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Sometimes Dave just cracks me up. Usually it's the enthusiasm with which he approaches some of the every day facets of life. Here, he stole the show by, of all things, fixing his dinner.

Dave: I just had to go dump the macaronin into the boiling water. I'm going to have to go stir it soon :-)
Leen: Dave: lol
Leen: what's dinner, Dave?
Dave: Woah, hang on..
Dave is away.
Dave is back.
Dave: Everything started to boil over there for a second. Cooking mac-n-cheese.
Leen: yum, mac-n-cheese rules!
Wolf: Dave, stick some frozen green peas and chopped-up hotdogs in the mac-n-cheese. It's great, I tell you.
Stephen: Frozen green peas? Ewww
Dave: Mmm, sounds good. I've done the hot dogs before, but never the peas. I may have to go see if I have any peas.
Dave: I've got some cooked chicken I'm going to throw in, though. Lemme go look for the peas...
Wolf: Actually, you're supposed to put the peas in the last 4 min of boiling the mac.
Stephen: The hot dogs I get
Stephen: But peas and cheese? That's just pure wrong
Leen: gross!
Leen: I agree stephen. Actually, just the peas alone is gross too. :)
Stephen: Heh heh. Not a big fan of peas either
Wolf: Don't you guys have any sense of complementary flavors? Peas go with cheese if you don't coat them in goo. Just fold them in.
Dave: Great idea, Wolf. I just threw in some frozen mixed vegetables (all I had). Should be cool. We'll see.
Dave: Peas and cheese is good. Pretty much anything is better once you dump cheese on it.
Leen: Dave, it will be crunchy!
Wolf: Not if he's boiling them (I hope!)
Dave: Naw, I'll just boil the heck out of them!
Dave: I had to add some more water, though, so now it has to come back to a boil. The macaroni was almost done, anyway.
Leen: hehe
Leen: i thought you had already dumped them into a collander
Leen: the mac, that is.
Dave: HAAHAHHAA! No way, even I'm not that cooking impaired. :-)
Wolf: Leen, he's the modern male, after all.
* Dave flexes his mighty cooking muscles
Stephen: He is the very model of a modern major male
* Wolf asks Sam does all the cooking?
Leen: nope, I do the cooking... or at least try.
Leen: If he doesn't like it, he eats chicken patties for the rest of the week.
Leen: Want an easy recipe, Dave?
Dave: I always want easy recipies.
Leen: Ok, pasta salad:
Leen: 1 box of rotini
Leen: 1 stick of pepporoni
Dave: Mmm, sounds good already.
Leen: 1 thing of your fave cheese (i like monterey jack, but most like cheddar)
Leen: cherry tomatoes or olives (i like the tomatoes)
Leen: 1 bottle italian dressing
Leen: cut up pepporoni, cheese, and halve the tomatoes
Leen: mix cooked mac, cheese, pepporoni, tomatoes/olives, dressing
Dave: Mmm. Yeah, I think I've had this before. A guy at work made something similar for an office luncheon.
Leen: (make sure pasta has been thoroughly cooled first... my brother didn't and had melted cheese mixed in)
Dave: hehehehehe
Leen: wicked easy. :)
Dave: yeah, sounds it. Sounds good, too.
Wolf: Now, the trick would be to do the same thing but minus the cheese, and using creamy marinara sauce.
Leen: cheese is the best ingredient!
Wolf: The fake kind of cheese is overused in dishes.
Leen: fake?!
Leen: hrmph
Sam has entered.
Leen: I used to love pepperoni, but have since decided that it is not an edible food.
Leen: mac done, dave?
Dave: Yup. Looks good right now. Haven't tried it yet.
Dave: Here's a hint, though. Make sure you have some milk *before* you go making Kraft mac-n-cheese. I had to use water :-(
bonifah: eeeww, not water!
Leen: oh no!
Leen: ewwwww!
Dave: Mmm. Pretty good, considering!
Leen: I'm convinced, Dave... you will eat anything!
Dave: Yeah, I've had to use water before, unfortunately. Actually, when you come right down to it, there's not much difference between using water and using skim milk, which is what I normally use.
Sam: Dave: Ha ha. That reminds me of a time my brother was a kid and put water in his cereal when we ran out of milk. He tried orange juice on another occasion, but I don't think he liked it.
