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Archives: The Banning of Sam


Do you believe this? My own friend and cohort!

[RinkChat] User Sam has been kicked from the chat room by Dave.
Sam has left.
Dave: hehehe. Top spot at last.
SpiderBoy: uhoh, Sam and Dave are at it again, this could get ugly
Dave: Let's see how long it takes him to log back in.
Dave: I wonder if I can /ban him?
[RinkChat] User Sam has been banned from the chat room by Dave.
Nyperold: I wonder if he knows he's gone...
SpiderBoy: This will get bad
Dave: That rules.
Dave: I wonder how long it would take him to fix that. Not long, probably.
Dave: Hrm. What else can I do?
SpiderBoy: I fear the wrath of Sam
Dave: Hrm. This is taking longer than I suspected.
Morris: sam's going to be mad when he gets back
Dave: I wonder what he's up to.
Morris: dave, you didn't just boot him, you banned him
Morris: you have to unban him first
Dave: I know. But it's not like he can't fix that.
Dave: He has access to the source code. I"m just waiting to see how long it takes him.
* Nyperold knows an easy way for him to get back in, I wonder if that's what he'll do.
SpiderBoy: Does Sam realize he is banned yet?
snoopykat: i understand the wrath of sam
Brunnen_G: He's probably cooking up some sort of evil surprise tactic against you, Dave
Dave: I don't know. He may not even realize he's been kicked out of the chatroom yet.
Nyperold: He doesn't have to use source code to re-enter.
Dave: This is taking too long.
Dave: No fun.
Nyperold: Sam, of course, can lean on other resources.
Dave: I can't believe Sam isn't back yet. I wonder what he's up to.
Brunnen_G: Oh, he is definitely up to something evil, Dave. Just you wait.
Stephen: Dave: Is Sam supposed to come back?
Brunnen_G: Stephen: Dave banned him.
Stephen: Brunnen: Seriously? Hhahaahha
Dave: Yeah. I kicked him out of the chatroom and then banned him while he was "away". I'm waiting for him to figure out what happened and correct the problem and come thrash me.
Darien: He banned *Sam?* I thought Sam fixed it so he couldn't do that!
Dave: Sam is disappointing me. I really thought he'd be back by now. He must not even be at his computer, which is rare.
Dave: I got a network error when the page went to reload, and I had to manually hit the reload button.
SpiderBoy: oh, maybe Sam is getting revenge?
Dave: I doubt it. He'd just do something to me, not the rest of you.
Morris: dave, has sam come back yet since you banned him?
Dave: Nope
Scaarge: Dave, you BANNED SAM???
Darien: Hehee. You missed that?
Scaarge: Let's get Sam back!!!
Dave: I think he's off doing something else. He could get back in if he really wanted to.
Dave: At the very least, he could get Leen to log in and unban him.
Darien: Dave: You could ban her, too. :-}
Liface: Sam probably isn't even online
Dave: Darien: Oooh, that's an idea... But no, see, it's trivially easy for Sam to get around either ban. And if I ban Leen, it'll only make him angrier (and her too) :-)
Darien: Dave: I know. But it would be funny. Or ban his IP address. :-}
Scaarge: No, don't ban Sam.
Scaarge: Cos of Sam, I bought both WotLOK I and II!
Dave: WotLOK?
SpiderBoy: WotLOK?
Darien: Dave: Did Sam *ever* show?
Dave: Darien: Nope.
Dave: He must have been doing something else, then went to bed. I'll probably catch hell tomorrow. I'll leave him banned until then, though :-)
Brunnen_G: Dave: That was pretty much the highlight of my day ...
Darien: Pheh. How dull of him. :-P

So where was I? That's the funniest part. Scant seconds before Dave logged on and kicked me, I had gone to bed for the night, and RinkChat had not yet timed me out of the chat window. I didn't find out about any of this until the next morning. Dave had an embittered email waiting for me, explaining what he did and that I had disappointed all my "fans." Heh.

His plan may not have worked out the way he was hoping, but I got my revenge later anyway....

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