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Remember the good old days when we were young and used to throw rocks at each other? You don't have to be all grown up to reminisce.

Liface: how come your uncle speaks german like you
eric: what?
eric: where does he speak german?
folex: oh thats how
Liface: cock a hoop?
folex: sweet
folex: what
eric: liface, e-mail me your questions, i have to get to bed
Liface: on the images, if you hold your cursor over them
eric: those are alt tags. i made those. i put up the site. he just wrote the text.
folex: liam what were you 2 tralking about
folex: his site, what for
folex: ?
folex: LIAM DIL
RinkChat: The chat room topic has been changed to 'Let's talk about LIFACE!' by Ellmyruh.
Liface: ok
folex: okay, Liam why were you talking about his site
Liface: hmm lets not
Ellmyruh: Aw, why not?
Ellmyruh: b_p_e is bored, so we must entertain her.
folex: LOL
* folex clog dances for b_p_e
folex: dum dum dum
folex: sat is how ve do it back it svitsarland
Liface: ok lets
Ellmyruh: Instead of Book-A-Minute, let's have Liface-A-Minute
folex: I have a question
Ellmyruh: Yes, folex? Ask away
folex: what is the difference between .net, .com, and .org
Ellmyruh: .org is for non-profit organizations.
folex: uh-huh
folex: I see
Ellmyruh: Okay, I found a site that will explain it.
folex: sweet
Ellmyruh: ".COM is for commercial, for profit organizations."
Ellmyruh: ".EDU is for 4 years, degree granting colleges and universities. (schools, libraries, and museums should register under country domains)
folex: oh
Ellmyruh: ".GOV is for United States federal government agencies. (state and local governments register should register under country domains)
Ellmyruh: ".MIL is for United States organizations subsidiary to "Department of Defense"
Ellmyruh: ".NET is for network infrastructure machines and organizations.
folex: Okay
Ellmyruh: ".ORG is for miscellaneous, usually non-profit, organizations. (for use by organizations and individuals that do not clearly fit in any of the above)
folex: thank you ellmyruh
Ellmyruh: "All other domains are country domains. CA e.g. stands for Canada and US for the USA.
Ellmyruh: And there you have a whole bunch of information! :-)
Liface: fi for finland
folex: my I.Q has gone up 1.5 points
folex: now its at 65
folex: weehee
Ellmyruh: LOL
Liface: cool
Ellmyruh: Now. Back to talking about Liface.
Liface: ok
Ellmyruh: Okay.
folex: It was a beautiful sunny day in the neigborhood. I went to get liam (who lives next door)
Liface: heh
Liface: .............
folex: and asked if he could come outside. We proceeded to our other friends marcuses
folex: He suggested we play a little game of golf in his small backyard
folex: I got a iron and swung the club
folex: but I didn't hit the ball...............
folex: I HIT LIAM IN THE HEAD!!!!!!
folex: on accedent
Ellmyruh: LOL
folex: he bend down to pick up the ball when he got in my way
Liface: ooooh. That hurt
Liface: blood was all over...
folex: blood everywhere.......
Liface: umm
Liface: then some guy said i should call 911
folex: we cleaned up the mess (very blood mess) and went to my house to lay dokwn
folex: OH YEAH THE WORKER, What an iddiot
Liface: then we watch motorross racing
Ellmyruh: How bad was the wound?
folex: Hey need me to call 911 he sez
folex: He still has a scar
folex: right above his eye
Liface: not bad. you can barely see the scar
[folex->Ellmyruh] I must admit, i would do it agian
Liface: i didn't even go to the hospital
folex: you should have
Liface: it's lucky he didn't hit my eye or i'd have been half-blind
folex: and thats the storyu
* Ellmyruh claps!
* folex bows
Liface: i can laugh about it today
RinkChat: The chat room topic has been changed to 'Let's talk about FOLEX!' by Ellmyruh.
folex: YES
Jimmy_Of_York: One time he and liface were outside playing golf, and folex HIT LIFACE IN THE HEAD! and he bled a lot, and it was funny.
folex: Liam what stories do you have of me
Liface: I have a funny story about folex
Ellmyruh: Go for it, Liface!
folex: lets hear it
Liface: It was a sunny day in the neighbor hood when i whipped out my cyclone and shot folex8 in the head
Ellmyruh: How boring! I want true stuff.
folex: That was in perfect dark
Liface: i know
folex: Aright
Liface: it was true
Liface: hmm
Liface: lets not
Liface: haha
folex: whats the story
Liface: Adam, reminf me of a story
folex: ummmmm
Liface: I cant think of one
folex: the tomato insedent
Liface: what?
Liface: thats about marcus
folex: oh yeah
folex: I thought you were dead one time
Liface: oh yeha!
Liface: OK. I was out rollerblading one day
Liface: and I saw folex come out of his house on rollerblades
Liface: so I layed down behind a oarked car
folex: parked car
Liface: parked
Liface: i watched his feet and he came around the other side of the parked car.
Liface: then he goes "Liam"
Liface: and i got up
Liface: And he thought i was dead!
Liface: He was really scared
Ellmyruh: hehe
folex: He was laying face down on the cement behind a car
Liface: He thought ther car rolled over me or something
folex: with no helmet so I asumed
Liface: I'll tell you another story though cause that one was short.
folex: He wasn't even moving
Liface: We had a water fight one day and I lay down in marcus's drive way.
