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[2.7.2] What's Apogee's relationship with Softdisk?

Daniel Tobias' (senior programmer/editor for Softdisk) explanation of the
relationship between Apogee, id, and Softdisk follows:

Apogee and Softdisk are two companies whose paths have crossed time and
again since Scott Miller submitted Kingdom of Kroz to them on November 26,
1987.  It won second place in Softdisk's CodeQuest '87 and published on
issue #20 of Softdisk's subscription software product "Big Blue Disk"
(which later became "On Disk Monthly" and, finally, "Softdisk PC").  Scott
Miller continued to submit his games, listed below:

   Title                  Submitted     Issue/Date
   -----                  ---------     ----------
   Kingdom of Kroz        11/26/87      BBD #20, 06/88
   Computer Quiz          01/20/88      BBD #21, 07/88
   Astronomy Quiz         01/20/88      BBD #26, 11/88
   Maze Runner            01/20/88      BBD #26, 12/88
   BASIC Quiz             01/20/88      BBD #28, 02/89
   Dungeons of Kroz       01/20/88      BBD #29, 03/89
   Meteors                03/12/88      BBD #30, 04/89
   Block Five             01/20/88      BBD #32, 06/89
   Caverns of Kroz        04/22/89      BBD #35, 09/89
   Castle of Kroz         08/31/89      BBD #47, 09/90

These are available as back issues of the Big Blue Disk; only the Kroz games
are currently available from Apogee.

Apogee's Vice President George Broussard wrote a game for Softdisk under
contract called "Scubadventure," which was published as part of a defunct
monthly game disk subscription from Softdisk and also sold as a stand alone
item.  Scubadventure came about when Scott Miller, intrigued by id Software's
Catacomb 3D, wanted to contract id to make a 3D shareware game for him.  id
was reluctant, instead intending to make another Commander Keen game, but
Scott Miller gave them several proposals all of which guaranteed a large sum
of money.  However, id was obligated to make another game for Softdisk, so
Apogee made an arrangement whereby Apogee would make a game for Softdisk,
thus freeing id to write a 3D game for Apogee.  id's game for Apogee was, of
course, Wolfenstein 3D, and Apogee's game for Softdisk was Scubadventure.

Apogee's Keith Schuler also made a submission to Softdisk, namely,
"Chagunitzu," the forerunner of Apogee's "Paganitzu."  This was published
by Softdisk on Big Blue Disk #44 (dated 6/90).

The id team also has its ties with Softdisk.  Originally, the people who
ultimately founded id Software worked for Softdisk and wrote numerous
games for them.

Games done as full-time employees of Softdisk:
      Catacomb         [2D game published first as an Apple II version on
                        Softdisk #114, then ported to the PC for BBD #50]
      Dangerous Dave   [published on a game "sampler disk"]
      Catacomb II      [later changed to "The Catacomb"]

Games done on a contract basis after the id group left:
      Rescue Rover
      Dangerous Dave in the Haunted Mansion
      Hovertank 3D
      Keen Dreams
      Rescue Rover 2
      Catacomb 3D
      Tiles of the Dragon

Solo works of John Romero:
      Twilight Treasures    [on BBD #35]
      Zappa Roids           [on BBD #36] (also an Apple //e version)
      Pyramids of Egypt     [on BBD #46]
      Sub Stalker                        (Apple //e version)
      Double Dangerous Dave              (Apple //e version)

Solo works of John Carmack:
      Dark Designs I        [on BBD #52]
      Dark Designs II       [on BBD #54]

Keen Dreams was released in a shareware version by Softdisk (latest shareware
release is v1.20), as well as various registered, catalog, and retail
editions.  (Apogee does not distribute Keen Dreams -- those who would like it
should contact Softdisk.)

The 3D game, "Catacomb Abyss," was not written by the id crew, but rather a
team of Softdisk programmers, headed by Greg Malone, after they had left.
The engine for "Catacomb Abyss," however, was the Catacomb 3D engine
previously written by id.  "Catacomb Abyss" is part of a trilogy along with
"Catacomb Apocalypse" and "Catacomb Armageddon."  Greg Malone later became
the creative director for Duke Nukem 3D and, for the first half of its
production, Shadow Warrior, two of 3D Realms' games.

Of the various people mentioned elsewhere in this FAQ, the following are
former full-time Softdisk employees:  Jason Blochowiak, Adrian Carmack,
John Carmack, Tom Hall, Jerry K. Jones, Greg Malone, Michael Maynard, John
Romero, and James T. Row.

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