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Archives: The Comfort of Cats


When I saw this chat transcript, I was worried -- but it was funny, too, and as it turned out, nothing was wrong after all.

Brunnen_G: I have a cat.
Chester: what type?
Brunnen_G: What TYPE? Uh....
Brunnen_G: ...the sort you get given for free.
Chester: what colour then?
Brunnen_G: It's a sort of hysterical black hairball with fangs.
Chester: sounds like fun.
Brunnen_G: Oh yes.
Brunnen_G: Picture a tribble that's gone over to the dark side.
Brunnen_G: The amazing thing is how such a small creature can take up so MUCH of quite a large bed on cold nights.
Grace has entered.
Brunnen_G: Can't sleep, Grace?
Grace: oh thank goodness people are still here!
Brunnen_G: People are only here in the loosest sense of the word.
Brunnen_G: Nothing has been said for about an hour now.
Brunnen_G: What's up?
Grace: me. ;)
Grace: you're gonna think I'm crazy....
Brunnen_G: Heh. I mean, why would I think you're crazy?
Grace: I *hate* being alone. I get totally spooked.
Brunnen_G: Oh, you're alone at home or wherever you are? That can be spooky at night sometimes.
Grace: I;m lying in bed, in the empty house, with my cat sleeping on my chest..ok?..
Brunnen_G: That sounds very much like the way I sleep. :-)
Grace: ..and out of nowhere, he sits up, gets in a crouching position, and starts staring and growling towards the living room.
Brunnen_G: Ohh..
Grace: I got so scared, but it's 4 am here, it's not like i can call a friend, ya know?
Grace: ug. i hate this. in my next life i want to be a big huge guy with no problem handling guns. :)
Brunnen_G: LOL
Grace: so now i guess i'll have to stay awake till its light out...fraidy cat that i am.
Brunnen_G: Cats can be a great comfort, of course...
Brunnen_G: Just think what your cat would probably do if you picked him up and threw him at an intruder's face. :-)
Grace: yeah, except when they stare into dark adjacent rooms and growl. :)
* Grace whimpers
Brunnen_G: Well, my cat does that often. Usually at the closet door.
Brunnen_G: Actually, it usually turns out to be either a spider, or a rolled up pair of socks.
Brunnen_G: For some reason my cat gets very worked up about those.
Grace: mine doesn't. not in this way, in any case.
Grace: So what are you doing in here anyway?
Brunnen_G: I'm at work. Just finished up for the night.
Brunnen_G: It's 10pm here.
Brunnen_G: Did you go round the house and put the lights on and look?
Grace: go around the house and look?? no way!
Grace: hmm...i guess my ex was good for something after all....
Brunnen_G: But at least you could turn the lights on?
Grace: yeah, i turned a few of the ones closets to my room on.
Brunnen_G: Do you live in a house or an apartment? Are there people living nearby?
Grace: A small house. There are a few neighbors fairly close, but no one I know.
Grace: I'll be fine.
Brunnen_G: I know this probably won't help much at 4am, but try not to worry too much. Cats get worked up about all sorts of idiotic nothings.
Grace: I just need to calm down. Listen to some sappy James Taylor or something. :)
Brunnen_G: Put some music on or something, yeah. And you know you can always go to sleep with the light on.
Grace: Of course, it's helped talking in here. I would've totally had a panic attack if i couldn't talk to someone. :)
Brunnen_G: I'm glad I was here, then. I was just thinking of leaving when you came in.
Brunnen_G: I mean, *before* you came in. Heh.
Grace: i'm nuts, aren't I?
Brunnen_G: Of course not.
Grace: Thank you.
Brunnen_G: It's a well known fact that the logical, sensible parts of your brain are long gone at 4am when you're alone in the house.
Brunnen_G: You'd better either be in chat or have posted something on the forum by the time I get here tomorrow, or I'm really going to get all worried about you :-)
Brunnen_G: If your cat was right, you may have been attacked by a spider or a rolled up pair of socks :-)

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