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Archives: The Revenge of Sam


Two days later, I got Dave back. When Dave joined the chat room, I opened up another window and logged in as him. In the transcript below, when you see Dave's name in italics, it means it was really me talking. Of course, his name didn't appear in italics at the time.

Dave has entered.
Dave: Hey everyone.
Kiki: hi Dave!
Morris: hey dave
Dave: What's this link about? I can't seem to scroll back far enough to find out.
Dave: What's this link about? I can't seem to scroll back far enough to find out.
Dave: Um, I didn't say that again.
Dave: Silly chat room.
Kiki: heehee
Sam: Hi Dave!
Dave: Hey Sam. Who's story?
Kiki: Dave: mine
Sam: -- I like it so far!
Dave: Hey Sam. Who's story?
Kiki: Dave: you did it again
Dave: Jeez, what's causing that?
Sam: Dave: What?
Nyperold: the other is cool, and I would like to see the next installment.
Dave: I'm tired of this thing making me repeat myself, too.
Dave: the other is cool, and I would like to see the next installment
Sam: Um...what the heck?
Kiki: Dave: why'd you say what Nyperold said??
Dave: Um, no, I didn't say that at ALL
Dave: Something isn't right.
Kiki: i'm confused...
Dave: In fact, I was off reading unipeg's paper.
Nyperold: ANOTHER bug??
* Dave would like to announce that he likes to dress in women's undergarments, lick smelly things, and admire the shapeliness of his armpit hair.
Kiki: ummmmmm
Dave: Ok Sam, that was almost funny.
Kiki: now i'm totally lost
Dave: Knock it off, Kiki.
Kiki: I didn't do it!!!!!
Kiki: auuughh!!!!!
Dave: But I do have shapely armpit hair.
Dave: And I do like to lick smelly things.
* Kiki huddles in a corner whimpering softly
Dave: I suck.
* Sam thinks this is adequate revenge for the kicking and banning he received the day before yesterday. heheheheheheheheheheheheheheh
Dave: How droll
Kiki: Sam, that's evil
gremlinn007: ahhh..quick take a screenshot!
Sam: Oh, don't worry, I've got this logged.
Dave: Yeah, Sam, I have to admit, that was good. I'll never be able to get you back for that one.
Dave: You win.
Dave: Don't MAKE me kick your butt, Sam. I'm going to see you this weekend, after all.
Dave has left.
Kiki: oh, Dave's gone
Dave: Aw, I left.
Kiki: wait! Dave's not gone!
* Kiki is being traumatized more and more as this conversation continues
* Sam is just himself, now.
Kiki: okay.... good
Sam: I've been concocting that scheme for almost two days -- I was so disappointed when Dave never logged into RinkChat yesterday.
Dave has left.
Sam: Those duplicate lines he was saying was me, not a bug.
Kiki: teeheehee
Sam: I had to work up to the ultimate moment of realization.
Kiki: ohhhh
Kiki: okay

Two days later, on the 12th:

Darien: So, Dave... what did Sam do to you for the ban thing?
Dave: Darien: Ask him about it some time. I'm sure he'll be more than happy to tell you all about it :-)
* Darien is scared...
Darien: That sounds like repression to me. Was it really that horrible?
Dave: No. It's just that I'm sure Sam would relish the chance to go over the whole scheme again in minute detail. I didn't give him any real satisfaction by being upset or even letting him know I thought it was a good revenge, so he has to have an outlet somewhere :-)
* Darien thinks Dave is trying to put him in a position to get hit by Sam's frustration. :-}
Dave: Nah. He thinks it was a great plot. I'm just not playing along by admitting that it was.

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