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Warning for the faint of heart and weak of stomach: Do not read this. Do not even skim it. Do not so much as glance at it casually. Do not load this page into your browser. Do not ignore this warning.

* Grishny tries to add Ticia's clapping to his synchronized hopping and falls on his face! OUCH!
eric: it's all right, grishny! poing it off!
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Grishny: Helb be! By dose is bleedig!
* Ticia hands Grishny a tissue
* Kiki stops Grish's nose from bleeding
Ticia: tilt your head back
* Grishny follows Ticia's advice and swallows blood. <blorg!><choke><gurgle> Ugh!
* eric stops Grishny's nose from bleeding. Only eric is allowed to bleed
Ticia: Oops...or was it, tilt your head forward?
Ticia: I can never remember
eric: grish: don't tilt your head back. the blood might run through your nasal passages and get accidentally inhaled. you are supposed to tilt your head forward for a nosebleed. we learned this back in first aid
* Grishny is fine now.
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Grishny: Thags, erig. I appreciate your helb.
Sam: I am the authority on nose bleeds.
Sam: I've never met anyone who had nose bleeds worse than I do -- even people who say they have bad nose bleeds ultimately come up short to mine.
Sam: And yes, tilt it just slightly forward.
Sam: 'Pinch the nose' is advice most people know, but few know where to pinch it. Some say way up high, where the bone is, and it doesn't feel like it's doing anything. This tends to make them slightly worse for me. Some say down below the cartilage, to physically block off the noasal passage. Doesn't work; the blood drips down the back.
Sam: Pinch it right in between, where the cartilage ends, and toward the front, in the divots to either side, where it feels a little sensitive. Just mash a finger against the side that's bleeding.
Ticia: Cold washcloth on the nose does the trick for me
Sam: Also, ice on the back of the neck helps, because that's where the arteries are that feed into your head.
Grishny: I never heard of that remedy before. I'llh ave to try the ice next time.
Sam: Yeah, ice on the back of the neck isn't so commonly known. Took me a while to figure that one out, but it does help. Before, I had been putting the ice on the side of my nose, but I think that catches the blood stream too late. And I always try to splash cold water all over my face anyway, if I can do it without jostling my nose too much.
Grishny: Sam, I have nosebleeds frequently, but usually not very bad. But I had one about a year ago, that was probably my worst ever. Both nostrils, and it bled for like 2 hours.
Grishny: Is that not gross?
Ticia: No, that is gross
Sam: Grish, I'm sure you are not capable of grossing me out with nose bleed stories. :-) When I've swallowed blood from my nose bleeds for lack of a nearby sink, I've coughed up some blood clots of astonishing size, and had even nastier ones come out of my nose.
Sparky: GROSS!
Ticia: Ewwww
Sparky: Ick is right.
Darien: And just think, I kicked some kids earlier today for having a body odor competition. :-P
Grishny: I hate it when I get them in awkward places, like at a play or in the middle of church.
eric: getting a nosebleed while onstage sure would suck. i'd hate that
Kiki: oooh, while ONstage would be AWful
* Kiki imagines the horribleness that would've been getting a nosebleed on stage yesterday.... ick
Sam: Yeah, fortunately my nose bleeds haven't *usually* come at inopportune times. I had one during a test in high school once, and just before an exam in college once. I was *terrified* I'd have one right in the middle of my wedding two years ago, because I had just had a long streak of nosebleeds around then. But I didn't.
eric: having a nosebleed during your wedding would suck. or when filming a lvie news report. or when being inaugurated for president
Sam: Somehow I made it through last winter without getting a lot of them, but I did have one that was among the worst I'd ever had when I was sick and feverish, and was taking Excedrin Migraine for the headaches. That stuff has aspirin in it, which thins the blood, and gave me a nosebleed even I thought would hospitalize me.
Sam: So I swore off that stuff, and it was sketchy for a few days until the aspirin got out of my system. I'm back to Aleve now, the other headache medicine I swear by.
Grishny: I usually only get them in the winter, when the cold winter air dries up my sinuses. I think it makes 'em more susceptible to bleeding.
Sam: Me too, Grish.
Leen: Oh no, telling your nose bleed stories.
* Leen does not like Sam's nose bleeds. They make her very nervous.
Grishny: My wife has the same problem. She doesn't do very well with the sight of blood.
Sam: Heh. Yeah, my nose bleeds gross the heck out of Leen, but they do nothing to me. Except make me die.
Grishny: I have never died from a nosebleed.
Leen: The only times I have come close to passing out where at the sight of blood
Grishny: When I was little, I used to get them while I was asleep. I would wake up and my pillow would be soaked with blood. I think it really freaked my parents out at first, until they got used to it.
Sam: I don't understand why people are squeamish about blood. Lopped off limbs and cut open things that aren't supposed to be cut open, sure, but blood itself is just a red liquid that gets gloppy once in a while.
Sam: Grish: Yes, in NH.
Leen: Sam: I don't understand it myself! It doesn't gross me out, I just all of a sudden feel like passing out. I can't explain it.
