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Sometimes I'm just mean -- but going to bed has never been so exciting.

* Washu goes to brush her teeth.
* Washu will go to bed in about ten minutes. The problem is not that the good chats start after she leaves, it's that they start right before she leaves.
Washu: Time to set my alarm. Any votes (birds/ocean/brooks. yeasterday was birds.)
* Washu would do beep, except she already has her other alarm clock on beep. It broke such that it can only beep, no longer play the radio.
Washu: Brooks, then.
Washu: The ocean sound on mine is probably the least soothing. There are evil seagulls.
* Washu puts her alarm clock in a moderatrly inaccessible place.
* Washu is pretty sure she could fall asleep again after turning it off. Or learn to sleep through it...
* Sam has to go to the bathroom. Be right back.
Issachar: Have fun!
Issachar: Don't forget to write!
Issachar: And flush! Flush!
* Sam is finished. False alarm. Now, to floss...
* Sam is quite pleased. No stuck food in the left rear molars....
* Washu is beggining to wonder if Sam's computer is *in* his bathroom...
* famous would rather not know.
* Sam finds a small splinter of roast beef in his canine teeth. Hrumph. Roast beef was last Sunday.
* Sam squeezes a whitehead just underneath his nose, but it won't pop.
* Sam wonders if anyone here has a needle he can borrow.
famous: Gross!!
Issachar: Altogether, now: EWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!
Dave: You rule, Sam.
Sam: Washu, can I ask you a question?
Washu: You can indeed. I might not answer, though.
Sam: Exactly how many square inches is your nightstand? I ask, because it's important that it be significantly larger than the surface area your alarm takes up. Otherwise, carelessly and groggily shutting it off in the morning might knock it onto the floor.
Sam: I'm also highly curious as to the material your sheets and blankets are made up of.
Sam: And do you sleep with them pulled all the way up or down at the waist level or so?
Washu: My sheets are made of sheet material and my comforter is denim. I haven't got a nightstand, I put one alarm on the floor and one at the other end of the room on an overhead bookshelf.
Washu: It depends how cold it is. Usually pretty high.
Washu: I hit the snooze buttons for an hour and fall asleep all six times...
Sam: Ok, but what position do you start to fall asleep in, and is it different from how you wake up?
Washu: I always seem to wake up exactly like I fall asleep.
Sam: But how is that?
Washu: On my side, half facing down. I used to sleep on my stomach, but that ceased to be comfortable.
Sam: At what age?
Washu: Er... maybe 13ish?
Sam: Ok. Now, are your legs together or apart when you fall asleep? I fall asleep with one sort of half bent and the other straight, so although I'm lying on my stomach, it's sort of at an angle.
Sam: What about your arms? Up by your head, or under your pillow, or down by your sides?
Washu: But I slept on my side occationally before that, and if I don't rearrange myself before I go to sleep (if I'm so tired I don't care) I can fall asleep any which-way...
* Brunnen_G sets alarm clock to "Screaming Axe Wielding Psycho Climbing Through Bedroom Window"
* Brunnen_G likes to worry the neighbours
ladadadada: Where do you get alarm clocks with so many fancy options?
ladadadada: Mine beeps or plays the radio...
Brunnen_G: Jeez, lada, I got it from the Screaming Axe Wielding Psycho Shop. You must not live in a very good shopping area.
* Dave has an alarm that rings louder and louder every second, and requires the entry of a sixteen-digit code before it will stop. Dave sometimes gets nosebleeds from the noise before he can get the code in right without fat-fingering it.
* ladadadada thinks Dave is silly to get an alarm clock with speakers that good.
* Dave 's alarm clock speakers really aren't that good--it's just that he has the whole contraption hooked up to his computer and his stereo system. Sometimes he forgets to turn the numlock key on, and passes out from the noise before he can get the code entered.
* Dave has his computer set to automatically dial 911 in case he can't shut off his alarm within twenty-seven seconds, which is the point that he generally passes out at. Then the ambulance people show up and take him to work. Dave has woken up many a morning in front of his computer at work wearing just his undies.
* Dave 's coworkers have gotten used to the sight, fortuntaely. They joke about it, saying "Looks like another 28 second morning for Dave!"
Dave: Before I got the killer alarm clock I've got now, I thought about rigging up something that would dump cold water on me. But I figured that'd suck, because I'd have to change the sheets every day.
* Brunnen_G has an alarm system on the boat that, if I don't turn it off in time, unplugs the bungs in the hold and lets water in under the bunk
* ladadadada thinks that Brunnen-G's alarm isn't very sensible.
* Brunnen_G normally sleeps in a cryogenic chamber at home, though, so depends on other people remembering the security codes to wake me up
* Brunnen_G was 342 years and eight months late for work one day as a result of an incorrect code
* Nyperold has a very efficient alarm: puppy tongue.
Brunnen_G: You know, I really want one of those alarm clocks I saw in National Geographic, like the Xhosa tribe uses.
Dave: You mean those maurading lions that maul random tribesmen? Yeah, that'd get me out of bed in a *hurry*!
Brunnen_G: No, no, it's an actual alarm clock. I think it runs on witchcraft.
Brunnen_G: It has options of ocean, birds, buzz or marauding lion.
Brunnen_G: But once it runs down, you need a shaman to start it going again, and there aren't any around my area.
Dave: Go with the maurading lions idea, instead. That'd work better.
* Washu is happy. She finally got to be in an archived chat.

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