to boycott Rinkworks if Sam is so mean to Leen
* Leen thinks TICIA RULES!!!
* Ticia is glad that she RULES
Ticia: hehehe
Leen: hehe
Leen: so there. you can "quiet" me all you want, but I still have people to back me up! :-P
Ghost of Sam: I wasn't doing that to be mean! I was doing it so I won't get killed!
Ghost of Sam: And so I might remember how to selected proper verb tenses!
* Ghost of Sam quakes in his sneakers.
Leen: Oh yeah, I go around killing people every day. uhuh, sure.
Ghost of Sam: You won't kill me?
Ghost of Sam: Cool.
Ghost of Sam: Then you're CUTE CUTE CUTE CUTE CUTE CUTE. :-P
Ticia: yeah, Like Leen would ever kill anybody...she's the world's most patient woman...
Ghost of Sam: World's most patient woman for being married to me, huh? Yeah, I see where this is going.
Ticia: I didn't say that!
* Ghost of Sam should have stayed stomped off when he stomped off.
Ticia: if you inferred it from what I said, that's your problem
Ticia: I was referring to the evil horse man...yeah, that's it
Ghost of Sam: Next time Mousie comes in, I'll tell her you were mean to me.
Rivikah has entered.
Ghost of Sam: Close enough. Rivikah! Ticia was mean to me!
Ticia: Riv: I was NOT! Sam was being mean to Leen!
Ghost of Sam: I was NOT! I was simply stating that I was going to try to avoid being KILLED by her!
* Ticia was just sticking up for Leen
Rivikah: she was mean to you? what did she do?
Ghost of Sam: Ticia told me I was hard to live with, a dirtbag, a scumwad, and she dry heaved on me.
Ticia: I DID NOT!
Ghost of Sam: Well you did ONE of the four! Close enough!
Ticia: well, except for the dry heave part
Ghost of Sam: And you IMPLIED another one.
Rivikah: Sam: well is it true? (that you're all those things)?
Ghost of Sam: Uh.
Ghost of Sam: Well, yeah. Except for the hard to live with, dirtbag, and scumwad parts. But she still said them, and that's mean no matter what!
Ticia: Riv: you be the judge... I said Leen was the most patient woman in the world...Sam just took it wrong, that's all
Ghost of Sam: Ticia: Yeah, but she said it in the context of berating ME.
Rivikah: Sam: well if they're not true don't worry about it.
Ticia: I didn't say any such thing, Sam, stop lying
Ghost of Sam: But but but but but...
Rivikah: but what?
Ghost of Sam: All right, I see how it is. I'm in a room full of women, and it's fore-ordained that they all support each other and gang up against me. I'll just wait until Dave or Darien or somebody is in here. Or Stephen. Muhuhahahaha. Yes, Stephen, my SECRET DOOMSDAY WEAPON.
Ticia: Ummm....hate to tell you this, Sam, but they all like Leen better, they told me so ;-)
* Leen thinks Dave would stick up for her.
Leen: After all, Dave is my equal. :-P
Nyperold: I'm XY, ya know!
Ghost of Sam: Nyp: Ok, you want to be a man. So get to it. Say I'm right, and all them are wrong.
Nyperold: Ahem. "I'm right, and all of them are wrong." :)
Rivikah: I'm not ganging up on you. I'm just saying that if it's not true it doesn't really make much of a difference to you.
Ghost of Sam: (pout)
* Leen grabs Sam's lower lip
Ghost of Sam: OW! Gihe it mack!
* Ticia thinks Sam is so cute when he pouts
Ghost of Sam: GAH!
* Ghost of Sam cries.
Ghost of Sam: Ih's noh faihr!
* Ticia laughs at Sam's cuteness
Ghost of Sam: Meofle keeh calling me cuhe and I can't efen mout!
* Leen laughs along with Ticia
Ghost of Sam: An' Nyherolh isn'h ehen stanning up for his own genher!
Ticia: that's because he knows which side his bread is buttered on
* Ghost of Sam wrests his lower lip away from Leen. It HURTS.
* Ghost of Sam lunges at Leen's face and licks her in the eye, then darts away before she can wipe the saliva back on him.
Leen: saaaaaaaaaaaaam
Ghost of Sam: yesssssssssssssss?
Leen: um, can i get some comfy reins for my bridle?
* Leen is putting in an order to state line tack for gullet plates, to make her saddle fit her new horsey.
Ghost of Sam: Oh ho. Fawn over my falsely alleged cuteness in public, THEN expect to get comfy reins out of me??
* Leen has also been told that she needs to get a cashel pad for her saddle to fit her new horsey.
Ghost of Sam: AND a cashel pad?
Leen: :(
Leen: But but...
Leen: It's not my fault.
