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When Nyperold's around, these pun wars are actually pretty common. Here's a pretty good example of one. Usually I don't rise to the bait so much, but I made an exception here for some reason.

* Nyperold reads the Reader's Poll and thinks that, when it comes to cheese, he's whey out of his league.
* Issachar can't think of a good cheese pun to answer Nyp
Sam: When it comes to puns, Nyperold is darn gouda.
Ticia: You can't think of a gouda pun, Iss? I'm shocked and dismayed
Ticia: dang, Sam beat me to it!
* Sam cries out in agony at his own horrific joke, stabs himself repeatedly in anguish, and is saved only by the fact that, as a ghost, he has no material form.
* Issachar thinks he'll have a little wine with these puns
Nyperold: It's a bries.
Finchplucker: Issachar's cheese puns just can't make the grate.
Nyperold: Do not defy your Kraft.
Sam: All right. Here we go. I'm going to tell you the ultimate cheese pun.
* Ticia hides in a corner, covering her ears and humming loudly
Sam: This guy, he was walking into a McDonald's, you know, and, like, he said to the cashier, 'Hey, give me a number three,' and the cashier, she was like, 'You're ugly' and whatever, and she goes to the manager and says, like, 'He's ugly' and stuff. And the manager, he, like, said...wait for it...
Sam: He said, 'YOU GO. GIVE LIM BURGER.' roflololololo...
* Ticia doesn't get it
ladadadada: Where did you hear that Sam ?
Sam: That's the best part! I made it UP!
Nyperold: That curdled my hair.
Issachar: There's only one thing to say about that pun. It stank.
Issachar: I wasn't fondue of it at all.
Finchplucker: That wasn't that grate.
Sam: Gah!
Sam: I should know better than to pun around with you guys.
Sam: Upstaged again!
* Ticia rereads it and still doesn't get it.
* Sam is FUNNY and nobody REALIZES IT.
Nyperold: It wasn't too sharp, anyway...
Sam: Ahh!
Issachar: Know what Sam did with all his cheeses? He edam!
Sam: D'oh!
Finchplucker: I like gouda on my potatoes.
Nyperold: You only have eyes for them?
Issachar: Anyone here know how to play the tuber?
Nyperold: No, but after I eat one, I need a tuber toothpaste.
Issachar: People say I'm too starchy, and I think that's the root of the whole problem.
Issachar: I'd a'hoe my garden all day long, if'n them potatoes would only grow.
* Sam dies.

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