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While the first part of this chat conversation took place, Dave was on a four day drive across the country.

Grace has entered.
Darien: GRACE!
Grace: DARIEN? :)
* Brunnen_G thinks we're all feeling the lack of Dave lately :-)
Darien: Yeah. I have to be "Davish" again to cover the absence. :-}
* Grace misses dodging Dave hugs. :)
Brunnen_G: Darien: Do an emote in which you try to hug Grace but she gets away!
* Darien tries to hug Grace but she gets away.
Brunnen_G: "Virtual Dave".
Brunnen_G:'s not the same.
DaveBot has been summoned.
Brunnen_G: LOL
Darien: DaveBot?
Brunnen_G: What does it do? Make dinner and hit on women?
Grace: Hi DaveBot :)
* DaveBot lunges for Grace, but only snags the tip of one shoulder...
* DaveBot makes noodly glop. Hey! There's corn in here!
DaveBot: Darien, I just coughed ginger ale all over myself, and it's ALL YOUR FAULT.
Brunnen_G: *ROTFL* DaveBot is just what we needed.
DaveBot: So, Grace, wanna be my beta wife?
Darien: Hmm. DaveBot will also, of course, need to have the power to kick me indiscriminately. And use it, too.
Sam: Uh...I've used up my Davisms. I'm sure I could do better if I weren't half asleep at the moment.
DaveBot has been dismissed.
Darien: Hah. This DaveBot has nothing on the real Dave. Dave never would have let me get away with that. :-}
Brunnen_G: Hey! You could make bots for all of us, then RinkChat could run on its own and we wouldn't need to be here at all.
Sam: That'll rule.
Brunnen_GBot has been summoned.
* Brunnen_G knew that was a bad idea...
Brunnen_G: Don't you dare.
Brunnen_GBot: Where's Stephen? I'm still of undetermined gender, but I am a cyborg...
Brunnen_GBot has been dismissed.
gremlinn: What's next, LifaceBot?
Darien: Grem: No! Hush!
Ayako: Who's this Liface I keep seeing references to?
Brunnen_G: He's sort of the evil genius of RinkChat, except he's not a genius.
* eric would be deeply frightened of ericBot
Brunnen_G: NOOO!!! Not eric AND ericBot in the room at the same time....
Darien: Hey, Sam, whatever happened to that DarienKiller bot?
DarienKillerBot has been summoned.
Finchplucker: That didn't take too long.
DarienKillerBot: Be vewy vewy quiet. I'm hunting Dariens.
* Darien hides.
DarienKillerBot: Ah, there's one. Shhh. I'll boot it out of here.
Darien has left.
DarienKillerBot: Score!
Darien has entered.
Darien: I was wondering how many times I'd have to set myself up for a kick before it happened. :-}
DarienKillerBot has been dismissed.
FinchpluckerBot has been summoned.
Finchplucker: This oughtta be good.
FinchpluckerBot: I'm a bot, and I'm hot, and there's not a lot of hot bottled in my teeny tiny tot bot that I got. Not.
Brunnen_G: Now we don't need Finch anymore!
Finchplucker: Ugh, lay it down like that, bot, them flows is phat.
Nyperold: Is that the straight skinny?
FinchpluckerBot: So, uh, I'd like to recite a poem for you.
FinchpluckerBot: It's an oldie...but a goodie.
FinchpluckerBot: Fungus fungus.
FinchpluckerBot: Humongous fungus.
FinchpluckerBot: Humongous fungus among us.
FinchpluckerBot: Bungus bungus bungus.
eric: word!
Finchplucker: That brought back memories.
FinchpluckerBot: So with that, check your hat, I'll scat...
FinchpluckerBot has been dismissed.
Brunnen_G: *ROTFL*
Brunnen_G: Nyperold should be easy too...
Brunnen_G: Grace might be more difficult. She's practically *normal*.
Grace: I'm hurt! In here, "normal" is practically an insult. :(
Brunnen_G: We need you for balance, Grace. :-)
Darien: The DarienBot would be a snap. It would come in and whine and pout for a while, then get kicked out by the DaveBot. :-}
* gremlinn is too quiet and mysterious to be effectively impersonated.
NyperoldBot has been summoned.
* Nyperold sits back and sees what NyperBot does...
NyperoldBot has been dismissed.
Sam: Huh. That NyperoldBot didn't seem to do anything...
Finchplucker: Yeah, funny that...
gremlinn: LOL
* Sam thinks the gremlinnBot would do even less...
* gremlinn Bot would just stay around longer.
Brunnen_G: Aww. It didn't even tell us any good puns.
Sam: B-G: Yeah, well, not actually *being* Nyperold, I couldn't think one up fast enough. I tried, though.
* Brunnen_G thinks SamBot would probably be easiest for Sam, but there might not be much point.
Brunnen_G: Sam 2.0 might be worth seeing, though :-)
ericBot has been summoned.
Brunnen_G: ericBot turns into a duck! WHAMMY!
eric: ericBot turns into Mary Poppins, explodes, kisses Kiki, and talks nonstop about Halla
* eric notices that the ericBot is not actually doing anything, which is certainly nothing like eric
ericBot has been dismissed.
Darien: Sam? You okay?
Darien: Uh-oh. What broke?
Sam: I tried FOUR TIMES to type in an eric-like quote, using all manner of punctuation marks for emphasis, and stupid kshell kept finding one or another of the punctuation marks as symbols it should interpret, and spat back error messages instead of posting the stupid message.
Sam: Let me try again.
ericBot has been summoned.
ericBot: i just saw 'sneaked' on a web page! it's wrong because it is.
ericBot: *is. nto is
ericBot: *not. not not
ericBot: *nto. not not
Brunnen_G: **ROTFL**
* Darien cracks up.
Finchplucker: Hee hee.
ericBot has been dismissed.
Sam: There.
eric: hahahahahahahahaha
* Brunnen_G is almost crying with laughter at the rightness of ericBot
DarienBot has been summoned.
* DarienBot has arrived! Taa-dah!
DarienBot: Hehee. :-}
DarienBot: But...
DarienBot: I
DarienBot: am
DarienBot: NOT
DarienBot: DarienBot!
Sam: No! He isn't!
StephenBot has been summoned.
Brunnen_G: No no Sam, that's the Brunnen-G Bot pretending to be the Darien Bot...
Nyperold: Who then? Brunnen-GBot?
Darien: It's that blasted Brunnen-GBot in disguise.
StephenBot: Er...that's why you're not on AIM, right?
StephenBot: Dang dang dang.
DarienBot has been dismissed.
StephenBot has been dismissed.
* Sam bows.
* Brunnen_G is laughing so hard it HURTS
Brunnen_G: "Dang dang dang". That always gets me
* Finchplucker throws bouquets at Sam
Darien: Congratulations, Sam. But the DarienBot should have been kicked by the DaveBot. So should the StephenBot, now that I mention it.
Darien: Heh. What can be said but "RadeBot?"