Leen: I could buy a whole new saddle
Ghost of Sam: Sounds like, for THAT, I deserve about twelve lines of unrebutted cuteness fawning -- over you AND Ticia.
Leen: Oh, that's fine!
Leen: Doesn't bother me. :)
* Ticia doesn't care if Sam fawns over her cuteness....she gets that ALL the time (ok, not from Sam, but still...)
Ticia: and ok, not from anyone that actually exists, but still!
* Ghost of Sam , being the wonderful person that he is, forgives the twelve line cuteness fawning debt and lets Leen get that stuff anyway.
Leen: aww, thanks!
Ghost of Sam: Yeah. NOW don't you feel guilty for teasing me so mercilessly?
Leen: no
Stephen has entered.
Ghost of Sam: Stephen! Just who I've been looking for!
Leen: whose side are you on?
Ghost of Sam: Stephen, I need you to do a job.
Stephen: I'm on Leen's side
Leen: WOOHOO!!!
Ghost of Sam: Dang it! This is UNREAL. Stephen, don't even listen to her. Whatever she offers you, I'll double.
Leen: Stephen rules!
* Leen didn't even have to offer anything
Ghost of Sam: Unbelievable. I always knew Stephen was a suspect member of the male gender.
* Leen rules
Leen: haha
Ghost of Sam: Some secret doomsday weapon YOU turned out to be.
* Ticia giggle uncontrollably, which makes the other people in the library give her funny looks
Stephen: What am I taking sides on?
Leen: The fact that Sam won't make me his equal.
Ghost of Sam: No, that wasn't it. It was about how cute I am.
Ghost of Sam: Or something.
Leen: oh geez
Ghost of Sam: Well WASN'T it??
Ghost of Sam: And how my not coming home for six days was NOT a gesture of meanness but one of self-preservation.
Leen: hmm, I thought it was about who they liked better, wasn't it?
Ticia: Sam, was about how Leen is the most patient woman in the world
Leen: yeah, that's it!
Ghost of Sam: Oh yeah. I guess it did have something to do with that.
Rivikah: does anyone really know what all this is about?
Ticia: ummm.....
* Ticia looks around
Ghost of Sam: But whatever. Who cares. Stephen, are you with me or with them? Come on, I don't have all day.
Ghost of Sam: You can be a SECRET DOOMSDAY WEAPON or a girly man. Your choice.
* Ticia HUGS Stephen.
Stephen: Erm, which side is Jean Reno on?
Ghost of Sam: Jean Reno is definitely on my side.
Stephen: You sure? You don't seem to have a lot of supporters that are actually here
* Ticia is still HUGGING Stephen
Ghost of Sam: That's because they're WOMEN.
Ghost of Sam: They're ALL GANGING UP ON ME.
Stephen: Let's see... side with Sam or all the women. Whichever do I choose?
* Stephen will stick with his original choice, and side with Leen
Ghost of Sam: Leen: Ok, so if I made you an admin+, just what would it give you the power to do?
Ghost of Sam: Delete old usernames. That's about IT.
Nyperold: Summon Bots?
Ghost of Sam: Oh yeah, and summon bots. Shut up, Nyperold. You are definitely a traitor to your gender.
* Corrino buries steak knife in Sam's back
Leen: lol
RinkChat: User Corrino has been kicked from the chat room by Leen.
Corrino has left.
Corrino has entered.
Leen: Only I can kill my hubby. :-P
Corrino: Ok, ok.
* Ghost of Sam suddenly realizes he has a steak knife in his back and dies.
Stephen: I had to send my Poli Sci instructor a list of sources I cited in a research paper. She wouldn't let me e-mail them as an attachment (for fear of viruses, thank you M$ for making it possible to put a virus in a frickin' Word file). Then today I get an e-mail telling me "Oh, you only had 3 sources, you needed 10." I had 16! I don't know what she's smoking, but I think it had something to do with her address.
Ticia: Stephen: :-(
Leen: Poor Stephen
* Stephen has been given a @-`-,--`,--`-,-- by Ticia.
* Ghost of Sam would sympathize with Stephen, except he's NOT ON HIS SIDE.
Ghost of Sam: Aw, heck, I'm charitable today. I'll sympathize anyway. I'm sorry, Stephen. You poor NOT SO VERY MUCH A SECRET DOOMSDAY WEAPON AFTER ALL, you.
Ghost of Sam: Gosh, if you were a SECRET DOOMSDAY WEAPON, you could take care of that teacher, then, couldn't you? Too bad you're a GIRLY MAN instead.
Stephen: Can I be like Italy and switch sides when one of them looks to be winning?
Ticia: you cutey wooty little bun.ny wun.ny!
Ghost of Sam: Gah.

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