Liface: to dry off
folex: And I came up with the hose
Liface: well adam played tennis against the garage
Liface: no not that one!
folex: and soaked him really bad
Ellmyruh: LOL
folex: he got so mad at me
folex: OH THIS ONE
Liface: and he hit the ball, it bounced off marcuses car, and hit me square in the forehead!
Liface: It was ROFL funny
Ellmyruh: I'm laughing at both stories!!
folex: then I sprayed him with the hose
Liface: oh yeah
folex: That was the same day I took the 45 minute long shower
folex: that was awsome
Liface: yeah
Liface: hmm. remember when you scared me real bad in the tree?
folex: I was in my tree because I was waiting for him to come back outside
folex: And when he was right under me I screamed SKADIMOFISH
folex: He freaked
Liface: My legs felt liek jelly
Liface: I waved my arms real fast
folex: you fell didn
folex: 't you
Ellmyruh: LOL LOL
folex: hehe
Liface: i did!
Liface: i fell down
folex: you hit the floor
folex: hard
folex: that was so funny
Liface: talk about jimmy!
folex: we don't have much on jimmy
* Ellmyruh wants to hear more about Liface and folex.
* folex is glad we amuse ellmyruh
Liface: i cant think of much more
folex: Lets just say the tomato thing
Liface: ok
folex: I will
Ellmyruh: Yeah!
Liface: you tell it
folex: I'll say it
Ellmyruh: Ah, so you are agreed.
Liface: ok
folex: Okay, there are these teenagers that live on our street that are about 19 or 18
folex: We don't like them because they threw a firework at my dog and liam
Liface: 17
Liface: last july 4th
folex: shut up liam
folex: So whenever they drive by in their car we always shout "Up yours" or You suck"
Liface: or "animla junction"
folex: so one day they drove past us, (we were at liams house) and we picked a tomato from the plant and chucked it at the car
folex: the stopped and turned around
folex: we ran into my house to look out for them
folex: when we went back out, we saw them looking out the car windows for us. So we have hated them since
Ellmyruh: Oh my!
folex: Did I leave anything out Li
Liface: no
Ellmyruh: So they haven't found you yet?
folex: well everytime they drive by we hide soooo....
Liface: they forgot
Ellmyruh: Ahhhh. hehe
Jimmy_Of_York: hehehe, you hate them because you threw a tomatoe at them?
folex: we are kind of friends with them now because we both hate this one kid
folex: and we want to beat him up
folex: not chris, ADAM
Liface: oh fawcett
folex: not me but another adam
folex: It was cool when they trew that at you liam
Liface: cool huh
folex: You got so scared
folex: you thought it was a smoke ball
Liface: lol
Liface: folex is felix
folex: its like seokkking
folex: I tried to spell felix but spelled folex
Ellmyruh: So does it rhyme with Rolex?
folex: yes
folex: that was a good apple
folex: I just had one
Ellmyruh: While you were typing?
RinkChat: User folex has been labeled 'rymes with rolex' by folex.
folex: yep
folex: apple in one hand typing with the other
Liface: in perfect dark
Ellmyruh: In the dark??
folex: LOL
folex: no perfect dark is a game
Liface: heh
Liface: for N64
Ellmyruh: Ohhhhhh
Liface: ROFL
folex: hehehehe
folex: boy i'm tired
folex: tired doesn't sound how it is spelled
folex: It is like you would say Tie red to purnonce it
Liface: u are wierd
folex: tierd thats how it should be spelled
Liface: it is 11:00 here
Liface: what time is it over there adam
folex: 11:01
Ellmyruh: Here, too. Liface, your clock is way off.
folex: AHH
folex: There is a giant moth tring to get in my hous
Liface: 10:59
folex: There is a giant moth tring to get in my house
Liface: aren't you in CA?
Ellmyruh: Yep.
folex: It's huge
folex: oh my gosh
Ellmyruh: Kill it!
Ellmyruh: Eat it!
folex: there
folex: dead
folex: it's as long as my index finger!
Ellmyruh: Breakfast, maybe?
Liface: ah
Liface: eeew
folex: I'll pass
folex: maybe a midnight snack
Ellmyruh: You don't want a Moth McMuffin?
folex: hehehehe
Liface: EEEW
folex: X-games are on
folex: Its the trials
Akira has entered.
RinkChat: User Akira has been labeled 'op' by Akira.
folex: hi Akira
Akira: aww
Akira: aww
Akira: lol
Liface: hi akira
Akira: is that illegal?
Akira: hello Liface.
Liface: no
folex: oh man I am tired
Liface: what illegal
Akira: check out my label. :)
Liface: is what illegal
folex: oh man
folex: lucky
* Ellmyruh consults the RinkRules. Sure, why can't it be legal?
Akira: woo hoo!
Liface: not illegal
* folex is nodding off to sleeps
Ellmyruh: G'nite folex!
Akira: folex, don't let your forehead smack the keyboard.
folex: cdhgb
Liface: he's not leavin
Akira: hehehe
Akira: hehehe
folex: too late
Liface: cxcf vgh wghat i typed with my head

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