Leen: Funny thing is, I love watching those operation shows on TV. hehe
Sam: Leen, maybe it's not the blood so much as the fact that I'm bleeding, and you fear for me. Aw, that's so sweet.
Leen: Well, of course I fear for you. I also saw a bicyclist who fell in the middle of the road and his head was bleeding... I think he cracked his skull. That made me almost pass out, too.
Leen: I came really close that time.
* Ticia has passed out at the sight of blood a couple times
Ticia: actually, I'd see the blood, my blood pressure would drop suddenly, and *wham* ... out cold
Sam: THAT'S what it is! You see blood gushing, and your body thinks its yours, so it stops pumping it as a way of minimizing the bleeding. Then you pass out and die.
Ticia: and once it was at the site of my own tooth
Ticia: That was the first time
Ticia: I was 7
Ticia: Sam: That must be it!
Grishny: Isn't the human mechanism AMAZING that way???
Sam: The closest I've come is getting woozy after stretching and standing up suddenly.
Sam: My brother actually did pass out from doing that once. He stood up, stretched, conked out, keeled over forward, and landed on his face.
Sam: I was walking by him at the time -- I had just passed him, when suddenly there's this HUMONGOUS *BANG* on the floor right behind me, at my heels. It was my brother's jaw and lower skull smacking into the floor.
Sam: So while my parents were tending to him and preparing to take him to the hospital, I made use of my newfound physics knowledge -- I was taking physics at the time -- to calculate how fast his face must have been traveling when it hit.
Sam: I think it was something like 12.5 miles per hour, but I don't remember exactly, now.
eric: lol sam
Grishny: I don't think I've ever been in danger of passing out.
Grishny: I do recall one time, I had a fever, and felt weird, and I've often felt that way when I'm really really hungry...maybe that's coming close, I don't know.
Darien: I've never passed out, either... not even when I split my head open. That was *not* fun. :-P
eric: neither have i. i tore a one-inch gash in my head once, and i was bleeding all down my face. bleeding excessively, yes. i stayed awake the entire time, trying not to freak out. fortunately, i survived
Ticia: the last time I fainted, I was in 7th grade, the teacher caught me, and like an idiot, started to shake I threw up on him!
Leen: LOL!
Ticia: served him right! :-)
Leen: What an idiot.
Grishny: I split my head open once when I was playing with a cat.
Leen: icky
Ticia: ewwww
Sam: COOL! Split open by the cat??
Grishny: No. I was running through the house dragging some yarn or something, which the cat was chasing. I was watching the cat chasing the yarn instead of looking where I was going, and I hit my head on an open cabinet door.
Sakura: Ouch...
Sam: Ow! That rules!
Grishny: Come to think of it, that's not the only time I've split my head open.
Grishny: Once, I was jumping on the bed, like the monkeys in the nursery rhyme, and I fell off and hit my head just above my right eye. I remember seeing red. I had five stitches
Sam: Darien: So tell us about how you split your head open.
Darien: There wasn't really much to it. I was at the take-out at Friendly's (I was about five at the time), and I was running around like a wombat, despite that my mother told me specifically not to. When the lady came to get our order, I jumped up to spit mine out and hit my head on the edge of the Big Steel Counter (tm). I had to go to the hospital for that one.
eric: yeech. sounds painful
Leen: ouch
Sam: Ow! Yeah, those mid-jump head hits are bad. I hate jumping down the stairs and smacking my head into where the ceiling starts.
eric: me too! that's how i cut my head and bled all over my face! i had to get staples in my head for two weeks!
* Ticia has to go
Ticia: see you guys, have fun talking about gory, icky things!
Dave: Bye Ticia!
Darien: 'Bye, Leen!
Ticia has left.
Leen: I'm not leaving
Darien: Oh. I thought that said "Leen has to go." :-}
* Darien is a moron. Throw darts at him if you please.
* Sam throws a dart at Darien in hopes that it'll make for another good personal injury story.
Darien: Ow! Sam! You hit me in the eye!
Darien: Now I'll have to tell everyone about the time Sam hit me in the eye with a dart.
Dave has entered.
Sam: Dave, tell us about how you snapped off a piece of your hip while skiing. We're having this RULING conversation about severe personal injuries.
* Nyperold has felt light-headed for two reasons: standing up too quickly (esp. after a warm bath), and during (and after) blood draws. He hasn't had very many af those, however.
Nyperold: One time I stood up too quickly, passed out, and hit mt head on the wall, which woke me up without serious injury.
Grishny: Nyperold, that is cool.
Dave: Wow, good thing that wall was there, huh?
Sam: Aw, that's no fun. The wall saved you. My brother rules more. He beat up his entire face.
Nyperold: I've landed the tip of an old knife in my thumb.
* Sakura has injured herself several times... Severe cut (needed stitches) on her upper lip, fractured foot, broken and dislocated wrist, and sprained ankle.
* eric fractured his shoulder. Twice.
Bo: I hit my head on a tile floor once. It hurt like... uh... something really painful.
