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Archives: Another Self-Chat


Darien talks to himself, too. It's contagious.

Darien: Where, oh where has my Minamoon gone? Where, oh where has she gone?
Darien: That works better with Minamoon than it does with Kiki. Minamoon has three syllables, you see, while Kiki only has two. That's why I have to add an extra "ki" to the end of Kiki (that is, "Kikiki") and I don't have to add an extra "moon" to the end of "Minamoon" (that is, "Minamoonmoon").
Darien: I bet she's left me for Dave. It was all over as soon as he sang that song to her...
Darien: Curse you, Dave! You and your silver tongue!
Darien: Your silver tongue and your golden throat!
Darien: Actually, in retrospect, I can see why she left me for him... after he dies, he'll be worth so much just in precious metal content...
Darien: So it was about money the whole time, was it? She only wanted me for my fortune!
Darien: Well, that and my cool car, anyhow...
Darien: My car rocks, I'm telling you. It's like the batmobile.
Darien: I cruise down the street with my arm up on the window and flames roaring out the back of it... all the chicks I see, they really dig me... they drool all over me when I ask them if they would like to ride with Batman.
Darien: Well, okay, I don't have a car. But if I did, it would be cool like the Batmobile!
Darien: I have a bicycle, though! The Batmobike!
Darien: Well, okay... it's not the Batmobike... but if Batman had a bike, it would be this one
Darien: Well, maybe not... it's green, after all, not black...
Darien: But I *do* have the Bat Utility Belt!
Darien: Well, I have a belt, anyhow...
Darien: A black one...
Darien: Okay, fine! I get it! It wasn't my car she was after!
Darien: It must have been my hot body... man am I just ripped.
Darien: Five feet, five inches of stacked muscle. One hundred thirty-five pounds of it.
Darien: Make that huge, stacked muscle!
* Darien flexes and poses.
Darien: Boy, am I just jacked. The chicks all really drool.
Darien: Well, actually, they laugh more than they drool...
Darien: I'm not really all that stacked...
Darien: But I'm about as much a huge tower of muscle as I could be, considering I'm five-five and one hundred thirty-five pounds!
Darien: Well, okay, no I'm not... but I have Batmopecs!
Darien: Well... no I don't. But I do have a veritable fortune, as I said before.
Darien: Why, I just bought my brother a pair of corporations for Christmas!
Darien: Well, okay, so I bought him a pair of games from the bargain software rack. They were Batman games, though!
Darien: Well, no, I suppose they weren't. But they *did* come in black boxes!
Darien: Okay, one of them did, anyhow.
Darien: I guess I'm not rich, I'm not pumped up, and I don't have a really cool car. So I guess I can understand why she'd leave me for smoeone as charming and valuable on the precious metals market as Dave is...
Shandar has entered.
Shandar: Oh my goodness. I never thought there would be someone here.
Shandar: Oh, well. Guess you're not talking.
Shandar: bye for now
Shandar has left.
Darien: Oh, rats. I missed him.

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