Wolf: *shrug* I use water or milk. No appreciable difference in taste.
Leen: gross!
Sam: Wolf, with your exquisite tastes, I'm shocked you even said that.
Sam: I'm sorry, macaroni and cheese with water is disgusting -- speaking completely objectively.
Leen: see, toldja!
Dave: Ever tried it?
Dave: I'll bet you if you're used to eating it with skim milk, If I made it for you with water you'd never even know the difference.
Nyperold: I guess it depends where you get your water from.
Dave: Cereal, yes, I'll grant you that. Water on cereal is absolutely horrid.
Wolf: Sam: when you're talking low-brow fare, it doesn't make that much of a difference, does it? I'm talking milk or water on the macaroni, not the cereal.
Sam: Oh, so now macaroni and cheese is "low-brow fare"? Just because the name is pronounceable doesn't make it "low-brow." I oughta kick you for that.
* Sam doesn't think kick threats ever get old and is sure everyone else feels the same way.
* Sam is a treasure trove of hilarity.
Wolf: *sigh*
Sam: Sorry Wolf.
Dave: The chicken I dumped in here had a bunch of spaggeti sauce with it. So I just kind of mushed it all around. So now it's cheezy-spagetti-saucy macaroni and chicken and mixed vegetables. And the strangest thing of all is I *like* it!
Leen: that's just gross
Dave: Well, I wouldn't subject anyone else to it, but for a guy living alone who would rather be sitting here chatting than cooking and eating dinner, it's perfect.
Dave: It's actually not bad for me, either.
Dave: And it covers all the major food groups (I think).
Wolf: Dave, I can picture what it looks like, and it's probably tasty even if it doesn't "look" good. So there, people.
Brunnen_G has entered.
Dave: And best of all, it only took about fifteen minutes to prepare.
Dave: And I can eat it right out of the pot I cooked it in.
Wolf: Those are THE BEST type of meals. Dave rules!
* Dave agrees. Dave does rule.
Brunnen_G: Another food discussion? I should have expected it
Sam: Dave, I have to say, you can be utterly hilarious sometimes. Leen and I have just been cracking up the last ten minutes.
Dave: You guys just like to laugh at my grossness :-)
Leen: naw, Dave.
Dave: Mmm. I wonder how old those vegetables i found in the freezer were...
Nyperold: What color are they?
Dave: Well, the peas are green, and so are the beans. The carrots look normal but taste a little strange. Then there are a bunch of lima beans that I'm trying not to eat at all.
Wolf: Oh GROSS. Frozen lima beans. They're barely edible when they're fresh.
* Sam nor Leen like Lima Beans.
Dave: But I don't think frozen vegetables ever go bad if you keep them frozen, do they?
Leen: they do if they get frostbit
Dave: I hate lima beans, which is why I'm trying not to eat them. It's not working well, though.
Brunnen_G: I never freeze vegetables
Dave: Well, they're frozen vegetables from the store. They came that way.
Dave: And I think they might have had a touch of freezer burn. But oh well.
Wolf: You gotta learn projectile eating for the parts that aren't edible, Dave.
Brunnen_G: Wolf: No, just projectile, um, projecting. You hurl them out the window when nobody's looking
* Sam wonders what "projectile eating" is.
* Brunnen_G wonders too, but doesn't really want to know
Dave: I think it's like spitting out the stuff you don't like.
* Leen knows it is time to do dishes when she takes a glass out of the cupboards, puts it on the counter, takes a drink out of the fridge, and then can't remember which is the clean glass. :-)
Dave: Hey! There's corn in here!
Wolf: Bingo, Dave. :-)
Sam: LOL, Dave.
Brunnen_G: Dave: Are you talking about your freezer, or RinkWorks? :-)
Dave: I'm talking about my dinner.
* Sam ignores Brunnen-G's comment, or at least pretends to. *snicker*
Dave: Yes, we've all pretty much decided that Lima Beans are not actually food.
Dave: I think that might be what I'm eating that is tasting funny. The lima beans. I'm trying not to eat them, but so far, haven't successfully "not" eaten one. I guess I'm eating them all without knowing it.
Dave: Yeah, those were definitely the Lima Beans I was eating that were tasting funny. I just dug one out and ate it on purpose. Yick.

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