Sam: My brother did another thing that some of you have already heard. He walked by my office a month or so ago (he works where I do) and said, 'Hi,' and I looked up, and the whole right side of his face is bloated and coated with dried blood. I thought he was biting down on a wad of kleenex, but it turned out it was just swollen. He had gone snow tubing the day before with some friends and was on the last run of the day, so he decided to give a little extra boost on the last jump. He flew into the air, and then the tube started tipping forward. When he landed it, flipped over, and he landed upside down, legs flailing up in the air, and slid down the icy slope on his face.
Sam: So he recovered and was thinking that that had hurt a little, and he went up to his friends, waiting at the bottom, and said, 'DID YOU SEE THAT?' And they said, 'Yes.'re bleeding.' And my brother said, 'Oh, I am?' There was a vending machine right by the bottom, and he went over and sort of looked at himself in the reflection of the coin slot plate thing and saw a little blood up by his temple. And he thought, well, that's no big deal. Finally he went into the bathroom and caught a glance at himself in the mirror, and it turned out his entire face was all scratched up and bruised and bleeding and swollen. The area down by the side of his chin was *seriously* mangled. But obviously it didn't hurt too much. :-)
Nyperold: Also, I hit my head on an old glass globe, breaking off part of it. This part cut a chunk out of my upper right leg. It took 8 stitches.
eric: breaking part of what off? the globe, or your head?
Nyperold: My head remained intact.
Nyperold: It's the kind of globe that covers a light fixture.
Sam: Dave Dave Dave Dave, c'mon, tell the hip snapping ski story.
Dave: Oh, are we having a bodily injury contest or something?
Dave: Well, if everyone really wants to hear it--and if I don't get walked in on by my bored co-worker.
Dave: Ok, so I was skiing, as I so often did in my wild and wooly youth. (;-) )
Dave: My friends and I were way into freestyle tricks and stuff, so we had built this jump on the side of a trail using some old logs that had been left there when some trees were cut down and chopped up and covering them over with tons of snow.
Dave: So the trick I had been working on, now that we had a jump big enough, was a double-daffy.
* Grishny leans back to listen to Dave's wondrous tale...
Dave: For those who don't know, a daffy is a trick where you go off a jump and then basically kick one ski forward and one ski backwards, then bring them back together and land.
Dave: A double daffy is when you do a daffy, then reverse it by then kicking the opposite legs forward and back.
Dave: So I had already done this several times today, perfecting the move.
Dave: After each run, my hip got sorer and sorer, to the point where I was trying to massage it on the lift ride after every run, and keeping the weight off of it as much as possible.
Dave: So finally, on what turned out to be my last run of the season, the bunch of us were waiting our turns to take the jump.
Dave: One of my friends went first, did a perfect double daffy, and landed great. Then it was my turn.
Dave: I skiied down, hit the jump, and immediately did the first daffy--and heard and *felt* this awful cracking, squealching, tearing, ripping sound in my right hipular area.
Grishny: Ow, ow, ow, ow, and ow!
Dave: Somehow, someway, I actually did the second daffy with a completely busted up pelvis, and landed. But my leg couldn't support my weight, so I immediately went down and skidded to a halt.
* Sakura winces. Sounds painful...
Dave: My friends were all cheering, because they thought it was my best trick of the day! But I was lying there, knowing there was no way I was going to be able to ski down the rest of the trail.
* Grishny wants to know if Dave screamed or anything
Dave: You're darn tootin I screamed--but they all thought it was a scream of joy or something at first.
Dave: So when my friends finally realized that I wasn't just lying in the snow for the fun of it, they call came down and gathered around me.
Dave: So they're all like "Can you get up?" They tried to help me up, but as soon as they tried to move me, there was this intense, shooting pain in my hip.
Dave: Now, thing to remember is that what we were all doing was quite illegal--trick jumping is generally frowned upon, and doing the crazy stuff we were doing was grounds for being kicked off the mountain. Not to mention that we had actually *built* this jump.
Dave: So I asked them to take my pass off of my leg and put it in my pocket, which they did. One of my 'friends' got so scared he just took off, not wanting to get busted again and possibly have his pass revoked.
Dave: Somebody else finally went and got the ski patrol, so after I had been laying in the snow for about an hour, I got put into a sled and taken down the mountain.
Dave: They asked me what had happened, and not being able to think up a better excuse (and being a generally honest person anyway) I told them the truth.
Dave: And they were like "Where the heck did you find a jump big enough to be pulling double daffys anyway?"
Dave: And I said. "Um, actually, we built it with some old logs and stuff."
Dave: "You *built* it?" At this point I thought they were just going to kick me out into the snow, but nothing more was said, and they called an ambulance to cart me away (I guess they figured having to go to the hospital was punishment enough)
Dave: So I spent about 6 or 8 hours at the hospital, had X-rays done, and finally had a doctor tell me "You've broken your pelvis. The muscle in your leg that controls the back and forth movements pulled so hard against the bone that it actually ripped a chunk off. There's nothing we can do but wait and see if it heals."
Dave: He showed me the X-ray, and that chunk of bone with the muscle attached looked to be a good inch away from the rest of my pelvis. So that explained all the ripping and squelching sounds I had heard.
