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Blood Drops, as those readers of The Duel of the Ages and Book-A-Minute know, is the main character in my epic fantasy novel. During a lull in the conversation, I decided it might be fun to join the chat room in a second window under the "Blood_Drops" name. Basically I was being a ham. But the results were fun.

Blood_Drops has entered.
Blood_Drops has entered.
Blood_Drops: Har. My presence is so noteworthy, I entered twice.
Brunnen_G: LOL. Who's that?
Sam: Hey Blood.
Blood_Drops: Hey Sam.
Sam: We were just talking about you.
Nyperold: Hehe. Hey Grace, Now you get to meet Blood_Drops.
Blood_Drops: Then my timing is good. I have decided to offer an unscheduled chat session with myself. We'll begin with the first question from the audience.
Brunnen_G: Is Blood Drops going to be on this RinkWorks dating service you mentioned, Sam?
Wolf: LOL!
Blood_Drops: Please direct all questions to me. Sam is just the moderator.
Brunnen_G: Sorry, I wrote that before Blood Drops posted his line.
Blood_Drops: I have given a lot of thought to my participation on a dating service. Naturally, I'd be a fine catch, so I think a better format would be a contest where I am the prize. Can we have a RinkWorks contest for me, Sam?
Brunnen_G: Urk. Sorry I asked.
Wolf: Are you implying Sam is your personal dumbwaiter, impish cur?
Sam: Sure, I think that could be arranged. Maybe we could run a contest to see who could come up with the most flattering prose salute to you.
Blood_Drops: Excellent.
Blood_Drops: No, I hold Sam in the highest regard. He is an excellent partner of mine in my escapades throughout the universe -- but a silent partner -- I'm the one that does all the fighting -- and he's kind of boring, too. But I like him, nonetheless.
Nyperold: LOL. Blood_Drops: will you have RinkWorks written on you somewhere?
Blood_Drops: Nyperold: I have given a good deal of thought to getting a tattoo, but I haven't decided what or where yet. That's a good idea, though.
* Nyperold invokes a shield gem.
Blood_Drops: Heh heh. Nice shield toy you got there.
Sam: Are there any other questions for Mr. Drops before he must take his leave?
Wolf: How come you're not speaking in the High Dialect, impostor knight?
Brunnen_G: Yes, we can all understand High. No need to translate
Blood_Drops: Impostor. Fuff fuff, I say. By the High Dialect, I assume you're referring to those trifling middle ages your world has had in its past. In Llagimlyn, we're like the medieval era, but we talk right.
Sam: Thank you for being with us, Mr. Drops.
Blood_Drops: Thank you.
Blood_Drops has left.
* Nyperold 's shield fades... he hits the gem and opens it. SUPERVOLT?!? AAAAAHHH...
Brunnen_G: Wow. That was impressive. Now I can tell everyone I spoke to the one-and-only Blood Drops
Wolf: Then there's no way to tell a gentleman of birth and breeding from pond scum. What a dull world of non-contrasts he comes from.
Brunnen_G: Wolf: Which do *you* think he is? :-)
Sam: Not by voice, maybe. But manners, poise, and dress say a lot where manner of speech does not.
Brunnen_G: Sam: Yes, I thought the way he was dressed just now said a lot
Sam: I thought so too.

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