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Archives: I Have Eyes Everywhere


I do, you know.

Sam has left.
Liface: I wonder if Sam can log chats if he's not on.
Dave: Liface: Sam can do anything. He always goes over the chat logs the next day, to see if he missed anything interesting ;-)
Liface: So, Sam is a superhero
Liface: Sam is Sno.okum Wo.okum man
Sam has entered.
Sam: I heard that.
Liface: Whoops. I better not say what I was about to say
Liface: Sorr--
Liface has left.
Sam: Uh HUH.
Sam: :-)
Sam: Good night all, for real.
Dave: That RULED
Morris: good night, sam
Finchplucker: I think he fears your wrath Sam. Good night.
Sam has left.
Wolf: Hey Dave, how'd Sam get Liface to leave without a kick?
Dave: Wolf: He just SCARED him, is all. :-)

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