* Grishny winces
eric: yeeeeeeech.
* Leen is thoroughly grossed out, now
Leen: and I've heard the story before.
Dave: Thankfully, what happened was that some new bone grew back in between that fragment and the rest of my pelvis--the human body is truly a marvel. So that restored full and natural movement of my right leg, and left me with only a slight bump that I can still feel to this day. Also, if I do too much running, it starts to get sore. Which is just another reason for me to not run
Dave: So that's pretty much the whole story. TOP THAT! :-P
Grishny: I can't top that. I've tried never to be involved in any sports which could get me killed.
Leen: But you left out the part about needing to throw up.
Sam: And the part about the doctor not believing what you were doing when it happened!
Dave: Oh oh oh! Yeah!
Dave: I had been lying down for about 6 to 8 hours, like I said.
Dave: And when I went to stand up finally, I got all nauseated. So I said "I think I might throw up". And the doctor gives me this little itty-bitty kidney bean shaped bowl to use. And I'm thiking "Dude, if I hurl, this bowl ain't going to cut it!"
Dave: Thankfully, I didn't throw up.
Dave: Oh, and also, the doctor insisted that I must have been crossing my legs at the time. And said "Um, no, actually, I was moving them apart." I'm still not sure what he was thinking. But he told me I'd never be able to cross my legs again--and when I showed him I could several months later he was stunned. I *still* don't know what he was thinking.
Sam: You couldn't have been doing what with skis on anyway.
Dave: Not without some serious twisting involved. :-)
Leen: I fell off a horse and landed on my back, and then the horse stepped on my leg.
Sam: Left a hoof-print bruise on you for a while. :-)
Leen: I got to ride in an ambulance, that time.
Grishny: The scariest personal injury I've had was the time I put my hand through a pane of glass and sliced my wrist open. I was home alone at the time and thought I was going to bleed to death.
eric: that does sound scary. what are you doing with panes of glass lying around your house?
Grishny: I was about 8 or 9 years old at the time. There was a neighbor kid who kept coming over and bugging me, and I wanted him out of the house. When he finally left, I ran around the house really fast shutting and locking all the external door. My hand slipped off the knob of the front door and broke right through the glass.
Darien: I have a stupid sled jump story...
Darien: When I was in seventh grade - no, eighth grade - some friends and I were out sledding. We had quite a lot of snow that year, and a lot of ice, too...
Darien: We built a jump for our sleds, which was pretty fun. But, being idiots (we were in eighth grade, what do you want?), we kept "improving" it by packing more and more snow onto it. This thing was like two feet high by the time we were done with it.
Darien: Now, since I was, as I have already said, an idiot, I decided it would be fun to go sledding off this jump standing up...
Dave: LOL!
Darien: I ended up about six feet up, and then I ended up upside-down.
Darien: I landed on my head.
Darien: On the ice.
Sam: That RULES!
Darien: And to add injury to... well, more injury, the sled ended up hitting me in the face on the way down.
* Sakura winces. That had to hurt...
Darien: I got a concussion. We found this out several days later.
Darien: That's my third most serious personal injury.
Sam: LOL
Sam: Third?
Darien: But now it's Nyperold's turn, and then I'll get to number two. ;-}
Dave has left.
Sam: Darien's Countdown
RinkChat: User Darien has been labeled 'Casey Kasem' by Darien.
Grishny: Sheesh, Darien. I thought I was accident prone when I was a kid...
Marvin: Man, all I've done to myself is fell and broke my collarbone. You people must be suicidal :)
Nyperold: I was at home at the time (You know what they say...), doing schoolwork.
Nyperold: I was homeschooling at the time, so this was during the day.
Nyperold: It was fairly cold inside, so rather than put something on over my shorts...
Nyperold: I decided to climb into my parents' waterbed to keep warm.
Nyperold: At the time, there was an old, thick glass globe hanging under the light fixture.
Nyperold: When I got into the bed, I bumped my head on it, which broke off about a third of the globe.
eric: ouch!
Nyperold: This piece landed on my right thigh, cutting a chunk out of it.
Grishny: A big chunk? Like stew meat?
Nyperold: More like a quarter of a Chicken McNugget.
Nyperold: Anyway, we had the car, since we were going into town anyway.
Nyperold: We went to the emergency room, and got a shot to dull the pain(caused some pain, too; hurt worse than getting cut).
Grishny: Well that was a stupid shot
Nyperold: They put 8 stitches in my leg. I could feel the sewing, but it didn't hurt.
Nyperold: They took the stitches out a few days later.
Sam: So your head was fine in all of this?
Nyperold: Head was fine. Not so much as a bump.
Nyperold: Eight years later, if you look closely, you can still see where the cut occured.
Grishny: My mom had facial stitches in her cheek when she was little. She went up to a dog that tried to bite her face off.
Marvin: Ok. This was about 6 sis years ago, when I was in 5th grade. I was in gym class and we were playing flag football.
Marvin: I was trying to catch someone and I figured, why not just dive and try to grab his flag?
Marvin: So I jumped, and landed right on the ground. Missed him, but I found I couldn't move my left arm.
