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It's all Brunnen-G's fault. Brunnen-G kept teasing me by calling me gooshy names. I had to put a stop to it. But kicking from the chat room wasn't working.

Wolf: Does Leen have a "superhero"?
Sam: Leen appears as Daerleena in Dave's book -- she doesn't make an appearance in DotA, but she'll show up in GotA.
Brunnen_G: Yes, he's called Snoogy Woogy Wookums Man ... aarrgh ...
[RinkChat] User Brunnen_G has been kicked from the chat room by Sam.
Brunnen_G has left.
Brunnen_G has entered.
Sam: I think Brunnen_G and I are inventing a tradition.
Sam: Perhaps I shouldn't be encouraging it.
Brunnen_G: Heh
Brunnen_G: Did I *say* it was you? *Did* I? Sheesh, some people are so sensitive
Sam: Hang on, I'll put a stop to this.
Sam: There. Brunnen-G, try saying that again.
Brunnen_G: Oh, all right. I won't do it again, I promise.
Sam: No really, try it.
Nyperold: What's supposed to happen?
Nyperold: Automatic kick?
Wolf: I'll try it.
Brunnen_G: Tempting... but... oh what the heck. Let's see what Sam's evil little mind has cooked up: rat maggot
Brunnen_G: LOL!
Sam: Yes!
Sam: No more lovey dovey talk. It's GONE.
Sam: rat dog slime cakes.
Brunnen_G: That'll stop me for sure. I hate people changing what I say. I wouldn't say Rat Maggot!
Sam: Yes!!
Wolf: Snoogle maggot woogums sslime hunny-bunny high frag count
Sam: Wolf: haahahahahah. You were more creative with the spelling, but just the one "maggot" change did in the whole phrase.
* Sam cracks up just thinking of someone calling one's dearest a "snoogle maggot."
Brunnen_G: Oh Sam, you snoogle maggot.
Brunnen_G: You're right, it doesn't work. Still LOL
Sam: cow dog pig slime maggot pie
Brunnen_G: I thought maybe the change would have been a permanent kick. Of course I would have come back, but I would have had to pick a new name
Sam: Nah, that's not nearly creative enough.
Wolf: Dearest little smooogly cutey macaroni bunny cake
Sam: Aw, man.
Brunnen_G: Blecch.
Sam: I can't trap *every* variation.
Sam: "smooogly" -- that's a good one.
Sam: But I still think "bunny cake" is at *least* as grotesque as "snoogle maggot," so I don't see how one of them is gross and one of them is romantic.
Brunnen_G: What's cute about macaroni? Am I missing something here?
Wolf: Hey Sam, show them *my* idea of racy talk.
Sam: "BX introduced AGP and has the ATA66 standard mounting 8 high-velocity 7200 rpm HD's instead of 4, except that Linux only recognizes the first HD for some reason, and the G-Force 256 chipset has a breakthrough transistor complexity greater than the P3 itself, and wow get an eyeful of these latest advances in stretching textured skins over extremely high polygon count!"
Brunnen_G: I read that one before at the forum ... that is *so* bad ...

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