Weeks later, on February 21st, I started playing around with frivolous bots again. Where italics appear, it's the bot talking.

Dave has been summoned.
Sam: Whoa, that rules.
Dave: ?
Dave: I am a clone. I am just like Dave.
Dave: Except when I am not like Dave.
Dave has left.
Dave: I am still working on emulating Dave's flirtation techniques. I will commence a simulation.
Brunnen_G: Sam, you're so evil.
Dave: one eligible here. ERROR. Segmentation Fault.
Dave has been dismissed.
Sam: It's got some bugs left in it, apparently.
Brunnen_G: The idea of *summoning* and *dismissing* Dave is HYSTERICAL, Sam.
* Sam slumps limply to the ground.
Sam has left.
Washu: Eh?
* Anthy peers quizzically at where Sam was.
* Brunnen_G wonders what is going on
Silvercup: what happened?
Ghost of Sam: Ahhhhh...feels so good to shed the body and put the feet up.
Ghost of Sam: That's what evenings are all about.
Brunnen_G: LOL
Brunnen_G: If you've shed your body, how can you put your feet up?
Ghost of Sam: And now, I will attempt something I've never attempted before! The ultimate cloning experience!
* Ghost of Sam holds an inverse seance.
Kiki: umm...
Sakura: Inverse seance?
Sam has entered.
Ghost of Sam: Ah, my lifeless body is here.
Ghost of Sam: And now...
Sam has been summoned.
Ghost of Sam: Ha!
Sam: Ha!
Sam: Ha!
Ghost of Sam: There are THREE of me! I am sure to conquer the world now!
Sam: No one can stop us!
Sam: No, no one!
Sam has been dismissed.
Sam: That's about as far as I thought that one through.
Sam: Oh well.
Sam: It was fun.
Dave has entered.
Dave: Hey again.

Two days later, on the 23rd, I decided to play with this idea again, as it seemed incompletely explored from its first use.

Sam has entered.
Mousie has been summoned.
Sam: Ah yes, Mousie, please get me a basket of grapes and a bath of hot water.
Mousie: Right away, your rulingness!
RinkChat: User Sam has been labeled 'has grapes and a bath of hot water' by Sam.
Sam: Hmmm. I could get used to this.
Mousie: What other of your senses may I fill, my master?
Sam: None for now. Please go away.
Mousie has been dismissed.
RinkChat: User Mousie has been labeled 'DisMISSED' by Mousie.
Sam: Heh.
Sam has been summoned.
Sam: Me, go write new RinkWorks content.
Sam: Ok. Just as soon as you tell me what to compose, word for word.
Sam: Grr. Something is not right.
Ghost of Sam: I'll say. The two of you are your physical bodies.
Sam: Sorry.
Sam: Sorry. It can't be helped.
Issachar: I'm sad for all of you. But do go on.
RinkChat: User Sam has been labeled 'split into three' by Sam.
Ghost of Sam: Ok, now what do we do?
Sam: I don't know.
Sam: Beats me.
Sam: I suppose we could conquer the world.
Sam: Yeah, we could conquer the world.
Ghost of Sam: Deal.
Mousie: Can we push SamBot around....I mean, may we direct SamBot as well?
Sam: No.
Sam: Yes.
Ghost of Sam: Aargh! Thanks Mousie! Your question caused an internal conflict with myself!
* Mousie 's questions are always meant to make one a better person.
Mousie: A state you may only reach after resolving internal conflict.
* Sam collapses in upon himself, into an infinitesimally sized geometric point.
Sam has been dismissed.
* Ghost of Sam shrieks in agony as he's sucked into the Black Sam.
RinkChat: User Sam has been shrunken by Sam.
RinkChat: User Sam has been labeled 'Black Sam' by Sam.
Sam: Now you all have to orbit me, but don't cross my event horizon.
Mousie: I'm getting dizzy. And I wouldn't recognize an event horizon if I crossed one.
* Enigma picks up the point of Sam
* Enigma gets sucked in as well
Enigma has left.

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