Marvin: Of course, the stupid gym teacher thought nothing of it, so I had to get up and walk down the hill and into the school all by myself.
Marvin: When I got to the nurse's office, and she immediately told me it was broken.
Marvin: So I had broken my collarbone. I still have the bump today.
Marvin: It turns out I had landed on a rock.
Marvin: That's the only bone I've ever broken.
JOY: i broke my arm last year, i didn't wanna be a baby, so i didn't go to the hospital for two weeks.
JOY: then i found out it was broken.
JOY: then i ripped my cast apart cause it was bugging me.
JOY: by using my broken wrist to push against the side until i broke through
* JOY thinks he does the stupidest thingys with his injuries when he gets them.
Grishny: I only broke a bone once. I fell out of a tree that I was climbing. Actually, what I was trying to do was jump down and grab a limb, swing on it like Tarzan, and then let go and drop safely to the ground. But it didn't work out that way.
Grishny: I was about 10 at the time. I couldn't get a grip on the branch, and I fell, landing on my outstretched arm. I fractured my wrist, and had to wear a cast for 3 months.
Grishny: It was during that time that I first learned how to play Monopoly!
* Darien tells his number two story. :-}
Darien: My number two story takes place with me being about two years old - proving that I've always been an idiot.
Darien: I was outside playing, and I found the brick pile.
Darien: My mommy told me not to play with the bricks.
Darien: My mommy went inside.
Darien: So I played with the bricks, and ended up dropping one on my foot.
Darien: I broke my big toe doing this.
Darien: But that's not the end of the story.
Darien: My thinking was as follows: My mommy told me not to play with the bricks. I was playing with the bricks. Ergo, if she finds out, I'll get in trouble.
Darien: So, obviously, I can't tell her I was playing with the bricks.
Darien: If she finds out I hurt my foot, I'll have to tell her how, and I'll get in trouble. So, obviously, I can't tell her I hurt my foot.
Sarya: impeccable logic
Grishny: You were a good thinker, Darien. You know how mommies are.
Darien: So I walked on a broken toe for a week without telling anyone.
Darien: But *that's* not the end of the story.
Darien: A week after I broke my toe, I was doing something else (I don't recall what), and sprained my ankle, so my parents took me to the doctor.
Darien: He took some X-Rays, and reported that my ankle was going to be fine.
Darien: And so was my toe.
Darien: The respone from my parents was, to quote: "What?"
Grishny: LOL
Darien: So the whole story came out, a week after it happened. :-}
Darien: And that's my second-worst personal injury. :-}
Enigma: Can I tell one of another family member?
Darien: Go for it, Enigma. I'll tell my first at the end. ;-}
Enigma: Ok, my brother and my sister had to move this giant exercise machine from the back porch to the garage.
Enigma: They had the ingenious idea that they could use one of those rickety little plastic fertilizer spreaders to do it.
Grishny: Whoa. Those things are dangerous.
Enigma: Our house was built on a hill, and so it had to go down the grassy slope and then up again.
Enigma: But the driveway to the garage was raised a couple of inches.
Enigma: The fertilizer spreader tripped on it, and down came the exercise machine.
Enigma: Onto my sister's toe.
Enigma: Now, my sister was a ballerina.
Grishny: Uh oh.
Enigma: They rushed her to the hospital, made her wait an hour, then found out they didn't have the right tools to help her, so they sent her to another hospital
Grishny: Ick.
Enigma: They were only able to save the tip of the toe (since it had been severed on the concrete)
Enigma: Years later, we're sitting down in the living room with some formal company, and my sister says to our guests, "Wanna see my toe?"
Enigma: She went into a drawer and pulled out something that looked like a raisin and passed it around to our company.
Enigma: Apparently, she had asked to keep that part of her toe, then hid it for years without telling anybody.
Sarya: That is SOOOO gross!!!
eric: your sister rules, enigma
Sarya: Ticia was reading that with me and I think she just went to go throw up.
Darien: That rules.
Sarya: That's sick!
Grishny: I don't understand...I thought you said they were able to save it...You meant she was able to save it, eh?
Enigma: They could not save the middle part.
Sarya: did she have to quit ballet?
Enigma: No, actually, she just got on to point!
Enigma: Her ballet instructor invented some molded shoe thing that lets her dance on point
Enigma: She's going to be a foot model for the shoe sometime soon.
Grishny: Wow. The wonders of modern technology...
Enigma: not quite your typical glass-shoe fairy tale, I suppose.
Sarya: definitely not
* JOY likes the sound his cast made when he hit it really hard against metal objects. (2nd grade)
Darien: Time for my number one story?
JOY: Ready!
Darien: Okay. I promise that this story involves no parts of my body... umm... ceasing to be parts of my body.
Enigma: lol
Darien: This is a gym class story... senior year. We were playing soccer,.
Darien: A touch of background: I cannot for the life of me figure out *why* (I'm not very good at soccer), but about two-thirds of the other team's defense would always be covering *me.* So I got very good at playing the ball out of the air, since I'd lose it the second it hit the ground.
Darien: Anyhow, one time, I jumped up and kicked the ball - directly into the face of my friend Pete, who was close enough to be hit by the ball while it was still touching my foot.
Darien: Pete was 5'1" and weighed *almost* a hundred pounds.
* Grishny imagines Pete's head flying through the air...
Darien: Needless to say, he collapsed on the ground. I was all kind of upset; I was afraid I had killed him or some such.
Darien: I was asking him if he was okay, and looking around for anybody to help.
Darien: I forgot I was in mid-air.
Grishny: whoops.
Sarya: ouch!
Enigma: lol
Darien: I came down *hard* on my right leg, and, since I wasn't braced for it, it didn't hold. My knee wrenched around, and I collapsed in quite a bit of pain.
Darien: I dragged myself back up, despite how much my knee hurt. And I played the rest of the game - another hour - on it.
Enigma: Dang, that's an incredible story!
Darien: Now for the reason this is my worst injury story, outclassing my broken toe and concussion and split-open head:
Darien: It *never* healed. Even now, my knee doesn't bend very well, and hurts a whole lot whenever I do anything that requires it to bend, like, oh, WALKING.
* Sam has a scrape on his wrist right now.
Grishny: I gotta run! See you all later!
Darien: 'Bye, Grish!
Grishny: Bye D. And be careful. It's dangerous, being alive and all...
Grishny has left.
Enigma: lol
Enigma: That's because oxygen is so addictive... one whiff, and you're hooked for life!
Kiki has entered.
Kiki: hello everyone!
Sam: Kiki, have you had any nasty injuries?
Kiki: not really, actually.... ooh, besides that one. but it didn't need stitches or anything. i've never had an injury that required a hospital visit, lets put it that way
Sam: Well tell us about it! Make us flinch with how much it hurt!
Kiki: okay, well one day... this must have been 1st or 2nd grade.... i was roller skating on my front sidewalk
Kiki: and i fell down and cut up my knees REALLY badly..... after a couple weeks they had healed up
Kiki: but one of the scars didn't..... i had this weird bump thingy on my knee, and it was filled with pus
extirpator: SWEET!
Kiki: so we kept trying to help it heal, like my mom would poke it with a pin and squeeze all the pus out (which REALLY hurt) and then we would put bandaids and neosporin on it and stuff
RinkChat: User Enigma has been labeled 'Kiki TULES!!!!' by Enigma.
Kiki: but it never healed
Kiki: and to this day i have a weird bump on my knee..... i think the bone has grown into it now, actually
Sam: That RULES.
Kiki: other than that, i have various assorted scars from bike trip.... and then that other scar
Kiki: oooh, THAT'S an interesting one
Kiki: i had this other weird bump-type thingy on my knee (this was just this past summer)
Kiki: and then like a few days before bike trip, it exploded.... that's the only way i can think of to describe it
Kiki: i ended up with this sore-thing on my knee, must have been a quarterinch across
Kiki: and it oozed pus and stuff, ALL bike trip
Enigma: That rules Kiki!
* extirpator gives Kiki a Purple Heart
* eric pats Kiki on the back
Kiki: of course, i wouldn't have some of the scars from bike trip that i have if i hadn't gotten into the bad habit of picking at my scabs =6
Sam: I broke out my two front teeth when I was running around a gravelly area in the playground once, when I was young. Took years before my adult teeth grow in to replace them.
extirpator: Mmmm... Running around in gravelly areas.
Sam: Also, when I was eleven and we were living in Germany, I slipped, bashed my head on asphalt, and knocked myself unconscious when I was jumping over a ditch.
Sam: I was with my younger brother and a friend at the time. My brother had his bike with him, but my friend and I were on foot. Now, I found out this part of the story later: my friend noticed something was up with me before my brother did and said, "Jake, I need to borrow your bike." And Jake said, "Well, my mother told me I'm not allowed to loan people my bike." My friend convinced him, took the bike, and raced back to tell my parents. My father got on the bike and headed back, while my mother ran along behind. (We were just a couple of rows of houses away.)
Sam: Meanwhile, I started regaining conscious. The first thing I became aware of, lying there on the pavement, was my brother (seven years old, then) bawling his eyes out over me and saying, "Are you dead? Are you dead?"
Sam: I hadn't regained enough control to be able to speak just then -- I couldn't speak or open my eyes -- all I could do was move my arm around a little to show him that I hadn't snuffed it just yet.
Sam: My parents showed up about right then. The details are hazy, because I still wasn't with it, but I assume one of them stayed with me and the other one went to go get the car. I was carted off to the German hospital.
Sam: I had bashed my head in. Needed a couple stitches there, and I had also scraped up my right thigh all over and bashed my left knee a little.
extirpator: Hehehe
Darien: Ooo, I have an interesting burn-scar story. :-}
Darien: I was baking something one day (don't remember what it was), and I took it out of the oven wearing only one potholder (no, I *don't* know why. I told you before, I'm an idiot).
Darien: It was heavier than I could carry with one hand, and I started to drop it.
Darien: I thought about what to do, and decided I didn't want to drop it all over the floor, thereby destroying what I had just baked.
Enigma: lol, Sam and Darien both: that rules
Darien: So I stuck my other arm under the edge of the pan, and supported it on that.
Darien: And I *walked* across the room to the counter and put it down.
Enigma: YES!!! Darien RULES
* Kiki cringes at Darien's story
Darien: I have a scar from that one. :-}
eric: so macho, darien
Darien: My shoulders and forearms are also a little bit scarred-up from when I got second-degree sunburn. I just shouldn't have been in the sun that long, I guess. :-}
Sam: You are insane.
Darien: Why do you say that?
* extirpator once found his arm nudged between a moving motor-scooter and a gravel road
Sam: "Nudged"???
extirpator: For some time, actually.
extirpator: Gravel and skin don't mix very well at high velocities
* Sakura looks back on this conversation so far and grins. All because Leen went /away and made Kiki an op...
Kiki: what where when? i don't get it.....
Sakura: Remember a few hours back when Leen went /away and you were an op? Someone clapped for you, Grishny complained that no one had clapped for him when he was an op. Someone clapped for him, he started dancing, and he tripped, causing his nose to bleed, starting up this whole thing. I'm sure you remember that...
Kiki: it's continued since THEN???? CRAzy!!!!
* eric has had stitches once.
eric: one time there was this big toy rocking horse thing and it was lying on its side on the floor, and i was standing on it reading a book---second grade, this was---and i fell off and fractured my shoulder. months later i was at the discovery zone (chuck e. cheese plus more fun stuff and minus the idiotic mascots) and i hit my shoulder against the wall of one of the big "tube" things, and it fractured again, and we went to the hospital later and they did some weird stuff while i was under anesthesia (which is fun, except for the bit about occasionally puking afterwards) and they gave me some
eric: sort of shot and took out a bone sample (which is why i had the stitches, which left these little bumps on my arm). i've been in a few times since then to get the shots (which i'm stil anesthesized for. hmm.). nothing graphic. my excessive bleeding story is not related and will be told at a later time, after someone else tells their story
JOY: ok, you know those tire swing things? the tire is horizontal and it can spin around in circles?
eric: yeah. those rule
JOY: well, when i was in first grade we had some of those at this park, and i was getting REALLY good at getting them going REALLY fast
JOY: and i would always get them so fast that i couldn't hold on anymore and my arms would fly of the thing and it'd be like lying backwards till it slowed down enough for me to get up again
eric: yeah, i think i've done that. fun. what happened?
JOY: and one time i decided that it would be really fun to stand up while i did it, so i got it going really fast and stood up, and my feet flew out from under me and one of my hands slipped of the chains i was holding on to
JOY: and there i was, hanging on by one arm swinging around in circles horizontally like 6 feet off the ground for a little while
Enigma: lol!
eric: and then what? did your arm fall off?
JOY: and i couldn't hold on anymore, so i let go, flew like 7 feet, rolled 2, hit a BIG metal bar, and broke my leg.
Kiki: owwww
JOY: and that's that
eric: yowowowowow!
Sakura: Ouch to that, too.
* eric gives JOY a Band-Aid
JOY: it was fun until the breaking the leg thing!
* extirpator , in the 4th-5th grade era, was utterly fascinated by propelling objects high into the air. We tried throwing small stones, but that didn't work very well. Eventually we discovered that making a level/fulcrum system out of a slat of wood and droping a brick on it worked very well. This was reasonably safe, but the wood broke too often. Then we tried a totally different approach. We found partially-inflated kickball balls and pressed a dent into them. We put the dent side up and placed a small stone in there, and positioned the ball up against a short wall and kicked the ball's side.
extirpator: Once, when kicking the ball as hard as possible, the small stone nudged into my forehead.
Kiki: ow!
eric: lol!!!
Sakura: Ouch...
Enigma: Boy, I bet you felt that one!
* extirpator , after being wounded in action, began having maple tree propeller distance contests, then then got into the trade of paper airplanes. Much safer :-)
* Sakura shakes her head and sighs. We're a bunch of geniuses, aren't we...?
extirpator: Oh, the dispair of having your prized maple tree propeller being damaged.
Sam: Heh. In ninth grade, we used to throw rocks at each other. There was this sparsely wooded area behind the school that dipped down and back up, with a little creek at the bottom. At lunch time, we'd sneak out back there, split into teams, and try to hit each other with rocks. I never got hit, but I remember a couple of stones zipping by my head by just a few inches -- closely enough for me to hear them whiz through the air. That ruled. Then a teacher found out, and we couldn't do it anymore.
* Sam reminds Darien that HE is the one that's insane.
* Darien remembers that he is insane, and warms up his tobogganing story. :-}
Darien: When I was in eighth grade, some of my friends and I used to go tobogganing out in the yard at school during lunch (this was a private school).
Darien: This school had a little creek running out by the biggest hill - the one we'd toboggan down.
Darien: Now, jumping topics for a second, I was not the most devoted student ever. (Of course, that has changed *completely* by now ;-}), and would go to great lengths to get out of going to class.
Darien: One particular great length I went to was to toboggan into the creek.
Darien: In January.
Darien: It worked - I got out of classes for the rest of the day. They set me up in the rehearsal hall next to a space heater. :-}
extirpator: woops
eric: hahaha!
extirpator: It wasn't frozen?
Darien: Nope. It was just about warm enough to be moving. :-}
* Sakura gets hurt even when she doesn't try to do anything athletic. She's just naturally clumsy. ^^;
* eric gets hurt even when he doesn't try to do anything athletic. He's just an idiot. ^^!
Darien: Then there was the time I hit myself in the face with a stick. And the explanation of the dagger-hole in my shirt. But those will wait until some other time. :-}
Enigma: lol
JOY: oooh, then in second grade i was racing someone on rollerskates! i was going really fast and i tripped and fell on my face and wrist, it broke. then the guy racing me ran over it...
JOY: my wrist that is
Enigma: ouch!
Enigma: Can I tell my knee story?
JOY: sure!
Enigma: Okay, well, when I first got to college, it was still Summer, and I was staying in this frat-type building with 15 other guys. The important point to note is the extremely hard rug used to floor the place.
Enigma: One night, the guys start having a wrestling contest.
Enigma: After four years of wrestling in high school varsity, I decided to go ahead and wrestle too
Enigma: In the middle of wrestling [the guy who later turned out to be my psychotic roomate], I got taken down and my knee scraped the floor, very hard.
Enigma: It hurt, but I kept on wrestling anyway, ignoring it.
Enigma: [if you have a weak stomach, please do not read the following]
Enigma: When the match was over, I had to go back and pick up the chunks of flesh that were no longer on my knee like they were supposed to be. For the next few months, I continually re-injured the same spot in different manners, and still have the scar to this day.
* Sakura winces. Ow...
Enigma: It's an odd purple circle on my knee.
gabby: Ick.
Enigma: (actually, on checking, I've discovered that it's no longer purple. Cool!)
* gabby missed the warning about weak stomachs
Dave has entered.
Dave: Hey again.
Dave: Oh, are we *still* telling gruesome personal injury stories?
JOY: oooh! i almost forgot!
JOY: that same day at the roller skating rink that i broke my arm, i had a big wart type thing on my knee, like a quarter of an inch cubed, and i fell down on the rug, and ripped it completely off.
JOY: it bled for a long time.
Dave: Awesome! Great way to get rid of nasty skin blemishes!
JOY: but then it came back, so i picked at it till it was gone again. then it came back again so we finally went to the doctor and he froze it off. that hurt more than any of the other ways
eric: wow. i had a wart once, and it was splitting and cracking and getting gross, so finally i just pulled all the chunks out and clipped off the tiny remaining bits with toenail clippers. but it didn't hurt nearly as much as yours did
eric: see, and the doctor tried cold compresses, and those didn't do anything except hurt, and salt water (we were in mexico at the time, by the sea of cortez---very salty) made it split. i hated that wart
Enigma: I have an uncle who once dug out a plantar wart using a #2 pencil
Sam: Ripping off flesh RULES.
JOY: THEN i was playing baseball and i got a rock in my knee, that was like 6 years ago and i still have the scar
JOY: it hurt and got my uniform all bloody, but i didn't tell my coach and he yelled at me for not running fast enough
eric: oh yeah? i got a ceiling in the head! that hurt! well, my butt hurt more than my head, because after i hit the ceiling i landed on the stairs. my head didn't start to really hurt until after it stopped bleeding
eric: the blood ran all down my face and past my eyes an into my mouth. it was kind of scary. there's a small bloodstain in the carpet still. you know, the skin is still kind of thin and sensitive where i cut it
gabby: I HAD a cousin who impaled himself through the hamstring with an axe handle when he was chopping wood. He fell and tried to pry it out while lying on the ground, but he someone decapitated himself. I'm pretty sure it hurt a lot, and that there was plenty of gore for people to clean up and use to pick their teeth.
* gabby lied, of course.
Enigma: Can I tell one final guesome story, at the request of a friend?
Enigma: I had this friend who went on a camping trip. She tripped while entering the tent, and one hand landed on a soft air mattress while the other one hit the ground hard, at an odd angle.
Enigma: When she went to the hospital, they put her fingers into a mechanical Chineese-Finger-Trap-with-weights device to set her wrist, and it pulled the arm until her fingers turned purple.
eric: that's rather odd, enigma
* Sakura looks at the clock. This has been quite a long conversation...
* Mel wonders how long Rinkchat has been on the subject of gross stories.
Enigma: since 4:00 (eastern time), when I left work.
eric: jiminy crickets! three hours?!
JOY: three and a half
Mel: Gads. That's a lot of gruesome stories...
Mel: I heard a rather gruesome story today at school. A woman got her nose bit off by a dog, and the plastic surgeons took some skin from her scalp to put back over her nose. Being skin from the scalp, hair still grew out of it, and she had a very hairy nose for the next two months until the doctors could perform electrolysis.
gabby: LOL.
eric: wow! that's funny! in a sad, twisted way, of course

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